Mobile Phone Banking making headway with Rural Banks

by Ka Edong on September 6, 2007

Colleague John Owens from RBAP MABS keeps me attuned with developments in their mobile phone banking solutions for Rural Banks.

John’s group has a website ( Mobile Phone Banking for clients of Rural Banks – ) that brings together information about Mobile Phone banking solutions for Rural Banks.

They have information about the different services they offer, list of merchants accepting mobile payments, and a directory of points-of-presence of users all around the Philippines.

For a quick and easy overview of what RBAP MABS does, checkout their videos on mobile phone banking.

Always good to know we have partners who are pushing similar initiatives in m-commerce for the Philippines.

Keep it up, RBAP MABS!


  • Edwin, check out the latest article about mobile phone banking taking off in the Philippines which the Financial Times wrote about recently. I think we will now begin to see greater economies of scale as these services are used by more clients everyday. Already transaction volume for rural banks has tripled from a year ago so this will definitely continue to be a new trend for the Philippines!

  • Hi Edwin, I find your blog entries very interesting and insightful. I am in the middle of putting up a conference on Mobile Payments and NFC in Asia and I would like to have a quick chat with you about your insights on the topic. I would appreciate if you can get back to me by email with your contact details. I tried looking for it in your blog site but I didn’t get too much luck. So please email me back. Thanks!

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