“Panalo o Panloloko”

by Ka Edong on February 7, 2006

Smart has a campaign against scam SMS messages. They have posters aimed at increasing awareness on how to distinguish between legitimate contest announcements and scam messages promising big winnings.

Mga text na natatanggap n’yo:


Alamin ang pagkakaiba para hindi mabiktima!

Kapag ang taway ay mula sa 7777, opisyal mula sa SMART ang tumawag sa ‘yo! Ika’y PANALO!

Magpapadala din sa ’yo ang SMART ng Registered Mail na kapag natanggp mo, ika’y PANALO!


Kapag may nag-text na may libreng load ka daw pag nag-forward ng text sa mga tao, wag maniwala. Ito’y PANLOKO!

Kapag may nag-text na nanalo ka sa raffle (at dapat mong bayaran ang premyo), wag sundin! Ito’y PANLOLOKO!

I-report ang mga manloloko sa National Telecommunications Commission One-Stop Public Access Center (OSPAC)
BIR East Road, East Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City.
Tel. No.: 926-7722 or 436-7722
E-mail: ntc@ntc.gov.ph or ospac@ntc.ph (sic)

Panalo o Panloloko? Smart's campaign against scam SMS messages

Some thoughts:

First, Scam messages actually contribute to Smart’s revenue. Proliferation of scam messages means more SMS messages going around and more pesos in Smart’s pockets.

Campaigning against scam SMS potentially decreases (perhaps insignificantly) Smart’s revenue.

Okay, it’s an public service effort from Smart and it’s better than nothing. But it’s not much compared to the millions of pesos Smart spends on full page ads selling ringtones.

Second, this reminds me of the scam message I reported to NTC. Result: I wasn’t informed whether any action was taken against the scammer.

Bottom-line: Let’s see more action and less lip service.

  • Where can I see a list of blocked numbers resulting from reports to the NTC? None that I see at the NTC website.
  • By the way, is Smart aware that their poster is displaying a wrong NTC contact e-mail address (ospac@ntc.ph should be ospac@ntc.gov.ph).

Drives home the point, doesn’t it?

pilosopo edong
tech usiyosero

p.s. I too made the mistake of publishing “ospac@ntc.ph” in an article in PTB. I’m *not* holier than thou. 😉

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  • Nah, I’m sure scam SMS volume is much, much lower than mobile VAS like ringtone raffles.

  • Right, Migs.

    I know their priorities won’t flip. Kaya nga lip service lang yun.

  • ma.annabelle saludo

    2366 has been sending messages from john and johnwayne.ihav been telling them to stop but my plea has been ignored as always.they consume my load,plseas give me a good response to my complaint.

  • cayle19

    TO SMART. Please block cellphone numbers 09285659396 and 09106431243 bas these are numbers sending messages that you WIN a Toyota Altis and 300 thousand cash as homepartner via electronic raffle. Sparco International of Cebu is the company name they’re using. thanks and hope you will give immediate action on this.

  • I want to inquire my stolen cellphone this October 03, 2007, model N70 I just want to know if you can block my phone. My problem is I dont Know what was the serial Number. Do you think you can do such remedy to this problem? Please, emil me as early as possible. thanks

  • owen

    recently this janice sanchez texted me and infomed me that i won a 300k and a toyota hilux and she told me to call mr. jaime khan of sparco international company, and when i verify it they ask me to send them money tru western union for the registration and insurance policy.and when i ask them to give me their email add or web site they have no add to give.

  • Hi Owen,

    Good thing you are vigilant enough to ask probing questions like their email address, website.
    Share your story to your friends so that we can help increase awareness of these kinds of scams.
    Salamat sa pag-share dito sa techobiography.

    ka edong

  • Crissie

    i too was almost a victim of this sparco international company, they indeed informed me about the hilux and 300 thousand prize tax free and all you have to do is send money through western union for registration and insurance. the girl whom i talked with used the name of Diane Sanchez and told me to call jaime khan and they instructed me to send the money to a guy named ken lapus as a representative from the acctg. dept to do the transaction with the insurance company and thanks to owen’s testimony, I did probe some questions and they even gave me a landphone number 032-251-1321 as their office number located at 288 Lopez building, Sergio Osmena Blvd cebu 6000. Jaime khans number is 0910793-3318. I searched any info about sparco first and I saw this. Buti nalang hindi nila ako nabola.hehehe The National Beureu of Inestigation shld. Take note of this and do some legal actions.

  • I’ve experienced the same thing with this guys! Amazing team na sana….pero GOD provides me enough time kaya yon nabuking din cla….of course with ur help as well…Just a moment ago lang nangyari!!!

  • henry,
    Wow! Buti na-agapan. what’s your story?

  • i was supposively a victim to this motherfucking sparco company whatsoever i was able to do some probing questions however they wasnt able to provide good enough answer.how can a person win a car with cash money via electonic raffle without joining any contest or promos;i hope this people die and also their families as well.hirap ng buhay nga naman;better look for a good job not doing this dirty tricks to other people

  • joel

    I also received similar text message last friday from cell no. 09103957980 name diane sanchez and her accomplice jaime chen cell no 09103951980 same M.O. saying i won in an electronic raffle by Sparco International Company. I searched this in the web and saw this forum. Thank you for helping me not get scammed.

  • Bianca

    I got the same text from Riza Reyes and she told me to call Robert Go of Sparco Int’l Company from Cebu. All they asked for were 3 valid id’s and a 1 month globe telephone bill. They said i would have to pay for anything. They will just deliver the Hilux plus 300k to me w/o any expenses. Please be careful with this stupid scam.

  • Bianca

    Let me correct that, wouldn’t have to pay for anything.

  • Mikhail

    I too got have the same text from Riza Reyes and she told me to call Robert Go (0909-3967653) of Sparco Int’l Company from Cebu. And like Bianca says, they asked for were 3 valid id’s and a 1 month globe telephone bill. But for me they said i would have to pay Php 23,346 to Mr. Ken S. Lapuz for the insurance. Then they will deliver the Hilux plus 300k to my home address. Thanks to “ka-edong” and this site, When i’ve search the internet for the profile of the Sparco Company this is the first link article that went up. Again, Thank You and Please BE CAREFUL PEOPLE..

    • khelvhen guerrero

      hey i got a text message today aug. 12, 2009.. saying that i won a 300kphp + a brans new starex van.. here is the exact text message “Congratulations!U have won a 300k+a brnd new starex van,ur sim# as a homepartner last may 21’09 for info call ths # (+639232407053) look 4 dir. DIVINA QUENGCA of phil.com.center” this is the exact message i got today.. this is so funny i replied this number and they didnt relied me!! this is very stupid…be aware guys thanks…

      • susa

        hey i got the same message but diffirent name…. “congratulations!u have won php 300k+sarex van, ur sim# as a homepartner last aug 4 2009 for info call ds no 09273849508 dir greg sy of phil com center…

        • rhoanne

          yes!i have the same txt received that i have won 300k+starex van as a home partner.so before i believed the man call dir.allan yap. i decide to searched first before give them money deliver it on #9 sergio osmena blvd cebu city in LBC.thank’s that i found the same situation.

        • chelle

          wow, i cant believe na meron pla ganito, i received the same txt message just 3 hrs ago im about to believe na sana but when he(john garcia of phil.com.center) ask me to send money to the same address above wow thats the time na naisip ko “ay manloloko to” so i just ended the conversation and didnt answer their calls.

  • glad to help, mikhail 🙂

    Joel, Bianca, thanks for sharing

  • jcc

    There is another scam. Pia Gabriel, 09163160336, from Phil Communication International texted me that I won a Honda Jazz. They are just the call center of Neutrogena International. She asked me to call the VP for Neutrogena, Marco Yang and coordinate how to claim the prize. Its office is also at 288 sergio osmena, cebu. He was probably the only VP I heard with a broken english coupled with P&F and B&V defects. His cell is 09277263350. Be careful with these people

  • Marco

    I am also a victim of this great scam, just an hour ago. This Robert Go called me up and said i won an Hilux plus 300k ang galing noh. Im supposed to call back after an hour. My girlfriend asked me to check the website, its I good I checked this out. Thanks to all the people who gave time to post their concern in order for others to be aware of this scam.

  • Babie

    Thanks for the enlightenment from God. I am also a victime of this Neutrogena Electronic Raffles done last Dec. 10, 2007. This certtain Mr. Gelbert Perez from Phil. Communication Cnter, textd me that I won via Electronic Raffles as Home partner P300 and Honda Jazz. He told me to call Ms. Joan Jorge with cell#09192090099, VP of Neutrogena and Mr. Allan Soriano, Sr. VP of Neutrogena. I tried calling but they do not answer. I hope these people will stop fooling people because… “BAHALA NA LANG ANG DIYOS SA KANILA”

  • master wong

    I got a text msg from Gelbert Perez too from cellphone number +639279552546 and this is what exactly the text msg says.

    CONGRTLTIONS!!!You Have Won 300th\HONDA JAZZ Last Dec 20,2007 ur Cell# as Home Partner winner. Call ds # 4details ds is GELBERT PEREZ of Phil.Com.Center.

    When i made return call, it was not Gelbert Perez who answered but a lady. She then instructed me to call Joan Jorge of Neutrogena Int’l Company at 09174349675. When I reached Joan Jorge on this number, she said that she couldn’t believe that i have just informed 2 months after bec it’s too late to claim for the prize. She told me to call back later after 15 mins. Before we ended talking, i was able to ask at least their land line, (097)3260878 in Cebu. I forgot to ask their website. When I called back, her phone doesn’t ring anymore. MGA ISTORBO ANG MGA TAONG YAN. MGA MANLOLOKO. GILBERT OR GELBERT? JOAN JORGE OR GEORGE? TUNAY NA PANGALAN BA ANG MGA YAN? ANG MGA DAGANG NAGTATAGO, LUMALABAS DIN SA LUNGGA. SANA MAHULI KAYO.

  • mabuti po na hindi kayo na-biktima.
    Ingat po tayo sa mga manloloko

  • Dax

    Recieved the exact same text message from Gelbert Perez at 11:25am early today. Expected that it was a scam. I was in front of my computer and googled the name and this page appeared as the 1st hit. Iniisip ko lang yung mga ibang tao na walang access sa internet or medyo tinamad na mag-confirm. Sana may magawa pa tayo para managot ang mga taong ito…

  • luis santos

    may nag-text din sa akin, ang pangalan daw niya ay rolly tan, taga-phil. com. center, nanal daw ako ng honda jazz at 300 thousand, tapos tatawag daw sa VP ng neutrogena, joan jorge. Scam na naman ito, ingat kayo.

    • chelle

      sa akin din meron ng txt 3 hrs ago lang, i call back sumagot saken c john garcia ng phil.com.center daw tapos pinaka usap saken ung General manager ng takayama corp. instructed me to send PHP3,500 at pa LBC daw kasama 2 valid ID, di ako makapaniwala kya nag search ako at eto nga dami ko nabasa same case ng sa akin, mga walangya galing manloko galing pa magsalita may balik din sa inyo yan KARMA 10x the worst… ingat po kayo..


    ito pala ang cell no. ni ROLLY TAN 639277256324, JOAN JORGE 09174349675, MGA MANLOLOKO ANG MGA TAONG ITO.

  • rapido

    i got a message like yours too!!! its a good thing i look up on the internet here’s gelbert perez number : 09279418481

  • We also received that message from gelbert perez- a fraudulent person!

  • janet

    i also got a txt msg from gelbert perez (no. is 0927-9552549) saying i won a honda jazz. he also instructed me to call up jo-ann jorge, vice pres of neutrogena. i called up the no. 0917-4349675. a man answered the phone and i asked for jo-ann. he said that mam jo-ann is on a lunch break. i asked for their ofc address and the man said that he is just a security guard and he cannot tell me anything. how could a vice president of a well known company neutrogena (if it is the neutrogena of johnson’s and jonhson) leaves her personal celfone and allow the security guard to answer the calls! and that the guard cannot even disclose to callers their ofc address. i already suspected that it is a scam. i called up gelbert perez again and told him that it is a scam and that his name is already posted in the internet.

    be careful everybody.

