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by Ka Edong on September 12, 2008

While waiting at the Chicago O’hare airport for one of our flights, we found this huge flatscreen TV. There were kids and teens playing with the screen, “clicking” the screen with their fingers.

Accenture Interactive touchscreen

Accenture Interactive touchscreen

There were two sections of the screen – left and right. Each of the sides of the screen had its own menu which could be manipulated separately by two different people. The menu included a company profile of Accenture, some job openings, the weather, some sports updates etc. The screen display was accompanied by audio piped in from a speaker right above the head of the user.

With the kids manipulating the screen with their finger, it looked like a scene from the “Minority Report” where Tom cruise was controlling objects on the screen.

Well… a bit like it. In the case of the Accenture Interactive screen, it behaved on single-touch gestures — just clicking.

Unlike the Multi-touch interface demonstrated by Jeff Han at one of the TED talks.

Wasn’t that a coool video? It was exciting how he was manipulating those photographs. zooming in and out, cropping, setting things aside etc.

The multi-touch gestures in the video above have actually seen commercial applications already. The iPhone and iTouch makes use of some of the gestures shown on the video like zoom in and out.

Ah, technology. We like!

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