Sudoku handheld

by Ka Edong on August 29, 2006

Sudoku Handheld gadgetOn a Sudoku pocketbook:

There are two kinds of people in this world.
People who are addicted to Sudoku
and people who are about to be addicted to Sudoku…

Here’s one for the techie Sudoku addict – a Sudoku Handheld!
Go ahead, magpaka-lulon ka! 😀

ka edong
sudoku rehab patient


  • nox

    ngak sudoko addict ka rin pala ka edong!

    oh well, my wifey is more addicted than i. the constant source of a drained treo when morning comes.

    scanning row 4….

  • hehe! Wifey ko rin ang nag-turo sa akin.

    Migraine! …. 😉

  • i was the one who starte th esudoku craze here in the office… Got quite a few interested who regularly “play” it. One officemate “transported” it home and now, she and her whole family are “players”…

    btw,how much is the handheld, where did youbuy it, and what are the features?

    PS: Tnx for the heads up. I have emailed Alex.

  • ’twas sent over by my brother-in-law from Australia. Don’t know the price.

  • oh… akala ko pagkain yun :~) meron kaya nyan for nokia6600 ;))

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