  • lyca

    I got the same message today march 07, 2008 from gelbert perez 0916 623-1301, that i won 300th/honda jazz last dec 20, 2007 as home partner of phill, com, center.

  • rey

    Received similar text message today, March 10, prizes were hilux and 300k from Sparco. Names of person mentioned were Susan Solis (09162195381) from Phil. Comm. Ctr. and Joel Cruz (09105023208) from Sparco daw.

    With the influx of feedback, these conmen are really busy these days.

    Its good we have this site as the first hit of the search. Maraming salamat po.

  • Hi Rey,
    Walang anuman.
    I’m glad you found this page helpful, maka-tulong man lang na ma-alerto ang ating mga kababayan.
    ka edong

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  • …killah…

    gelbert..it will be ur end this May..tsk tsk..wat a poor guy..better watch out …

  • enrico james

    I received yesterday the same message that i won Toyota hilux plus 300K as homepartner last jan.7,2008,from raffle by sparco international company..Susan Solis with cp # 09162199829 and 09063749169 of phil.com.center and Mr. robert Go with cp# 09105023208. Mahusay silang magsalita…Dahil na rin sanay na sila manloko ng tao… They requested to send money for the insurance ng car at registration dahil manggagaling pa sa cebu… Buti na lang po nagcheck kami ng net at nakita nga e2… salamat po!

  • kally

    Beware of Susan Solis, Robert Go and Manuel M. Braza of Sparco international….and western union as agent of this crime….

  • fetje

    This Gelbert Perez guy gets around. Scam message for today: “CONGRTLTIONS!!! You Have Won 300th\Honda Jazz Last Jan 15, 2008. Ur Cell # as Home Partner winner. Call ds # 4details ds is GELBERT PEREZ of Phill,Com, Center.”
    Thanks for the post, everyone. Hope this guy gets caught.

  • guys i also recieved the same massege from pia gabriel which i won honda jazz with neutrogena internatinal. i was referred to mrs. joan jorge. we talk for almost 15 mnts. as to how will i be going to claim my car. she’s good in answering my quiery but maingat sa pag bigay ng info niya.i was asking for her email add she was able to redirect the topic which we were talking.mabuti nalang binigay ko pangalan ng lolo’t lola ko pati sa kaibiygan ko, pinag halohalo ko para itago idintity ko.
    magaling talaga siguro dahil sanay na sila.
    ang hindi lang ako sangayong ng nindi kaya ng kanyang company na neutrogena bayaran ang insurance ng sasakyan for only 9kph. then i’ll just pay them here in my place.
    kailanagn ko raw bayaran ito sa westernmoneyubank.
    ang tatanga nila ano at gusto pa nila tayong isama sa kanilang katangahan…
    well i lost a few pesos from my cp bill, pero yung iba kawawa naman, cos they lost morethan a peso.
    wala ba kabutihan ang mga taong ito.
    they want to earn money comming from the sweat of other people.
    ang bait nila
    sana kunin na sila ni LORD…

  • chinita

    I also received a message from mr. David Gonsalez of Phil.Com.Center. He said that I won 300th/Honda jazz. I immediately look it up in the internet and found out that it is a scam because of your message. Tnx guys!

  • jad

    yawa ni mga mangingilad! piste!

  • Nique

    My mother also received that kind of message.
    This is the message she received just a while ago

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!You have WON HONDA JAZZ plus 300thou as HOMEPARTNER last Feb 2, 2008. To claim it, pls call now this #. This is Jenny Valle of Phil. Com. Center.

    The one who answered the call was a girl instructing my mother to call their “so-called” VP Allan Soriano. The man who answered her told her to claim the prize or else it would be forfeited. I found it suspicious so we decided to check and found this site…

    We already reported it to DTI and BIR and they asked us to send the numbers so that they can block it..

    I’ll also send the numbers I found here..ok?

  • Great! Thanks Nique!
    I wonder if those numbers are truly blocked already.
    Actually, I think the better solution is to conduct an entrapment on these criminals.

    Thanks for your help!

    ka edong

  • dapat kasi i-implement ng NTC ung sim registration. like dito sa singapore, when you buy a sim, you will be asked for indentification which they will scan and send to their NTC. that sim is your responsibility. kya kung mawala mo o manakaw cell mo, you need to report it. sa pinas, kahit sino pwede bumili ng simcard at gamitin kung saan. they cry intrusion of privacy which is bullshit. kung wla kang itatago, bakit ka magmamaktol i reregister mo lng naman ung sim mo. ayan tuloy, daming kalokohang ginagawa thru cell tulad nito pati na mga bomb scare prolifirated thru text messages. its high time the NTC do something serious about this.

  • carlos santiago

    Nakatanggap ako ng mensahe galing kay Jean Santos kapareho ng mensaheng natanggap ninyo. Agad nagdasal ako para makaroon ng tamang pag iisip at humingi ako ng gabay sa Panginoon. Salamat sa Diyos at itinuro Niya ako kay ka Edong at dito ko nakumpirma na HUWAD ang natanggap kong abiso sa mga ligaw na kaluluwa ng mga taong ito. Hiling ko sa Panginoon naway maliwanagan ng pag iisip ang mga taong ito upang huwag ng makapanloko pa ng marami. Sayang ang talino nilang angkin sapagkat sa panloloko lamang nila ginagamit. Pagpalain nawa tayo ng Panginoon.

  • marzee

    yah, just received a message today.i was advised to call joan jorge of neutrogena intl.buti na lang i told my older sister about it.eh im currently in cebu then she wnts me to either get the prize personally or pay for the insurance.i told miss jorge that i dont have that money.tapos nagsosorry pa xa kasi nga today is the last day to give my decision…

  • julie

    hay naku i also receive the same message this time frist from jean santos of phil com center and referred me to mr. felix yulo of sparco international with the same address tulad ng iba and when I called him, he gave me so many instructions like free delivery and that I should call back again for the insurance and registration of the car prior to delivery. I suspected that it is a scam so i tried opening this and thanks God, He saved me from manloloko na tao like felix yulo and jean santos.

  • greg

    TO SMART, please blocked this cp nos.+639293908859 I received a text message as: “CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU WON 300THOU/HONDA JAZZ LAST FEB 2,2008..CALL DIS NO. FOR DETAILS.THIS IS JAMES RAMA OH PHILIPPINE COMMUNICATION CENTER..

    If you call that number he will instruct you to call 0920-699-69-80 in the name of Allan Soriano & he will ask for your name to check lng daw sa comptuter about the winning…go to hell he he he he Why should i give my name …Guys beware…

  • George

    got the same text too from james Rama. let’s have an entrapment. We could ask the help of the Tulfo brothers, Isumbong kay Tulfo, specifically Ben Tulfo. if you can read this sir Ben, I’m willing to help in the entrapment operation . These guys’ scams should be stopppedonce and for all.

  • Jane

    My mom received the same txt message regarding the honda jazz and 300t prize from a certain Rolly Tan from Philcomm center and she was able to talk to Sarah Mcquin who is claiming to be the vp of Neutrogena Intl. They asked my mom to send P6000 for the insurance of the car and freight so that it could be sent to our house. Thank God I was able to see this site and we were spared from these evil ones who take advantage of lots of their fellowmen. Thanks to your site.

  • You’re welcome! Stay vigilant!

  • evjl

    i just got one from JANET DAREN. She referred me to a guy called FELIX YULO. Felix Yulo’s Cel No. is 0910404787. Why do these people sound so professional? Con artists…?

  • rb

    They are now using a new number and name: 09273814838 Dir. James Roa of Phil.Com.Center. They say the prize is P300k + Starrex Van on a raffle done on Feb 28, 2008. I was skeptical from the beginning because I have not joined any raffle so how can I win? My gut instinct was confirmed by this site. Thanks!

  • ina

    I also received the same exact message. I figured they were con artists when they keep asking me to call after 15 minutes coz they’ll check daw if ako yung nanalo, or they say they’ll call me after how many minutes and then i receive an txt msg asking me to call them. WTF! wala man lang load to call their “clients”. cheap tlga! hahaha.. personally, i don’t think it’s a good idea to give all their numbers sa NTC. it’s easy enough to buy a new sim card so the cycle will just go on and on. why not do an entrapment operation or something? that way ma-stop na totally yung kagaguhan ng mga yan.

  • oo nga, eh! Entrapment ang kailangan dito.
    Sino nga ba ang may contact sa tulfo brothers?

    ka edong

  • I got same text msg from 09273814816, james roa of phil.com. center.I already doubt it because if you really won such big prizes(300k & a van), they should call the winner directly instead of sending sms requesting you to call them. Based on the previous posts, “james roa’s” number has been changed again.

  • Cathy

    I just received a text message from cellphone number 09273814856 asking me to call Dir James Roa of Phil Com Center at 09273814856. I was supposed to have won as homepartner 300K pesos + Starex.
    Thanks for posting info about this scam online. You just saved one more potential victim

  • You’re welcome, Cathy 🙂

  • nv

    Apparently they don’t stop. I just received a text message just now form +639273645182 saying the same thing… Saying that “you have won 300th/Honda Jazz last march 05,2008 your cell# as homepartner winner. Call this # for details this is Paul Navarro of Phill,Com,Center.

    This is indeed a helpful site.

  • bee

    NV, I also received same text message from +639273645182 this morning.

  • liza monakil

    Gd Am.
    Just got the same txt mssg from 09167532051 mr.mark diaz just a while ago of phil. com. center informing that i won 300K & honda Jazz. I nd 2 kol mr allan go 09206996980 of polo int. of cebu city 4 d rqrmnts & d same style nothing 2 pay just the insurance. sana naman stop doing this stupid things. bahala na si lord sa kanila


  • dennis

    received another 1 here to contact dr. james roa at num 09152330670

  • cai

    I also received text from 09152330670, telling that I won and contact Dir. James Roa.

  • i just recieved txt like yours guys and muntik na ko. buti na lang i ask my friend from dti and i call the philcom and i found out na this is scam.pls guys be carefull they almost got me. Paul Santos of phil comm 0926-673-0490/0906-377-7855, Sarah Mc Quin of Polo International 0919-209-0099 and Ken Lapus of pioneer insurance are all fraud.pls pls pls guys be carefull and also thank for these site it really help.NTC pls make actoin on these scam. thank guys for the info.

  • to paul navarro, sarah mc quin and ken lapus, pls stop it, believe in the rule of carma.

    thanks ka edong god bless and more power keep it up.

  • yuri,
    buti na-agapan.
    I’m Glad this page is helpful to many people.
    ka edong

  • I too have received the following message last 8:38AM 29May2008 -> “Congratulations! U have won 300k Pesos + Starex Van, ur Sim# as a homepartner last Mar. 21 2008 for info: Call ds no.0915233-667Dir. James Roa of Phil.Com.Center”.

    The texter sent the message thru GLOBE PostPaid Mobile Lines +639152330667

  • Thanks to this site.
    I have e-mailed NTC requesting that it be investigated as well as apply all legal means to penalize as well as punish those perpetrators.

  • Thanks for reporting, Willy DJ

  • liza

    to all readers

    its a lesson to learn.dina lang tayo magpakatanga sa mga nangyayari.alam naman natin na ang hirap ng buhay ngayon so kapit patalim ang naging sitwasyon.dapat maging aware para di maloko.

  • Tama ka diyan, Liza!

  • PHeR

    I recieve a txt that i won TOYOTA HILUX G and 300K pesos from MELODY TAN of phil.Comm.center (+639095287944). She told to call MR. FELIX YULO of SPARCO international for the detail with the number (9104044787). After the conversation with YULO he told us to contact MR.KEN S. LAPUZ of PRUDENCIAL guarantee insurance company and lapuz told us to send the money at 251 Duramo bldg. mambaling cebu city via western union. ung amount na pina babayaran smen 8K compeleto na daw un..,

    yun nga lng msyado kmeng matalino para skanila.., heheh ng txt bck pa ng kme na pinadala na nmen ung pera e ngaun lng.., heeh


  • PHeR

    MELODY TAN (09095287944)
    FELIX YULO (09104044787)
    KEN S LAPUZ (09103637713)


  • carol bulahan

    mag ingat kayo sa number na ito 0919-204-7127 siya daw si melody tan at ang lalaki eh si Felix Yulo mga manloloko sila buti na lang na check ko agad nakakuha ko ng mga info tungkol sa mga modus nila.

