G-Cash for the sari-sari store

by Ka Edong on March 8, 2006

When I conducted my pilot study on m-commerce for microfinance, one of the big challenges was finding a point of presence for G-Cash transactions. In particular, we were looking for establishments where we could conduct cash-in and cash-out transactions. But in our pilot areas, there was no place where we could cash-in and cash-out. Nada. Zero.

This lack of cash-in and cash-out establishments (among other deficiencies) is what I described as a very thin or weak m-commerce infrastructure in the rural areas.

What did we do? We had to improvise. We *created* cash-in and cash-out outlets. We called them G-Cash Retailers (GCRs).

Among my recommendations in my study (m-Commerce for Microfinance, May 2005) was to open up the G-Cash system so that small entrepreneurs like sari-sari store owners or AutoloadMax Retailers can sign up to be an official G-Cash merchant partner.

At that time, only the big merchants like Mercury Drug, National Bookstore, Gold’s Gym etc. were in the roster of G-Cash partner merchants.

I explained that if G-Cash opened up to small entrepreneurs and offered a more solid business proposition for these small entrepreneurs, G-Cash presence could spread like wild-fire (to a certain degree) the same way AutoloadMax presence has hit a nation-wide level of penetration.

G-Cash for the sari-sari store

I’m glad to find out through the grapevine that indeed Globe has created business processes that allow AutoloadMax Retailers to conduct G-Cash cash-in and cash-out transactions.


What I’m interested in is the business model for these AutoloadMax retailers doing G-Cash.

Bottom-line: how much could they earn from conducting G-Cash transactions?

In any case, each and every development in m-commerce is an additional road in this m-commerce highway we are building in the Philippines.

ka edong
baby steps to m-commerce progress


  • oh gosh ka edong, we were exploring the application of the g cash on our business.

    you see, majority of our customers are sari sari store owners in the provinces.

    big problem is the lack of cash in establishments as you pointed out. that was enough to kill the project. its just not feasable, especially in the rural setting.

    i keep on coming back to your blog to see if g cash has advanced far enough for implementation in our business. I also read your post regarding lpg dealer taking g cash payment… that is actually our line of business.

    you are quite a resource for me, I share your goals in your thesis regarding m commerce. lets hope we see the day when m commerce will help envigorate the economy of the rural areas of the Philippines.

  • Good to have you here, Mell. Keep on clicking! 😉

  • Val

    hi, ka Edong. M particularly interested with negative experiences/disadvantages in using G-cash, notably in th CDE market. Please supply me with some helpful articles and insights. More power!

  • Hi Val,

    Search for “G-Cash” on Technobiography and in my Archives:

    There’s a lot to read.

    After you’ve read the articles, just email me if you have more specific questions.


    ka edong

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