Automated G-Cash Machine – the mini one

by Ka Edong on October 27, 2005

I’ve seen two types of G-Cash ATMs. The first is a big touch screen one, same size as a regular bank ATM.

The second one is a smaller version as seen in the series of photos below. I saw this one at SM Megamall.

Automated G-Cash Machine

It’s about the size of a big tower CPU.

Keypad with two-line LCD Display

It has a keypad and an LCD display used to enter the phone number to be “loaded” with G-Cash (aka cash-in).

A slot to chew-up ... este to receive your paper bills

The machine has a paper bill slot. This is the same kind of slot in softdrinks or coffee vendo machines.

Paper receipt containing transaction details. An SMS is automatically generated too containing similar info sent to the recepient phone.

After inputting the cellphone number, giving the paper bill and continuing the transaction, a message will be sent to the user’s cellphone confirming receipt of the G-Cash. A printed paper receipt comes out at the top of the machine.

Nice. It’s a convenient way of cashing-in G-Cash. It will take some time before these machines are deployed in strategic places. Let me know if you spot them around your area.

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