  • Jojo

    Just few hours ago I received a sms message from SHIELA GAN OF PHILIPPINE COMMUNICATION CENTER (CELL NO. 092098111273)informing me that I won a Toyota hilux and 300k cash, etc. I was told to contact MR. FELIX Go-YULO (CELL NO. 09104044787)SPARCO INTERNATIONAL. They gave their address in Cebu at 1st and 2nd Floor, 288 Sergio Osmena Blvd. and I found out that this is address is non-existent. Mag ingat kayo sa mga taong ito.

  • Alex

    Same as all of the above. Numbers are 0919-2047127 and 0910-8901594 using Ellen Yap and Henry Sy names. Winning Hilux plus P300k as home partner via electronic raffle. It’s true, broken English. Scam.

  • I received text from certain James Roa from Phil.Com.Center informing me that I just won a starex van and 300K. He also instructed me to call Carlos villegas of takayama corporation at Cebu

    At first I didnt realize that this was just a scam, because this was teh first time I received a text like this. BUt as my converstaion with that Mr. Villegas goes on, it became obvious to me that this thing is not real. They wanted me to send money thru LBC for the registration of teh said car. They were all “boleros”. What do they think of us subscribers, bobo?

    Im glad I investigated first and found out this site. Your comments, guys, are so helpful, that’s why i’m also posting my story to share to others

    God bless

  • doc e

    Just received the same text scam just now from a certain james roa of philcomcenter. Heard from a radio station before where a DTI representative was being interviewed. He said to report all these different text scams to them. Their number is 09178898464. Already reported the number I received. If it would not be much of a bother to all you good guys who wrote here, kindly find time to report the numbers you have received.

  • tope g.

    Elyn Yap and Henry See are some of the names they are using right now. I actually laughed when I was told to call a certain Henry Sy thinking him to be the guy who owns SM. I was corrected by Elyn saying that the spelling of this guys last name is S-E-E. Broken english and suspicious cellnumbers. Good thing I googled “Sparco Int’l Company” before making that second call. Thanks for this site guys!!!

  • Angelphoenix

    Hi! My mom received a sms just this morning from SPACRO INT’L COMPANY saying that she won a Toyota hilux.. i already explained to her that it is a scam but she didn’t believe me.. i even told her that “if u really won something, they will be the one to call you and it’s even funny because they don’t even know ur name.. haha!” but still she keeps on insisting that she won a car.. and she ruin my day.. sigh!(hay mga magulang talaga!) tnx for this site guyz! now, i can prove to her that it is really a scam..
    keep up the good work!
    God bless!

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  • egay

    Yes Me too! I received a message that i won a 300k in peso + Starex Van thru electronic raffle as a homepartner and advising to call 09152329644 the Director of Philcom Center namely James Roa.This James Roa told me to call Mr. Carlos Villegas the Gen. Manager of THE SPONSOR
    TAKAYAMA CORP. (A JAPANESE CORPORATION). He never answer my ring….Buti nalang or else nagsayang lang ako ng load.
    These are the numbers that need to be blocked!
    09293330933 / 09152329644
    NTC people wake up and do something about this!!!

  • Irish

    Yes ! me too i just got a text this morning saying that i just won a 330k + starex van as a home partner last April 18, 2008, they asked me to call RYAN CHUA the Director of PHIL. COM. CENTER i spoked this Mr. Chua and told me that they we’re only a call center and better to call MR. RODOLFO SUAREZ the General Manager of TAKAYAMA CORPORATION in Cebu and asking him their telephone no. and their office address they gave me this address it’s # 84 Fuente Osmeña Blvd. Cebu City but there’s no tel. no. of the office and he told me to call back after 5 mins. cause he needs to check my cell no. on their lists if I really won and he gave me pa the DTI serial no. # 0242 series of 2008 pa nga…. but i told him since i won the prize you should call me….hindi ako ang kailangan tumawag sa inyo…..and he told me to text my full name and address, my gender and if I’m married or not for their reference daw.. good thing i search thru internet the TAKAYAMA CORPORATION in cebu and i finally got your mail…It’s a SCAM pala.. Thanks Ka Edong for this…GUYS THIS IS JUST A REMINDER WALANG MANLOLOKO KUNG WALANG NAG PAPALOKO:)ATTENTION: Ka Mike Enriquez of IMBESTIGADOR of GMA 7 pa ki gawan na nga po ng intrapment ang mga taong ito na walang magawa kundi ang manloko, I’m sure marami na itong mga naloko. Thanks and God Bless:)

  • gts

    wow… i was also surprised i received a text just a few hours ago that i won 300k and a starex van from Dr. James Roa of Phil. Com. Ctr. using this no. 09156165509.
    I’m glad I checked the web first.

    thanks a lot guys!

  • joanne

    thank you for this site. I am in the same boat. Got a text from Jerry Valdez 0927-595-0300 from Phil Communication Center that i won 300T plus Honda jazz. I called him up and was instructed to call the VP Jose Andres of Polo International Company based in 288 de leon bldg sergio osmena blvd cebu city. THIS IS A BIG TIME SCAM! Claims has to be directed to VP and not thru regular office procedure; VP is not a well versed English speaking person. What a shame…

  • dionisia

    scam sms,,??
    Rodolfo Suarez of Takayama Corporation of Cebu..
    plzz confirm if i am realy a home partner winner..

  • Joyce

    Two years ago I got this txt from 09275138830, “CONGRATULATIONS!!!Ur cell# WON 300 thou w/ TOYOTA ALTIS as HOMEPARTNER last Feb 28, 2006. 4 inquiries,call now this #. This is Antonio Sia of Phil. Com. Center.” I knew this was a scam since in the first place he would have bothered to call me personally and inform me that I won but instead he resorted to txtng me and asking me to call him. Or I should have received a mail. I didn’t call (why waste my load calling him?) but I kept the txt instead so I could show relatives and friends a sample of a scam. I couldn’t believe how lucky I am. Just a few hours ago I received another txt from 09279457836, “CONGRATULATIONS!!! You Have Won 300th/w TOYOTA HILUX Last May 8, 2008 ur Cell# as Home Partner winner.Call ds #4 details ds is James Lao of Phil,Com,Center..” Wow, lucky me for winning twice! If only it wasn’t a scam. This time I was about to txt him a reply (just curious to know how he would react and txtng would be a lot cheaper than giving him a call) and let him know that I know it’s a scam and that he had picked the wrong victim but I decided to check the internet first and saw your site. I couldn’t believe the long list of people sharing the same story. I hope proper authorities can put an end to all scams so people would not be victimized of their hard earned money.

  • hi dionisia, i am confirming that that was a scam message. be vigilant. ingat!

  • donnie

    My story is the same as the others. I just received the same text message today, 07-17-08, only I was to call a certain MABEL DELA CRUZ of Phil. Com. Center., cel no. 09092793003. She told me to call HENRY SY (nice name),cel no. 09108901594, who was the Head of the POLO INTERNATIONAL COMPANY in CEBU (main office located at 288 LOPEZ BLDG. SERGIO OSMENA BLVD, CEBU CITY)…”CONGRATULATIONS!!!Your cellphone # WON TOYOTA HILUX plus 300thou as HOMEPARTNER last May 9, 2008″…This was the text scam…Thanks to your site I wasn’t victimized…Good job! More power!

  • well same story with you guys. i also received the same message, 300k + starex as homepartner winner last may 5, 2008. i was so excited because ive been thinking of buying a van. so i thought god was so good to me that i will get a free van with cash money pa. i was asked to call up DIRECTOR DIVINA CUENCA of NTC daw, and after talking to her, she asked me to call up CARLOS VILLEGAS of Takayama Corp daw. and you know what, when i was talking to divina cuenca, i heard dogs barking from the background. so sabi ko, office ba ito. then when i called up mr. villegas, i heard the same sounds, dogs barking. he asked me to call back after an hour. so nagduda na ako. then i tried to search takayama from the internet and this is what i found. comments about this scam. oh my god. but thanks to you guys.

  • victoria

    I also received txt that I won a toyota hilux and cash of PHp300th. by Dina Gonzales of Philippine Com Center Cell No. 09098355012 thru electronics raffle and instructed me to call henry See cell no.09108901594. He gave instruction to proceed to Cebu today Sat (july 25, 2008) for the awarding with the present of dti rep. and bring my 2 ids/one month billing of smart and they will re-imburse the plane ticket for 2 persons and provide a hotel accommodation for 3days/2 nites stay.
    He also gave his land line phone 032 9300422

  • Janice

    hi everyone, i almost fell on the same scam, i got a text last July 26 from +639182442071, with a message “CONGRATULATIONS!!you won 300thou/honda jazz last MAY 15, 2008 as homepartner winner call dis # for details Dis is WELFREDO GO of Phil.Com.Center” i called up the number and was directed to +639298443878, Jose Andres of Polo Int’l which i called the next day and was instructed to send documents at 288 de leon bldg. sergio osmenia blvd. Cebu city 6000 and also to send money thru Western Union under the name Keyhan S. Cajegas, which he advised to wait in the area to receive the amount of 23,346.00 for car insurance. An sms message from +639073715900, Cherry Laude of Pioneer Insurance requesting for me to give them a call to confirm some details while Jose Andres keeps bothering me if the money has been sent already, while reading your helpful site, he later sent me a message saying, “We feel sory for d forfeiture of ur prizes efectiv now due 2 lack of interest. Wathch out 4 d publication a day after 2moro at Phil. Daily Star. Gud luck nex time!” … thank you for posting details in this very helpful site, please be careful everyone! God bless.

  • reg4it

    I also received txt that i won 300k w/ toyota hilux last june 2, 2008 ur cell # as home partner winner.call ds # 4 details ds is James Lao of Philcom center. so, before i call his # i’m trying to search the internet i know ds a scam so thanks this site i found it.

  • lmer

    My wife has just received a text saying “CONGRATULATIOIINS!!! You have Won 300th/wTOYOTA HILUX Last June 02, 2008 ur Cell # as Home Partner winner. Call ds 09155339708 #4 details ds is James Lao of Phil,Com, Center.”

    My wife was very happy, pero ang sabi ko sa kanya, wag kang umasa, kc kung nanalo ka talaga, bakit hindi sila ang tumawag? Bakit ika pa ang patatawagin? Hayaan mo at iveverify ko sa internet.

    And then, I found this forum wherein I discovered n talaga palang napakadami na ng pinadalhan ng ganitong message. Maraming salamat po sa forum n ito.

  • Maria B.

    I just talked with this certain “Rodolfo Suarez” of Takayama Corp. to give me instructions how to claim the 300k + Starex van at Cebu, he is asking for Php12,500 to process the registration of the van. He has lots of inconsistencies and he is pressuring me to send the money immediately, when I check the internet I couldn’t find Takayama Corp or Phil Comm. Center. Then I saw this website.. Thanks! Hope you could publish this hoax so others without internet access could be warned also. Its giving me chills reading others comment, I almost fell to their trap! He is on this number now: 09092381349.

  • junell

    Congratulations! U have won Php 300K+Starex Van, ur Sim# as a homeparter last May 26, 2008 for info: Call ds no. 09156164929 Dir Ryan Chua of Phil.Com.Center.



    (Ahem! Ei sir RYAN CHUA sori! late reply ku… pede d2 n lang s net response ku? heheh. ok n sana e kaya lang ur d 4th 2 send me na tht msg en halos mgkasunod lng kau ngsent nung isa # lately. mukhang mabigat n pangangailangan yan a sir? nagchange k p ng # at nem ryt. teka panu nga b aku nanalu? panu yan e ala aku pera panload 2 call u up en ask how 2 claim dos prices den be ur victim! heheh… yngat lang baka… SANA tamaan kau ng karma s mga panloloko nyo.)

