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by Ka Edong on August 13, 2008

The past few weeks, I learned so much more about call cards than I had the past year. And this is because of one reason: necessity. 🙂

You see, my better half is in the US, and we both had to use call cards to communicate.

On my side in the Philippines, here is what I learned:

a.) First, it costs around 40 cents per minute if I used my Smart cellphone’s IDD call feature included in my regular post-paid plan. That’s expensive at around P18 per minute.

b.) The PLDT Touch card allows me to make calls from my Smart cellphone to a toll-free number that let’s me dial international telephones. I learned the hard way that the PLDT Touch card charges around P8 per minute. An improvement to the P18 per minute, but still expensive for loooong calls.

c.) The PLDT budget card, on the other hand, can be used on any PLDT phone or payphone. The budget card gives me calls to the US at P3 per minute. That’s the best rate I’ve gotten (apart from using Voice over IP which is FREE as beer).

On the other hand, there are a few things we learned about call cards in the US.

d.) A friend of ours buys callcards in bulk – like 10 pieces at a time for $200 dollars less a 10% discount (total: $180). Each call card gives her about 1 hour talk time.

e.) There’s a variety of call card that is very cheap. But there’s a catch. Once you use the call card, you better use up all the time it has. Because if you don’t, it gets consumed anyway. Think of it as a one-time-use call card. If it gives you 1-hour talk time, you better use up all the time within 1-hour. Once you dial using the card, it will count 1-hour (for example) and  all the load gets consumed regardless of whether you talked for an hour or for just 30 mins.

f.) There’s another variety of call cards that gives you a different rate if you’re using a landline to dial the call card compared to when you dial using a cellphone. And I thought toll-free numbers are toll-free numbers regardless of whether you use a landline or a cellphone. Oh well.

That’s what I learned so far.

There’s still a lot more varieties out there, I’m sure.

I just did a search and found 220 prepaid call cards in one site called GetMeCallingCards! Whoa! And that’s just for callcards from the US to the Philippines. There are a lot more call cards there for other countries as well.

The 220 prepaid call cards I saw ranged from 1.3 cents/min to 75cents/min. Discounts or additional fees are clearly indicated.

You can make an online purchase for these cards via credit card. Callcard PINs are instantly displayed on screen upon purchase. That’s mighty convenient isn’t it?

Scoot over to and get the call cards you want.

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