Apple Mac Book Air – Super Thin, as in!

by Ka Edong on June 4, 2008

My friend T came to the restaurant for the birthday celebration. She had a shoulder bag with her.

She decided to do some work, so she opened her shoulder bag and brought out what looked like a thin, sleek, silver …. folder!

I saw the apple logo on top and exclaimed: “Is that THE Apple Mac Book Air?!”

It was soooo thin, it looked like a folder.

Now I understand the significance of the Mac Book Air being packaged inside a short brown Manila Envelope: To emphasize how thin the Mac Book Air is. Do you know of any other laptop with 15″ 13″ monitor that can fit in a short Manila envelope?

Here are some photos of the Mac Book Air, also compared to a Sony Ericsson phone and a IBM Thinkpad. Note that the Thinkpad monitor is lifted up, so the thickness seen in the photo is already half of the think pad thickness — and the Mac book is thinner than half of the Thinkpad!

MAc Air Book

Some remarks on the Apple Mac Book Air

Great form-factor they have in that Mac Book Air! Do we expect anything less from Apple?

Battery life, I hear, isn’t so good at around 2 hours.

When my friend T is done with her Mac Book Air, she just flips closed the MacBook and puts it in her bag — no logging out, no hibernate, no shutting down. When she opens the lid of the Mac Book Air, it boots almost instantly and it’s good to go.

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