  • chesca

    Hi! I also got a text this morning from a certain FELIX YULO of the PHIL.COM.CENTER saying that I won a Honda Jazz with 300k. As I read through the rest of this page, I discovered that he has changed his number to 09108901594. This is the number he used to contact me. I phoned him, and he said his office is a government office, and then I was asked to call the VP of Polo International Company, Ms. ESTELLA SUAREZ, but good thing I first checked the Net and found this site and didn’t pursue on calling further anymore.

    By the way, I asked where the office of the PHIL.COM.CENTER is and he replied it’s at 551 ENRICO BUILDING CORNER WEST KALAYAAN SUBIC OLONGAPO CITY.

    Much thanks to this site. Hopefully no one gets scammed anymore with information like this in our hands. I don’t have the time, but if someone can report this again to authorities, please do, especially that I was able to obtain the whereabouts of these people.

  • chesca

    By the way, Ms. ESTELLA SUAREZ’S number is 09097748660

  • Ric

    hi everyone, just an hour ago, i would have fallen to be one of the many victims of these unscrupulous promo. i got a text from +639182442071, with a message “CONGRATULATIONS!!you won 300thou/honda jazz last MAY 30, 2008 as homepartner winner call dis # for details Dir. WELFREDO GO of Phil.Com.Center” i called up the number and a lady named Myra Apostol instructed me to contact +639298443878, Jose Andres, VP of Polo Int’l which i called a few minutes after. The line was very busy but finally after a few tries was lucky enough to talk to the guy. He said the promo ended last May. Toinks! He asked for my name and address since he is going to check the computer records (eto pala yon, ang lista nang prospective victims nila..hehehe) and call back after 5 minutes which I did only to be told that he was talking to somebody and will call me up after their conversation. This prompted me to check the details of the promo and found this.

    Thanks goodness! You’re saving me from this blunder and some valuable moments to sleep. Just came out from night shift duty and getting excited for some time. Hahay! Pera na naging bato pa. LOL! To all behind this fiasco, sana kunin na kayo ni Lord. Amen.

  • Anne

    My sister received the same txt msg this morning….telling her that she won 300K and Toyota Hilux…..my Mom called the number (09155339708) then look For Mr. James Lao of Phil Comm Ctr as indicated n the txt…then gave some instructions to call Mr. Jose Zobel of Active Electronics..here’s the number 09095334340….then this man gave my mom some instructions….how to claim the so-called prizes..then asking for 8,700 PHP for registration for LTO, insurance. daw.they asked to go to western union money transfer and send money thru ther acctng dept..name Aiza P. dela Cruz..then they keep on texting asking if my mom already transferred the money…..I got pissed on how they text…so i checked the net and saw this site….

    thanks so much!!!

  • John Mulhall

    My wife just received the same type of message today. Free Honda JAzz plus P300k.

    The names given are Stella Suarez (09097748660) and Paula Maceda (09095937840).

    Everybody beware! This is not just about money. If you give them ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION, that information can be used to create false identification in your name, or to sign up for various forms of credit, to make 0%-down type of purchases, and so on.

    Even if it’s not you making the purchases, it will bring you into a very elaborate legal battle in an area that no corporation or court system has figured out how to deal with: IDENTITY THEFT and IDENTITY FRAUD.


  • B

    My stepfather was also almost victmized by this one. tomorrow we will report thm to the xxx team…what do you think.

  • Dada

    when i received a text message from people mentioned…i already suspected that it was a scam..but you know i still want to know every details about them so i can share it to others. when i found this..i guess i dont need to share my experience since it’s the same…exactly the same.

    how can we help?

    right now even if i know that it is a scam…i still texted them for any news about things “i won” i just want to know more about them..

    entrap them my way heheh

  • Dada

    i hope this will reach nbi…really easy to catch them….since they are asking to remit money to western union.

  • ericnaz

    They’re now using a new number : 09272477187 and 09293330933. James Roa ask me to call Carlos Villegas, the director of TAKAYAMA Corp. When I called this Carlos Villegas, he ask me to send 7k with the requirements thru LBC because it needs to be processed asap since my number won last june 5, 2008 and it already lapsed the 60-day claiming period. He told me to give it before 2pm. I checked first on the website and found this forum..

  • lilia cabilao

    hi!i am here in new zealand visiting my daughter’s family and received a txt in my roaming number with message that i won a starex van and 3ook. i cant believe it but still hoping that this is true. my son in law called this certain dir ryan chua of phil.com.center.he sounds so true coz he said to ring back since he is still in a meeting. we spend toll calls just to confirm this…but we google this company and thanks God we saw this website technobiography…so to all Filipinos,we all wish we could win something grand but before getting into this scam,check and check and check this people….cheers!!!

    lilia cabilao

  • Hi all, i receive the same message, almost all the names posted here like Dir. Ryan Chua and Rodolfo Suarez. Im just so worried right now, i have given them my full name and home address. Is there anything i can do to prevent them from using those informaiton i have provided them. And also, using my just a name and a home address, paano kaya nila ito gagamitin para makasira sa akin. Please help me.. Thanks!

  • jainlyn

    Hi, yep my dad also received this kind of sms message yesterday. It’s from a certain Polo Int’l. Co.. My dad knew it was a scam but he wanted to humor them so he called and they asked for a photocopy of ID, cedula, and his last smart billings. Dad thought they wouldn’t be able to do anything with only these type of information about him so he sent it via e-mail and they said they will process it. He sent his senior citizen ID so that if it truly is a scam, the scamm-ers’d think he’s already retired. (my dad’s really full of humour at the time haha)
    I’m worried dad did such a thing, I’m now hoping someone could shed a light as to how they could use this against him. Does anyone here know anybody that can help? A member of the NBI? Smart Telecom.?
    This posting has been very helpful to the cautious types, it’s sms scam-preventive =), but maybe you guys can also help those that have already took the step beyond prevention?
    Maybe I’m asking too much, but I hope you guys continue helping.

  • boyet

    g’moring guys!

    the same story… just recvd this morning at 7:44am text scam from PHIL. COMM. CNTR from Mr. Ver F. Golez (ang galing nila invent ng panagalan combination ni Gen. Fabian VER at Sen. Roilo Golez) at cel# 09053111839. i didn’t bother calling them up bcoz im sure this is a txt message scam.

    kung tutuosin lang madaling hulihin ng NBI ang mga loko yan eh ang kaso lang cguro kailangan lang ng pang yosi. yun lang.

    ingatz lang tyo hwag tyo mag loko. !!!

  • Jon

    good morning!

    I was just about to call the second number that they had given but intuition told me to search for the person and the company

    New Name Ms. Estella Suarez – VP Polo Intl

    Accomplice Mr. Joselito Dy of Phil. Comm Center

    It’s good thing that this blog is posted
    Sana mahuli na nga sila parang entrapment operation dapat.

  • A.G.

    Hey guys… I just got a similar text a few minutes ago. I gave it a call and what do you know, I’m a winner too. Haaay. Its so sad that we have people like this, you can see that clearly they have some intellect and yet they choose to use it against others. They really need a dose of karma to hit them.

    Anyway, please block this number 09156787193…

    Buti nalang may internet… kundi baka nakaloko din ako… good thing I had the piece of mind to search & read.

  • Carlo Diaz

    nakakainis talaga ang mga scammers na yan! nakareceive din aka ng text mula kay “SCAMMER” Dr. RYAN CHUA (09156164929) nakaka buwsit talaga!

  • portugalbear

    ako din nabiktima today. same message. i won a starex and PHP300k but need to call this number from Philcom. Kaya i detected this as a scam because the raffle was July 18. eh Sept 22 na kaya ngayon no. gagawa lang sila ng scam, eh ayusin naman nila.

  • Terry

    I received a text message from Erika Galvez of Phil. Com. Center informing that I have won a Honda Jazz with 300Kphp via an electronic raffle last july 18 2008, and i have to call her on 09072910677. I texted her back that its not possible for me to win because im not joining any raffle and if i have won, Smart Communications should inform me.I showed this message to my daughter and searched the net for Phil Com Center. Luckily we found this site and confirmed that it really is a scam

  • jon

    got the same message just now…that i won honda jazz with 300k..from cp no. 09207617759 from JIna Reyes…i did not return their text..i ve read all of your messages…it seems until now …tuloy pa rin sila..that means hindi pa rin sila nahuhuli…paano ba magkakaroon ng saysay ang mga messages na nandito…

  • levon

    a message was sent to me hours ago saying that i’ve won 300k and a honda jazz.though this is not the first tym i received a txt msg like that, i got curious and called the number they gave me. as the guy explains how i can claim my prizes, may tumilaok n manok.hehehe. maniniwala ako kung poultry supplies ang napanalunan ko. be careful with this guys

  • Paparami ng paparami talaga ang mga manloloko ngayon. Wala tayong magagawa kundi mag-ingat mabuti.

  • dre

    ay naku…. buti nalang… may utak ako… hehehehe… i got the same messages pro from a different no. same company, phil. com. company… scam…scam…scam…. sobrang obvious… the first no. which was 09098730137 ay number daw ni allan suarez, then suare referred me to another no., this time it’s 09182442220. when i asked them bakit wala silang dti permit no. na included sa txt messages at kung bakit hindi sila ang tumawag sakin na-disconnect na ung call tapos when i tried to call them lagi nang busy… so i reported those 2 nos. sa NTC.. iba-block daw nila, pro sabi ko dapat hulihin nila,,, kasi dumadami na ang nagco-comment sa site na to… hehehehhe. parehong pareho ang kwento kung ung iba jan or dec pa daw dpat nakuha ang prices ung sakin naman july of this year… baliw!! hahahahhaa…..

  • Darkfire11

    same story din sa akin. grabe!!! mga manloloko.. tnx sa mga info..

  • jenna

    its surprising these scammers are still out there and still going stronger…
    i received an SMS from 0926-700-1198 (new cell number being used). Exact words used are:
    ‘Congratulations! U have won 300k Pesos + Starex Van, ur Sim# as a homepartner last Jul.25,2008 for info: Call ds no. 09267001198 Dir.James Roa of Phil.Com.Center

  • bettee

    thanks for this info.. 🙂
    muntik na akong mabiktima..
    just received a message from the number
    0907 458 6399 this morning, tawagan ko daw
    si Jorinda Flores of Phil. Comm. Center.
    i won a Honda Jazz daw.. sabi ko na nga ba
    scam ‘to.. akala ko hulog ng Langit e.. tsk..

  • arnel

    hi everyone,

    Same here. Buti na lang nag-browse ako sa internet abount Polo International Company. Katulad ng mga scenario sa itaas, I received while driving this morning that i won in an electronic generated raffle, and i won a jazz honda and 300K. I was instructed to call Ismael Cruz (0907-3807827) of the Phil. Communication Center. He further told me to call Divina Fernandez (0909-6140222), VP-Polo International Co.-Cebu. When I called Divina, she told me what’s the reason for calling late. Then she told me to call back after 15 mins. and she will see what she can do. I browse in the internet and saw these blog.

    Thank you and may God bless their souls.


    got the same SMS today….cp #0917331492 from a cetain director james roa sent me an sms of the same thing..300k +starex van…first it sounded real, so i called them up to get details.. after talking to James, who btw sounded like a beautician sa kanto, i find it dubious…they cannot provide any office numbers, they just said that they are tie-up with NTC to promote this “Raffle”.so i said to myself with all the F*ckin scammers here,might as well do a background check. Nuthin on the net with the said company and i found this site….the jerk was askin for my address and to call this Carlos Villegas, cp#09293330933, General Manager of a Japanese Electronic Corporation (Kakayama or Takayama) didnt gave out my address or other details xcept name and age…didnt call them back, just texted them to go F*CK themselves in the rectum and get a real job and stop swindling people.

    Sorry for the words used in this entry…they just really tick me off…simply wasting people’s (MY)time.


