Solar and Spring Powered Radio: Look Ma, No Batteries!

by Ka Edong on June 17, 2008

When I was at my cousin’s flat last year, a gadget caught my attention. I recognized it from a magazine, I believe it was given a “design” award. This transistor radio has a transparent hard casing that gives the user a peek into the inner workings of the radio.

First source of energy is the small solar panel on the top side of the radio.

Solar powered Radio

Second source of energy is a hand-wound spring. My cousin, Leanne says around 1 minute of winding gives you an hour of power. Very convenient for days out at the roofdeck for some sun.

Spring powered radio

ka edong
radio gaga


  • cool gadget..i have a flashlight that you’d have to wind up for it to light have a nice blog.very informative..

  • We too have a spring-powered radio. It’s awesome, no batteries! Plus, winding up the spring has something magical in it. 😛

  • Thanks Brian!
    There’s also one flashlight that has a white LED and no batteries.
    You shake it on it’s long-side to light it up. 🙂

    Yup. “Magical” is a nice word. I like how this old technology when adopted to present-day can actually be a better solution for some needs than some hi-tech solution.

    ka edong

  • jun

    saan po makabili ng ganyan sa pinas?
    sa raon po kaya meron?

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