Level-up Mobile Lifestyle: From Tri-SIM to iPhone!

by Ka Edong on July 25, 2012

Eversince I took the path of entrepreneurship in my journey to financial freedom, I’ve relied on the tools of my trade to help me do my work. I am a freelance trainer, a blogger/writer, an innovations consultant, a real estate investor and more! I treat my tools like the utility belt of Batman. I use my gadgets to do my work. And my tools just got an upgrade the past month. Many things happening since I started with my Starshooters journey.

Let me share what I’ve got.

Ka Edong's gadget friends

Ka Edong’s gadget friends: Warrior MacBook, Mr. Multi, Alapaap and iWin! Not in photo: Brother – the handheld label-maker

First is my MacBook white, whom I call Warrior MacBook. I got my MacBook through Smart Infinity right after I left employment at Smart. It was a great deal where I got the Mac for free with a P5,000 monthly subscription with 2-year lock-in. The way I thought of it was: I’m spending P2,500 anyway on mobile usage, I’m willing to add P2,500 (total P5,000) to have a MacBook. The second P2,500 is like my monthly amortization for the MacBook until I get it paid-up two years later (total of P60,000 in “amortizations”). And, that amortization is ALSO part of my subscription plan which I can use to make calls and texts.

I love that Warrior MacBook is the same unit as what my girlfriend uses. We’re able to swap files, peripherals, knowledge more easily this way. Also, the training industry is using Mac quite extensively (say 8 of 10 trainers use Mac), thus it’s easier for me to interface with fellow trainers.

Next is Ms. Cherry MP (Multiple Personality), my Cherry Mobile Q300. It’s a TRI-SIM phone. At one point, I was using all networks in one phone: Smart Infinity (my primary work+personal phone), Sun postpaid (for family) and Globe (for my RunnersRunner.com business). I also got the phone for it’s WiFi connection. I didn’t get to use the WiFi capability much because the browser was clanky. I did get the kicks when I showed people that the phone was TRI-SIM AND had a television feature too! Hahaha!

Now Ms. Cherry MP is relegated to becoming a phone book while I transition to my new phones. The touch key of my Cherry Mobile has failed now. He’s like an old man after using him for two years. You’ve done well, Ms. Cherry Multi.

News Flash (July 30): Ms. Cherry MP committed suicide. Prayers for the departed will be appreciated.

I got an Android Samsung Galaxy Y from Sun Cell. I call him “Alapaap“. I got him for P500 with the P450/mo subscription (30 month lock-in). It’s my first smartphone. I was totally excited going back mobile and online. The first app that I downloaded: Bible! Bait ko, no? Seriously, I really wanted to have a bible in my pocket. I followed up soon with foursquare, facebook, evernote (ah, I loooove evernote!) I have 20 hours of mobile internet, so I would connect for 30 minutes at a time. The connection isn’t very fast, so I didn’t use it much.

And lastly, the apple of my eye the past week, is my new iPhone 4S! I call him iWin. It was sooo funny using iWin for the first time. I didn’t know how to text! I didn’t know how to call. hahaha! And the people I was with the night I got iWin (Lawrence and Rezza) didn’t know how to use the iPhone either! Now, after 6 days, I feel like an expert na. 😉 . Truly, Apple has made the technology truly intuitive. The technology just disappears into the background of my life. Love it!

And now, as I live this amazing life, I love how my gadgets help me do my work. It takes some transition from Mr. Multi to iPhone (I’m manually encoding phone numbers). It’s all good 😉 . I’ll try a facebook trick, maybe it would shorten my encoding time.

Not in photo: My Nikon D40, my Brother handheld label-maker, my IKEA Alarm clock.

My Gadgets. Bow.


Ka Edong
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