  • ellie rose

    mga kababayans..thanks for this post and the many comments/reactions..just today I received a text from a globe number [09156791397] telling me that i’ve won 300,000 and a starex van as a homepartner chorva ek ek..dapat tawagan daw si dir.james roa sa number na yun..i’m a natural skeptic and have been spammed through my y-mail..so i thought kailangan itawag ito sa globe..i reported this number and yung name na sinsabi sa text..i don’t think may magagawa dito ang globe or any network since ang ginagamit ng pang text or call ay prepaid sim na madaling palitan anytime dahil mura na rin..all we can do is report it sa kinauukulan..might as well call ntc’s attention to apprehend these scammers-swindlers..

    sana matakot sila sa Diyos..baka di sila patawarin balang araw..

    ingat na lang po tayo mga kababayan ko…God bless.

  • Micshed

    Mga Kababayan ko BEWARE

    siya si Renz J. Prieto cp :09082339938 claiming he is working at PCMC.This what he say’s “CONGRATULATION!! Ur Mobile # has WON a Charity Prize From: REMITTANCES of OFW-PCMC., Last, OCT.03,2008,Call me up now..For more dtails..I’m Renz J. Prieto” at ito ang requirements nya 4pcs Smartbuddy 4pcs.Globe Ppaid Card Worth 300 load each.Ppare a pen nd Paper for d Formats nd Mechanics. He’s using this Company BAYANING PINOY PCMC office 8th floor, Rufino Plaza Avenue Cor. VA Rufino St. Legaspi Village 1229 MAKATI CITY at ang international address Singapore Office: Awarding Committee, Phil.Communication Message Center P.C.M.C #12 Coleman St., # 09-01 The Adelphi Singapore…Pls make action of this scum pra wla na maloko itong tao na ito….sana wla maloko sa scum na ito..

    PS. PCMC pls. hulihin nyo itong grupo na sumisira sa reputation ng BANSA NATIN..


  • xmen

    hi wana join

  • wynona ryder

    i have the same sad story but i won’t be that deatiled..just pls beware of these people..”DIR.” RODOLFO SUAREZ of “TAKAYAMA CORP.” C#09092381349…”DIR.” RYAN CHUA of “PHIL. COMM. CTR.” C#09279901220…”DIR.” DIVINA CUENCA of “BIR CEBU”..ARMANDO PULVOS,JESSE BATAYOLA,ARNOLD ENRIQUOSO..and ALVIN CHU FERRER from 8400 SERGIO OSMENA BLVD CEBU CITY 6000…kung meron man adjective na pwedeng i-link sa mga taong to..bigay nyo na ang pinaka “superlative” on the bad side…LUMABAN KAYO NG PAREHAS SA BUHAY…MAY KARMA DIN ANG GINAWA NIYO…kaya pls people..wag na kayong matulad sa nangyari sakin…sana wala ng mabiktima.

  • wynona ryder

    cont… Congratulations! u have won Php 300k plus Starex van. ur sim# as a homepartner last Aug.03,2008 for info. Call ds no. 09279901220 Dir Ryan Chua of Phil Comm Center.

  • mind

    A fraudulent business scheme!!! I just received this message this 12:29PM and i googled it at once anf found this site.

    Congratulations! U have won 300k Pesos + Starex Van, ur Sim# as a homepartner last Jul.25,2008 for info: Call ds no. 09072579782 Dir. Divina “Quengca” of Phil.Com.Center

  • honey

    i had the same story as all of u guys.i just received today, Oct 22, 08, the message “CONGRATULATIONS you have won 300 thou/honda jazz last aug 10, 2008. call this no. for details. this is Mr. James Castro of Phil Communication Center” his # is 09063672479. i was advised to call Emmanuel Tuazon of Polo International Company his # is 09086626397. Apparently i spoke to Tuazon and he asked me to send him copy of 2 valid id, cedula & phone bill at this address Polo International Company, 588 Golden St., Sanchez Bldg, Reclamation Area, Cebu City 6000. then he text bak na naforfeit un prize bcoz of lack of interest, then check n lng sa phil daily star dahil ipapublish daw dun un mga unclaim prizes. PLEASE BEWARE OF ALL THE INFO ABOVE. Hope i can help others by giving this. Thank God i was saved. thanks on this site

  • honey

    mistyped: it was Oct 23,

  • limmeishen

    gt the same msgs from Dir Ryan Chua of Phil.com.center, he’s using new Globe no. 09156165290.. thanks to this forum…

  • Julia Rae

    got the same text message. they are using different number 09173314556. Thanks so much for the information.

  • Juan

    Got the same text message earlier saying that I won a Hilux and 300K last Sept 1. The contact person being mentioned was a certain James Lao. The number they were using was 0915-3850710.

    This is actually the second time I’ve received such a message. The first was several months ago, I called them up out of curiosity and I got the same results as all of you have related: the non-existent company in Cebu, submission of documents and some cash transfer that should be done within the day. Pretty dumbass scam if you ask me.

    In the end, just don’t believe any offer or contest prize that you don’t ever remember signing up for.

  • emzkie

    just a while ago, i also received a text message from certain RENZ J. PRIETO, saying that my mobile number won a charity prize from REMITTANCES OF OFW-PCMC, im shock at first, how come i won?, without joining raffle or game, so i txt back to his number, 09293453921, and got no reply. that’s the time na naghinala na ko, and ng search na ko sa internet about scam, and here i am, posting here about those nonsense txt with much nonsense people. JUST BE ALERT!!!!!..ALL OF US SHOULD BE AWARE ABOUT THIS SCAMS..

  • gianne

    i also received the same messages like the ones that i read here. A certain ROLLY TAN of PHIL COM CENTER texted me, informing that i won as a homepartner, a honda jazz plus 300k. Good thing i searched for his name first coz i know that this might be a scam. Thanks for the enlightening stories here. I just hope that this will come to an end. The cell nos is 0915-5288155

  • Ben

    I got this text message from a certain guy Dir. ( Director pa yan ha) Ryan Chua of Phil. Com Center, saying I won P300K + Starex van, (09279901220) yung cell nya. Syempre tinawagan ko, para iverify. May sumagot, then inerefer ako sa isa pang guy, named Rodolfo Suarez (09155321689)yun daw tawagan ko.

    Sa akin kasi matindi, kai yung sinabi nilang winning CP no, is a roaming cellphone. OFW kasi ako eeh. I only use that for receiving msgs. So I have to call them from Taiwan using Taiwan CP, mahal yun ha! Si Ryan Chua muna then etong gagong si Rodolfo Suarez na taga Takayama Corp. Cebu.

    I conferred with my wife sa ‘Pinas about my ‘winnings’ then winarningan nya ako, sabi nya sa akin, sounds like scam, scam! I was stubborn not to believe because I got to talk to both guys eeh. It’s too late for me, nakapag-aksaya na akong NT300 worth of calls, bago ko nakita etong website na eto. Thanks for the info fellows.

    Rot in hell you damn bastards!!!

  • meloy

    had the same experience today… May they rest in peace!

  • bhon

    Yah! kme din muntik n kme kumagat sa panlo2ko nila buti n lang my internet kya ayun n tauhan din kme d2 sa ofis nmen, un nga lng sayang ang load. tsk! tsk! pero atleast un lang kaya okey na rin, ang bait tlga ni lord ndi nya hinayaan na kme ay mapabilang sa mga naloko nila ng 2luyan. ganyang-ganyan din ang txt at cla Rodolfo Suarez n taga TAKAYAMA CORP. daw sa cebu (0915-5321689) at c DIR. daw ng Phil. Communication Center na si Ryan Chua maga2ling cla mag salita prang 2nay kaya mag ingat din sana ang iba, i-confirm munang mabuti ang lahat b4 kumagat sa paing nila. sbhin din natin ang ating mga experience sa ating mga friend bka maktanggap din cla ng mga ganyang klaseng txt message pra maging alerto rin ang iba.

    Salamat sa mga nag comment din d2 at nalaman ko, buti n lang may ganito. hehehe!

    sana mahuli at makulong ang mga ganyang klaseng tao, wag sanang hayaan na may pakalat-kalat n ganyan d2 sa mondo!

  • Trc

    I had the same experience, same message from Rolly Tan of Phil Com Center…that I won Honda Jazz plus 300k ..haay kelan ba titigil ang mga scam na ito..
    Sana ma-trace ng mga telcos ito..

  • Trc

    Just curious, san kaya nila nakukuha ung number nten?

  • holly dale

    i received a msgs coming from a certain dir. ryan chua w/ cell # 09052420353 that i won 300T + starex van as a home partner last sept.5,2008.i check the web & this one pop up. just wondering wer did they got my number. sana they will be put into jail.

  • shane

    buhay pa pala ang mga manloloko!

    pagising ko ngaun nka reciv ako same messages..

    300thoou/honday jazz ung prize. gulat ako kasi ala naman akong sinalihan na promo.. hahaha! kaya ng GOOGLE ako buti nalng nakita ko to..

    eto number 09153851144

    globe user ako, thnx God nkita ko to.. ^__^

  • allan a.

    i normally do not make any posts but i also think that these fake sms’ should stop and so…

    just this morning i got the “congratulations! you won” sms on my globe phone from dir. james roa of philcom center, cp#09156784951.

    first thing you think about, did i join/participate in any contest/promo that i should win a starex and 300K?!? if none, then there is no way for me to win.

    i did not pursue this sms myself but by reading the numerous posts i can now confirm that indeed this is another scam.

    i am now just thinking aloud … the payments for insurance/registration should be made to western union??? a very obvious and a common denominator.

    Western Union is a legit company, maybe they can help us identify these scrupulous ingrates.

  • mamart

    i dont really have time to make a post on the net but i think this one i have to give way other filipinos to be warned on this text scam on the fone…

    an hour ago, i was looking on my cellphone and whaaallaaa a text saying that i won a starex plus a 300K. i was hesitant to at first since i know its a scum but i tried to contact the person. he introduced himself as Dir. James Roa of phil. com. center. saying that i won last Sept. 13, 2008 a homepartner of the automatic machine draw sponsored by the Takayama Corporation.

    i know it was a scum that’s why i check on the net for the sponsored company and it directs me here in this page. i already read all the posted comment and i found the same mudus operandi with the same name and the sponsored company.

    i just hope that this scums will have an end someday….. cheating other people, making dirty money through our latest technology is the headache’s nowadays! thnx to all of you guys for posting this thread to give awareness to all the people out there!

  • grace

    i received a msgs today nov.19,2008 coming from a certain dir. rudy chan w/ cell # 09089893001 that i won 300T + starex van as a home partner last sept.12,2008.i check the web & this one pop up. just wondering why are they doing this..

  • grace

    mabuti nlng tlga medyo tumalino ako at tiningnan ko muna kay google.. thank u google.. pnptwag p nga ako tomorow daw. tawagan nila muka nila… ahahahah… pero na excite ako dun huh!!!! nkakahiya..

  • Pete Rivera

    I also rcvd a text message from Allan Araneta of Phil comm center informing me that i won AVANZA and 300K. Electronic raffle daw ng Ralph Lauren and Phil comm center was contracted by them to do the E-raffle.

    Nakausap ko VP Ralph Lauren kuno and told me to deposit 9K for the car registration. Obvious
    namng nanloloko sila. Kaya ingat kayo mga igan..

  • eric

    at it again, dir. greg sy of phil com center, 09165355372.

    I’ll try to say I’ll do a bank deposit, because it’s easier to track fraud through bank accounts rather than western union, where a fake ID is sufficient.

    We should really start SIM registration. No more over the counter purchase of SIM cards.

    And do away with unlimited texting. You think these guys would be doing this if they have to spend 1 peso per SMS?

    I am going to get flamed for this. Flame shields ON! 😀

  • ana

    Home partner winner for Sept. 28, 2008!! 😀 I got the same text from Dir. Greg Sy of Phil. Comm. Center. Same thing- PhP300k and a Starex van. Mobile # is 09165355372

  • Gio

    We just got one from “Rey Vargas” of Phil. Info Center, 0916 783 0063.

