Hi Phone – The Dual SIM iPhone clone

by Ka Edong on May 6, 2008

This article on Manila Bulletin caught my attention.

The Hi-Phone is an iPhone clone (are we even surprised?). And it’s also a Dual Active SIM Phone just like the My Phone.

Hi Phone vs. iPhoneExcerpt from Carlo S. Suerte Felipe’s article on Bulletin:

The Effort to challenge the iPhone as the ultimate mobile device is, it seems, going to ban an unfinished business. Clone after clone, they attack the exceptional technology of this wonderful creation, to no avail.

The Verdict: We hared that the Hi-Phone is very cheap compared to the iPhone (it has to be). Now considering the technology, design and durability, the iPhone would still be our first choice. The Hi-Phone may have wowed consumers since it has the closest design to this date, but there’s still a lot of work to be done on the inside (hardware and software-wise).

We declare that we’re not about to see the end of this clone craze, not with the iPHone refusing to budge from its lofty spot.

Read the details of Carlo’s article where he compares the iPhone to the HiPhone side-by-side >>

ka edong
Ay! Phone!


  • Jett

    Ka Edong … Was it stated anywhere how much does it costs?

  • The article didn’t say, eh. 😉

  • That phone’s so cool! I think my friend had a similar one na may antenna pa so you could watch local channels!

  • P7500 hiphone ngayon sa 168 mall. Dual SIM sya pero hindi dual active.


    sya nga pala ka edong, paleech nung picture mo dun sa techie kundoktor ha? Nakasakay ako ng ordinary bus sa may EDSA naka electronic ticket din. Hindi ko nakunan yung Palm na gamit nung kunduktor baka masnatch yung cellphone ko :~)

  • surely, ma frend! 😉

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