    People are selling these assholes our phone numbers! So someone trustworthy—a company that we have entrusted with our contact information, is doing business with these scammers!

  • sonatina7040

    HI!!! Someone txtd me using the sun mobile phone…from phil.com.center…Dir. Jay Flores…that I won 300K + a starex van..he used the sun #09223802823…

  • audie m. relliquette

    just this morning i received a text message from dir. james roa (09297308319)congratulating me for winning 300T plus starex van, my sim # as homepartner last nov. 3, 2008. tinawagan ko sya and i was referred to call (09297308321)Mr. Carlos Villegas, the GM of Takayama Corp. of Olongapo City. I lost several pesos for the calls today calling these two “unggoys”.

  • willy

    dear ka edong,

    my husband just got the same msg this morning.

    Text Msg : Congratulations! you have won P300T and a brand new Starex Van. Your sim number as a home partner last oct 5, 2008. for info call this number and look for DIRECTOR DIVINA CUENCA at 0916-4728779.

    My husband instructed me to call Ms. Cuenca to verify this msg. Ms. Cuenca informed me that my husband should call her using his mobile since his sim won from the electronic draw as a home partner winner. When my husband called her, she requested my husband to call MR. RODOLFO SUAREZ – General Manager of Takayama Corporation at this number – 0915-5321689 to get instructions on how to claim the prize and what are the requirements to present. I also requested from him if it is possible that they send us a telegram confirming that my husband just won …… but he said i should call Divina Cuenca and request for this. He even said that the telegram should come from Ms. Cuenca since it is their promotion and just a tie-up with Takayama Corp.

    Even though i have already an idea that this is probably a scam, out of curiosity, i called again Ms. Cuenca but voila….she does not answer her mobile anymore….even the mobile of Mr. Rodolfo Suarez – ????

    What I did is I searched the internet and check the company name of Takayama Corporation and this blog of ka edong came out which has a similar case with my husband. Luckily, i was able to read all this blog and was able to satisfy my curiosity.

    So guys, be careful of this scam – ang dami talagang manloloko sa hirap ng buhay ngayon.

    Better check first!

  • gin tolosa

    hi ka edong,

    this morning, jan 8, 2009, i received a text message and i quote: Congratulations! u have won 300k pesos + Starex van, ur SIM# as a homepartner last nov. 05, 2008. for info: call ds no. 09223802823 Dir. Jay Flores of Phil. Com. Center. because i was using a sun cell, i took the time out to call the above number and was able to talk with DIR. JAY FLORES. Congratulated me and explained how i became the homepartner winner. so he told me to call up MR. RODOLFO SUAREZ of Takayama Corp whose company sponsored the promo at 09155321689. may i repeat pa siya ng number making sure that i got it right. in short, i got hold of rodolfo suarez and told me that in order to lessen the tax that they are paying the phil govt, they hold these promos every year or every two years. and that my sim was ACCIDENTALLY chosen. he asked me to call him back after a few minutes to verify with phil com center if i was really the homepartner. while waiting within those few minutes, i told myself this seems to be too good to be true. what is the catch?? when i called back mr suarez, he told me that they would like to save me the trouble of going to cebu to claim my prize since they can deliver the vehicle for free. however, before they could deliver the van to my residence, they will have to register the van first. i am getting the van for free but i have to pay for the registration. so he told me i should send thru LBC the car registration payment of 8K plus and the 4 photocopies each of my marriage contract, 2 id’s and ctc. then they will immeidately attend to the car registration and remittance of the 300k to my account.
    SO THAT WAS THE CATCH! send money first before claiming your prize. i told him, why dont you first deposit my cash prize to my account then i will send the money for regn. he gave me some vague excuse saying the cert of ownership has not been transfered to my name, etc. then go ahead and transfer it. but i need to send the money first. so now we’re going in circles. so
    i called up my cousin who is living in cebu city and asked her to check on this company. sabi niya from the sound of it parang bogus. well i said, i still want her to check it because i want to know how to get back at them. then i went to the net to check on govt offices in cebu but can’t find philcom center. again i called up mr suarez and pointblank told him “hindi kaya ito scam?” his voice raised and said sa edad ba namang ito maglolokohan pa tayo. to this i replied, bakit, may pinipili bang edad ang pangloloko? so i resolved to expose this. but how??? and because i had no peace the whole afternoon, i googled takayama corp. and what do you know???? mr suarez name flashed before my eyes. then it linked me to your site about text scams. i am absolutely glad that our kababayans took time out to share their experiences to serve as warnings to all. praise God for guys like you who have the heart for the welfare of others.

    God bless you on your ministry.

  • jcc

    This was the text I received from this nos. 0907.557.6355 & 0909.614.02.22. We have to be careful with this hoax. CONGRATULATIONS!!!Your # WON TOYOTA AVANZA w/ 300thou via electronic last Nov.07,2008.For details,please call now ALECIA C0. of Phil. Com. Center on this #. (REMEMBER TO GOOD TO BE TRUE ARE NORMALLY NOT TRUE)……..SHAME ON THIS PEOPLE. MAGBANAT KAYO NG BUTO…

  • may

    i received a message from Tom Valdez (09293113679) of Phil. Comm. Center (daw)jst this morning that i won 300thou & 1 Honda CRV last 11/12/08. Wow naman! sana kung totoo. i know panloloko lang ‘to. Sana tumawag sya hindi nagtxt cheap nya naman. If it is true facilitate nya na lang winnings ko hati kaming dalawa.

  • janjan


    got a text this morning. same thing, call jouana cortez of phil. com. center to verify details


  • Eugene

    I got the same message from certain Dir. Ray Flores that I won 300K + a starex van..he used the sun #09223802823. Its now January and these guys (their grammar and … obviously wont bring them to Director level positions- so its a scam) are still at large and are STILL using the same number.

    Looks like these people are not TOO ORGANIZED. They’re small time and can be caught instantly. How can we be of help?

  • anna justo

    me too! I am receiving same text message almost everyday from that DIR. RAY LOPEZ OF PHIL.COM.CENTER saying I WON 300K AND TOYOTA AVANZA AS A HOMEPARTNER. and today, 1 hour ago, i got same text message twice that i won a 300k+STAREX VAN. but now he used different name like DIR.JAMES ROA OF PHIL.COM.CENTER using the mobile number 0929-730-7588. these guys are so annoying! minsan i felt so inis talaga and i asked him if he could just send me the money and the car but sadly walang reply…hehehe….

  • lucia

    i received the first greetings in my smart # last january 22, 2009 at 8:19am with this message – CONGRATULATIO S!!! YOUR # WON TOYOTA AVANZA WITH 300THOU VIA ELECTRONIC LAST NOV 10, 2008 FOR DETAILS, PLEASE CALL NOW JENIFER KYANKO OF PHILIPPINE COMMUNICATION CENTER ON THIS # 09096105598. i did not pay any attention because i did expect any win.

    on february 2, 2009 at 9:18 am, i received another text from 09233117003 with this message – CONGRATULATIONS! U HAVE WON 300K + STAREX VAN, UR SIM # AS A HOMEPARTNER LAST NOV 20, 2009. FOR INFO, CALL DS # 09233117003 DIR JAY FLORES OF PHIL. COM CENTER. still i did not pay attention in that message. instead i informed my husband about that greetings, but advised to forget… it’s FRAUD! however, i consulted also the matter with DTI and same thing was advised to me.

    on february 5, 2009, while waiting for my favorite tv program, i tried to call at mr flores’ SUN CP # and introduced myself. he explained about the mechanics of the draw. luckily i was because i just used my CP with SUN sim where it is a post paid sim. he gave me certain Peter Vidoya of TAKAYAMA CORPORATION located at 64 harvard, sergio osmena boulevard, cebu city and told me contact immediately the cp # 09173314554. contacted mr vidoya and explained what i just won. what i need is to send 2 copies of photocopied valid identification card, marriage contract and pldt/meralco billing statement. since the promo has lapsed, he advised to send 4500 thru bdo and it should be deposited under the name of their liaison officer alvin chu ferrer. i did not agree with and hmr vidoya proposed that i can send 2000 at first for them to process the registration of the vehicle. i was attending that time a seminar and explained to him that i couldn’t do what he told me to do instead told him that i can manage to do it on Feb 8, sunday. after that talked, mr flores texted me that i have to call him back. unfortunately, i cannot reached him. decided to text him with this message – can i have your landline # and address of their office because i will visit him. NO ANSWER was received from mr flores.

    what NTC do to this people who make use of PCC as commissioned organization of NTC for sim # registration. have ntc coordinate with nbi for investigation of this fraud? there are numbers of comments sent to you, what happen?

  • JVT

    Hi all, My wife just received a text message today as well. Here is what it states in Verbatim:

    “CONGRATULATIONS!! Your# WON TOYATA AVANZA w/300thou via Electronic last De.15,2008. For details,please call now Andy Jose of Phil. Com. Center on this number”

    The number is 09125045924.

    Immediately i told my wife those are scams and true enough i searched it and came up with this blog.

    Thanks Ka Edong for taking the time to create this site so taht people will be aware of scams which are prevalent now in this terrible economy that is happening globally.

    Thanks again!

  • You’re welcome, JVT. Thanks for sharing

  • Cindy

    I also hav rcvd jz ds m0rning a tx msg fr ds numbr 09075045939 fr mea cortes in4rming me that i won toyota avanza&300k.aftr i called,a lady(wid broken english n sumwat old)answerd me n said dat i won etc. AND sp0nsor ung “ralph laurens/lawrens (?? As she hav pron0unced ü)international ung gumagawa ng damit accdg to her n instructd me to col 09125045939 luk 4 mr.edwin ty president. I told dem “jz make sure ur n0t a m0dus operandi or else”bt i was alredi suspicious.anyway i never called ds mr ty and i search nternet and confirmd that ds was jz an0ther scam.to others double check evrythng b4 ul b the next victim.

  • Guada Lopez

    march 1, 2009

    tks to the kindhearted soul who provided this site. yes, i also got a text message last 2 months ago, last week and today twice. i know it is a scam but out of curiosity i called back this dir. james roa. he also asked me to call a certain armand viduya. then my daughter suggested that we google the takayama corp. and indeed it is a scam.

  • bratzeeh

    OMG!!! So, they have been doing these for the last 2-3 years? And they’re still in business despite all the comments/reports here????

    It only means one thing – MARAMI PA CLANG NALOLOKO!!!
    1). For three years – they have been using the same “con message” – “You won a car+300K cash”
    2). Same process / asking the same requirements

    They just keep on changing their names / mobile #s and the names of the company they’re representing…

    They have used:
    Phil Com Center
    Takayama Corporation

    they even used: Neutrogena, Polo

    Right now, parang ang maraming pangtext ay si Dir James Roa of Phil Com Center (here’s his new #, i just talked to him an hour ago.. 09053271481)

    And why would you think it’s a scam right away???
    1. They will send a message 60 days after the so-called “draw date”
    2. They will ask you to call them instead of them calling you
    3. How can you win a raffle without participating?

    They are obviously expert cons coz they will make it appear that they are a big company coz after asking you to contact one person, they will ask you to contact another.. and then another.. and then another..

    Actually, i wasn’t a victim..
    First, i received the same message that i won this car and that money.. it was thrilling, but after few minutes, i laughed and said “what a scam”… so i ignored the message, but i saved the number (Amy Isidro of Phil com center 09173386558).. that was in January…

    Wow, hell i’m so lucky because after two months, i won again (haha!!) a starex kuno and 300K again.. i was so curious what are these people doing.. what are they like.. so I called this Dir James Roa.
    -he has a regional accent which i can’t distinguish.. but he doesn’t sound like he’s a director.. he sound like a person who didn’t even finish highschool..(oops no offense)
    -he will ask you personal information right away- your location, then your name, age.. (of course, i didn’t give him any info)
    -then he will tell you about the raffle that it was done to have some tax incentives.. choerva.. choerva..
    -then he will ask you to write down the name of the person you need to contact to know the details how to claim your prize.. he will ask you to write down the # and he will have you confirm it..

    I tried calling this # 09297308321 Mr. Alfredo Biduya of Takayama Corporation.. but it was hell “busy”..

    wow… super dami cguro nilang naloloko.. busy ba nman.. hehe..

    So, i started googling.. and found this.. so my curiosity got satisfied.. (guess i don’t need to call that Alfredo Biduya to know how are they conning people)

    But im so worried because up to now they’re still doing this..

    Kawawa nman mga nabibiktima nila…

    So, i composed a text message and sent it to all my friends and informed them of this scam…

    This is really alarming. I hope the authorities and concerned public affairs program will do something about this.


  • RKO8

    Just received the same txt message James Lao nman from Philcom center, same procedure, call them “Congratulations! you have won 150th/w Nissan Navarra last Dec 28 2009 ur cell # as Home partner winner. Call this # 4 details ds is James Lao of Philcom Center,” – 09065045178

    Stupid Scammers! i did not bother to call this brainless freaks! pero they can still convince other people if others are not aware of it. procedure pa lng tanga na meron ba nman nanalo na ikaw ang tatawag and send money haha tpos prepaid ang #, wlang reference # or ticket # ng promo at iba pang details. Very helpful tong blog to those na naka receive ng txt na to, Kya ko nagpost para ma update ang mga peeps re their new name/s and # and to inform us na active pa din cla. so guys keep on posting kung my marereceive kau na ganito. 3yrs na pla cla n still operational, that means my naloloko pa din cla, Maybe kailangan mag set up ng entrapment para mahui tong mga bobong scammers na to! kawawa naman kc ang mga mabibiktima nla. I’ll love to see them on tv na panapasok sa selda, battered.hehe! Keep this blog rolling, BIG HELP! Thanks Ka Edong and to all peeps na nagpost d2! Godbless to all!

  • Winner,draw Last March, (3) 09 DTI/NCR PERMIT #.1809 SER.2009

    SENDER: 09104453923

  • hermo basbas

    I’d had received an email from MR. Greg Sy of Philippine Communication Center that I won a Php 300 + A brand New Starex Van then I called him up and He Gave the number of the Sponsoring Company named Takayama Corporation and I called up the so called General Manager Mr. Rodolfo Suarez then he told to called up the ff day around 9am then when I called him up he told me that they will send us a snail mail as the confirmation that I won the so called price.

    Good Luck to them!

    I already send an email alert to XXX of ABS CBN and I request themn to investigate about this.

    here are the numbers of those people

    GREG SY – 09274227753
    RODOLFO SUAREZ – 09158730824

  • Noel O

    Re – comment by Hermo Basbas

    Yup! received the exact same message from the exact same number coming from a certain “Dir. Greg Sy of Phil. Com. Center whose number is:

    GREG SY – 09274227753

  • robert b

    james lao (or anybody) from philcom (allegedly)
    is not stopping in trying to fool people.
    i’ve just received another text from him
    saying i won a NISSAN NAVARRA.
    here’s the no. he used (whoever he is) –

    (in fact, this is 2nd msge to me)

    i read comments here and learned
    that they are using different names
    and different numbers.

    i wonder why they are doing this.
    do they hacked numbers of people
    who would call them?
    or do they thieve mobile phone call/text credits?

  • Malou

    I received a text message saying: Congratulations! U have won Php.300k+Starex Van, ur Sim# as a homepartner last Jan. 8, 2009 for info: Call ds no.09052789106 Dir. James Roa of Phil.Com.Center. (Message received March 16, 2009, 8:36AM)

  • joyce

    i received a text message, 5 minutes lang ang nakakaraan. then i search kaagad dito sa internet,. i am interested with d prize ofcourse. so how will i know kung maniniwala ako? it says: CONGRATULATIONS!!! you have Won 150th/w NISSAN NAVARRA Last Jan 14, 2009 ur Cell # as Home Partner winner. Call ds # 4 details ds is James Lao of PhilCom, Center.

    sender: 09052633931


    i received a text message, 5 minutes ago. then i search immediately with d internet,. i am interested with d prize ofcourse. so how will i know kung maniniwala ako? it says: CONGRATULATIONS!!! you have Won 150th/w NISSAN NAVARRA Last Jan 14, 2009 ur Cell # as Home Partner winner. Call ds # 4 details ds is James Lao of PhilCom, Center.

    sender: 09052633931

  • joyce

    tnx tlga sa blog na to, it really helps.. muntik na akong maniwala, dahil NAKAKASILAW ang prize! sino ba naman ang ayaw nun dba? madadala ka tlga pag hindi ka muna nag isip or kung “tatanga-tanga” ka… sorry nalang JAMES LAO- here’s he’s no. 4 mor details… 09052633931
    i hope mahuli na ang mga taong to. last year, nkarecive ako ng gnung txt na “nanalo daw kuno!” but i ignored it. at kanina lang… James LAO ulit, kaya sinearch ko na, then i found this site. tnx ka edong!

    ayun! nireplyan ko,. para mag tanda!

  • sheryl

    totoo kaya yun natanggap ko yxy galing daw sa philippines charity foundation government raflle daw ni pangulong gloria

  • merriliz

    aw i just got the same text yesterday w/ 300K + starex van… i’m a balikbayan and gave my name, age and address… what do u think will happen?

  • ramona castro

    hi to eveyone! just today received text message from Dir James Roa with cell no.09052789106 of Phil.Com.Center,telling me”Congratulations! U won Php 300K + Starex Van as a homepartner of my Sim” just wondering how i won their contest…sana totoo,kaya lang nanaig sa akin ang DUDA…maraming maloloko ngayon!!!!INGAT!

  • duxx

    received same text this morning.
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! you have Won 300k pesos+Starex Van, ur sim# as a homepartner last Jan. 13, 209 for info call ds no. 09234085732 Dir Jay Flores at Phil.Com.Center.

    ingat ingat na lang talaga tayo sa mga taong walang magawa sa buhay kundi manloko ng tao.

  • minnie

    From +63 910 3637713 claiming to be JOY GALGO of Phil Com Center- I won a Toyota Avanza and 300k daw last Jan 19 via electronic raffle (hello, it’s Mar 24 already!); and if I can call her daw. I asked what the promo was about, and said if this is true why can’t she call me. No response. Sayang yung 1 peso ko :-))

  • Alex

    received the same message.

    CONGRATULATIONS! U have won 300k Pesos + Starex Van, ur Sim# as a homeprtner last Jan.20, 2009 for info: Call ds no. 09234085732 Dir.Jay Flores of Phil.Com.Center.

    this is a scam. they dont even have enough budget to text the whole message. come to think of it my phone number was just approved for the plan last jan.30, 2009 and they have already selected it last jan 20 as a winner… i think this is the same people doing this ind of scam since 2008. hope you guys wont be a victim to this. please be vigilant and be logical.
    IF YOU HAVE NOT JOINED ANY CONTEST, how come you will win. NO CONTEST WOULD BE GIVING AWAY PRICES without requiring anything from its winners, like buying a ticket before any contest or lottery.


  • Julie Ann M.


    Received the same text 30mins. ago from this cp# 09052789106

    CONGRATULATIONS! U have Won 300k +Starex Van, ur sim# as a homepartner last Jan. 20, 2009 for info call ds no. 09297308321 Dir James Roa at Phil.Com.Center.

    I hope DTI will act on this immediately..

  • Mickey

    NAkareceive din friend ko ng parehong message. Akala din nya totoo according to the text “Congartulations! u have won 300k+a brand new starex van. ur sim # as a homepartner last jan. 05`09 for info pls. call this #(09276355057)look 4 dir. Divina Quengca of phil.com.center

    Chineck ko ung site to confirm kung may promo pero wala..ito nakita ko..just like the other pipol who posted, this was the first hit..

    I hope the authorities can catch this jerks..

  • ruby

    i got message last night april 3,2009 u smart OFW International roaming # had won 2 million electronic draw last March31,2009 from bangko sentral ng Pilipinas from Gov.Amando M Tetongco Jr alam ko panloloko ginawa nila dinadamay pa ang ibang tao sa mga panloloko nila can u blocked this # +639098126922 /09157029178 kawawa ang maging biktima nila

  • tina

    just received the same message 5 minutes ago and the first thing i did was to search for it. it was the same message but another name was used. it was directed to Jay Flores and i won daw 300K + starex van.. im glad to searched for this site… ingatz sa manloloko

  • Ces

    Got the same Avanza + 300K win text from a certain Rey Milan ( +63910386212) of PCI today. Informing me I won jan, 7… 3 months ago. Good thing I googled and found this site. Gandang panggising sa umaga.

    I was contacted on my smart roaming sim. I was in Pinas on the said date. So if this is real why not contact the winner immediately.

    tatag ng “company” nila ha. 2007 pa lang pala umaandar na.

    Thank u for the info, ka edong!

  • I jz received this text message: “Congratulations! u have won 300k+a brand new starex van. ur sim # as a homepartner last jan. 05`09 for info pls. call this #(09068751852)look 4 dir. Divina Quengca of phil.com.center

    I know panloloko. I replied ‘Tnx’. I hope mahuli kungsinu man ang taong eto.. Sana ma-block din ang number na yun. Many Thanks.

    Juless last blog post..Papa Bear and PuffDoggie

  • ann acosta

    hi! April 21, 2009 Dir. Jay Flores strikes again with his “Panalo, Panloloko” syndrome with new # 09322155734. It was my first time to get a message telling “CONGRATULATIONS! U HAVE WON 300K PESOS + STAREX VAN, UR SIM 3 AS A HOME PARTNER LAST FEB, 13, 2009 FOR INFO: CAL DS NO. 09322155734 DIR. JAY FLORESOF PHIL.COM.CENTER… BE CAREFUL WITH THIS KIND OF TEXT …THESE ARE ALL “PANLOLOKO.”

  • Tester

    I just received the same message. And the modus seems the same so far. (At least they could get creative with their story db – darn bastards). I’m playing along just to see how far they go. Right now, im told to wait till they text me about their decision kuno about winning coz Im calling them 2 months late. (Perhaps this is a ploy to get you anxious and give them anything they want).

    Anyways current ploy is: Winning Avansa + 300k
    from Phil.Com.Center.
    Sponsor daw : Blackcar international.

    Will post details of this nonsense later.

  • Angel of Mercy

    Grabe pla noh? They have been doing this scam for a couple of years na pala. I’ll be reporting this to DTI (If they are the right company) since they are our clients. This reminded me of the numerous emails from UK stating that I won thousands of euros. Di sana milyonarya na pala ako? SO I checked if Phil.Com Center is legit. Thanks for the postings. Look out for JESICA CHAVEZ 09278474433. I also received a text message a few minutes ago telling me I won a TOYOTA AVANZA w/ 300thou via electronic last Feb. 18, 2009.

    These people must be stopped.

  • panalo daw

    Guys, ngtext sa kin a certain benny chua of phil com cen, nanalo daw ko ng avanza + 300K then he asked me to call the VP (daw) ng black car intl, evelyn Lee. The VP (daw) is asking me to send thru lbc a copy of ID’s, cedula etc. As per the prize (kuno) need ko daw i shoulder un registration + insurance bago nila deliver ang prize sa kin tax free (whew!!!), black car intl di ko mkita mn lng sa internet, as per the VP (daw) situated ang opis nila sa 33 mango ave cebu city 6000,baka meron malapit lang dun paki check nmn kung my “itim na sasakyan intl” talg dun, thanksll ng ingat sa mga nagtetext.

  • nanalo din daw

    i also received a text message from REY MILAN (09166290021)saying i won 300k & a toyota avanza and instructed me to call the VP of black car international, Evelyn Lee (09098122113). yun din they were asking for an ID, sedula, and billing statement. i asked my mom to talk to her and yun nga about the registration and insurance. but she gave an option that if we wanted, we could go to cebu and be the ones to register the car…hhhhmmmm interesting.

  • Ed

    i received a text message, 5 minutes ago. it says: CONGRATULATIONS!!! you have Won 150th/w NISSAN NAVARRA Last Feb 21, 2009 ur Cell # as Home Partner winner. Call ds # 4 details ds is Edison Morales of PhilCom, Center.

    MANLOLOKO nga based on the many comments, I didnt even bother to call him.

  • panalo daw

    just an update sa post ko… I received a text from the VP(daw) EVELYN LEE (09098122113) saying that the “THE PRIZE HAS BEEN FORFEITED DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST.publication follows a day after 2moro(THATS TODAY, SUNDAY 26 APRIL)AT PHILSTAR.BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME”….(luck ur face). BTW the guy who text me 1st was BENNY CHUA (09278485524)of PHIL COM CEN (daw).

  • Dolay

    Hi, i received a text a while ago informing me that i won a starrex van plus 300k. That my sim number was a homepartner last feb 23, 2009. I can call daw Dir. Jay Flores from Philcom Center for more info.

    But due to so many fraud text circulating nowadays, i texted back and said if it is true, you call me not just text me. So I dont received any call, and after that I searched Philcom center in the internet and so good that i have red all those comments, victims also of stupid people.

    Please take actions on this. Thanks and more power.

  • Dolay

    Please take note of this number, Dir. Jay Flores from Philcom Center daw- his number 09322155734.


  • rachel

    hi! can i ask how i know that txt msg is true coz april 27 txt me this is mgs … congratulation! u hve won Php. 300k+starex van, ur sim# as a hompage partner last feb 18, 2009 for info: call ds no. …..06 dir. royal tan of phil.com. center.. u think is it true??

  • Jose

    got the same text msg as well.. and luckily i checked the net to be sure about this. They are using the same scheme saying that I need to call a certain VP. Then the office is at Cebu and I need to remit money for the processing. Lets take note how cheap it is to get a new SIM so we need to be very careful with this kind of scam.

    Here is the number that texted me so as to warn everyone not to believe on these people:

    text msg: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your # WON HONDA JAZZ car w/ 300thou via electronic last Feb 24, 2009. For details, please call now Noel Selva of Phil. Com. Center on this # 09058096195.

    Let us continue to spread the news to everyone.

  • mai

    hey guys.i recieved the same text too…same messsage content that of jose..here is the NEW cel.number 09185882892 of NOEL selva daw of PHIL. INFORMATION CENTER…i want you to be aware too…para di tayo maloko…thanks for this site nakakatulong talaga…GOD BLESs us all

  • Vivian

    I am glad that there is internet. I also got a text like this. But I am wondering why they kept using the same company and same contact person …. DIR Jay Flores. cel# 09322155734.
    Kawawa yung mga taong naloko nila. I am sure they have their own Karma.

  • beth dela cruz

    im gla that there is internet. I also received a message like this. Sana mahuli n sila yong name ng tao na tumawag sa kin is mr. dave Tan of Philcomsen and the number that he used 09159661230 and he told me to call a certain Ms eVELYN LEE OF bLACK cAR INTERNATIONAL 09096140222…. AND RIGHT NOW GUSTO NYA AKO PUMUNTA NG CEBU…. SANA ITIGIL NA NILA E2

  • jorgie boy

    got the same text message this morning. here’s their new no. 09068751852. I’m really pissed by this kind of animals. I hope they rot in hell. To ABS CBN’s XXX or GMA’s Imbestigador, I hope you’ll have time to bring these bastards to jail.

  • Hello Everyone

    Thank you to this site, help me a lot…

    “Beware this people big scam”

    Evelyn Lee
    Black Car International
    33 Mango Avenue
    Cebu City 6000

    in fairness to her she talk very good english lol…..but what a bad person!

  • Linda

    Beware this person ..

    Evelyn Lee
    Black Car International
    33 Mango Avenue
    Cebu City 600

    Cellphone Number: 09073364677

    Assholeee! scammmmmmmmmmm

  • jenna

    I called the number to make sure bout the raffle. they asked me to call them tom around 8-9am. good thing i searched the net for infos. I didn’t know about this scam. I know they’re still expecting my call. haha. too bad for them.

  • smilebam

    .. i received d same text message from this # 09277806149 just this morning that I won 300k and a Starex Van, from a certain Dir. James Roa of PhilComm Center. I tried to call him out of curioisity, though I already have this feeling that this is a scam. Nung makausap ko si Mr. Roa, I was really convinced that indeed this is a scam. Kase po ung Engish nya ay hinde pang director at ung office nya ay parang nasa sabungan!! Yes, sabungan o kaya may manukan!.. hehehehehe… Habang kausap ko kz sya ang ingay ng mga manok tilaok ng tilaok… And i even ask him, kung nasa bukid ba sya. Sabi nya, nasa labas dw sya ng office.. San kaya ung office nya sa gitna ng bukirin!!??… Kaya hinde na ako ngaksaya ng panahon na tawagan pa tong Alfred Veduya n taga TAKAYAMA Corporation daw…
    I just wanna share this to everyone para d na kayo mabiktima ntong mga p@!@?”!*^ mga ewan na to!

  • pane

    my husband and i just got the very same message this morning thru our sun cell numbers. we knew right away it was a scam. imagine! we won in total 600K and we got 2 starex vans n. hehehe! sabi ko, for sure, if i google this i would find something, and here it is! this is a very informative blog. i just wish many people would have access to Internet so they can search for information when they receive dubious messages. what if si manong magtataho ang nakareceive ng text at sumasali rin talaga sya sa mga raffle raffle? this scam should stop. Who’s in charge? NTC? NBI?

  • chai

    i received a message today saying:

    Congratulations! U have won 300k+Starex van, ur Sim# as a homepartner last Mar.25,2009 for info: Call ds no. 0932226289 Dir. Jay Flores of Phil.Com.Center
    09322276289 was the sender.

    i don’t believe in messages from unknown numbers and so i googled out of curiosity of who the scammers are and found this site.
    thanks to the people who took the initiative to warn innocent people…and guys, dont be fooled!

  • clwnfsh

    Thank you for all the posts. I just wanted to add my experience this morning to the thread…

    Got an SMS that I won a Toyota Avanza + Php300K. Called DAVE TAN of Phil Com Center 0916-270 5940 (Globe prepaid #). He asked me to call MRS. PATRICIA CHAN, VP of Spalding International – Cebu Office through mobile no. 0907-380 8104 (SMART prepaid #) or office no. 032-251 1321 (Non-existent Cebu #). She asked for a photocopy of my valid ID, cedula, and latest mobile phone bill via LBC today.

    Thank goodness for Google 😉
    – Spalding is only distributed locally by Proline in Mandaluyong
    For your reference.

  • togsed

    Thanks you merong site na ganito. share ko lng rin experience ko. Got an sms that i won 300k + honda jazz through electronic raffle kunu call Jason Fuentes daw for details his no is +639084697621 so i check it sa net then ayun napunta ako sa blog na ito now i found it from you guys na this is a scam. salamat sa mga post nyo.

  • oblaxz

    Just got the same message posted by clwnfsh but prior to calling Dave Tan, we searched the net and found out that this is a scam. We peeps need to report this to ospac.. this scam is running since 2006 and still they are not stopping..

  • mcar

    I just received a text message exactly the same as what the others here also got.

    I called the number. I asked if *Phil. com. center* is a government-related group. Sabi ng nakasagot, sa government daw. He also asked for my name and sabi tapos na ang office hours tomorrow na lang ulit ako tumawag, i-text ko na lang daw ang name ko. I searched the net immediately. I don’t want to give details of myself, my name etc. Bago ko gawin yun, alamin ko muna ang lahat.

    Now I discovered this site. Same na same. *Dir. James Roa*. Pati yung nanalo ng kotse plus 300K, all of these prizes are all foolishness.

  • Ronald

    Got another text scam today:
    CONGRATULATIONS! You have won 300th\Honda Jazz Last March 17, 2009 ur Cell# as Home Partner winner, Call +639069541127 for details. This is Mark Paje pf Phil. Information Center.
    Beware guys!


  • Rhonald

    got the same message today…
    they told me that I won a Honda Jazz + 300K as my cell # appeared via electronic computer board. The contact person is Danilo Rublez of Philippine Communication Center # 09169176164. He refer me to a Mr. Manolo Ang board chairman daw ng SPALDING INTERNATIONAL #09075925106. same story but he wasn’t able to discuss how to claim the prize… nakahalata na yata na mabubuking sila. Saan ka nakakita ng ikaw na ang nanalo ikaw pa ang tatawag… tsk tsk tsk… style bulok.. buti na lang napunta ako sa blog na ito.. kakare-research ng spalding international at Phil. Communication Center just to prove lang na hindi talaga sila existing. Perwisyo kayo… salot sa lipunan!

  • Ken

    I also got the same text just this morning in verbatim:

    Frm: “SPALDING International company u Won (Php. 300th + Toyota Avanza) to Claim Ur Prize.!Pls. Call me nw! I’m Sammy Gatmaitan of. Phl info.Cnter.once again Congratulations.

    I looked at the number and called up Globe Telecom. The number was a Touch Mobile number (0926-3659157). Good thing I also found this page.

  • asasila

    meron din dito same MO;

    Honda Jazz daw +300K from electonic raffle last april 25, 2009.

    Jayson fuentes daw of phil info center. yung number nya +639269321419.

    Ingat kayo palagi sa mga ganyan.

  • Arleen A.

    Rodolfo Suarez is on it again. He just texted me this morning. And we spoke lengthily on the phone. This guy is smooth talker indeed. A real con-artist. He shud realise by now that people are smarter than he thinks

  • adiknaadiksapsp

    I got the same message saying that I won a toyota avanza w/ 300K cash and instructed to call Ken Lapus of Phil.com.center at 09057327752. I called him (Visayan accent) and he gave an instruction to call Angela King (VP of Christian Dior kuno). I called that girl and she asked me to call her after 15 minutes as they need to verify my info. I didn’t call back, instead I googled “Ken Lapus” and got this link. Thanks for the info.

  • C. Rosero

    New cel number of scammer : 09324384720, Dir: Jay Flores. Phil:Com.Center/Sparco Cebu Scam

  • mj

    naloko din po me sa txt na nanalo dw po me ng 300k at starex van by dir. divina quengca of phil.com.center..at ksabwat nia pa ung si mr.alfredo veduya..

    sana po mhuli na sila..
    mali po ang manloko ng tao..
    pano nyo po ako m22lungan??
    juzt email me..
    tnx po

  • virelle

    Just received a text message from 09232407053 informing me to call divina quengca, dir. of phil.com.center at this number on how to claim my winnings, 300k + starex van. The moment I read the message I knew that it’s a scam because I haven’t joined any raffle or so. Out of curiosity, I searched for the name and I found this site instead.

    To all the people out there beware of such text messages!

  • nina

    First, I would like thank this site for helping people who were almost VICTIMIZED by these SCAMMERS…grabe madami pala sila…and here’s the latest as in I just received this text from +639351583089 TODAY, very persistent, she texted me 4 times… I called up the said number and I heard a lady with a Visayan accent while on the background you can hear a baby crying…her name is Jinky S. Laurel & she tried answering in a professional manner saying thank you for calling Philippine Communications…she told me that Ma’am, you called up because you won a brand new toyota avanza & PHP300K…pls contact Mr. Domingo Gao of SPALDING INTERNATIONAL COMPANY based in Cebu…ofcourse, I know this was a scam so for me to be able to help others…I googled a site which can provide help…and thanks to the magic of internet, I found this…thank you to whoever thought of this…SALAMAT, Ka Edong nga ba…God bless!:) For those MANLOLOKOs out there…STOP THIS…KAYO DIN KAWAWA IN THE END!!! BELIEVE IN KARMA, GUYS!

  • Irma

    I agree to acknowledge this site for this scam activities. I received text message from TJ Domengo from here’s his exact text message which i received this morning at 7:25am from this number 09263152976 “CONGRTLTIONS!!You Have Won 300th\TOYOTA AVANZA Last May 25,2009 ur Cell# as Home Partner winner, Call ds # 4details ds is TJ DOMENGO of Phil,Information Cnter.” When i called up he refers me to call MR.NOAH HERRERA 09086448390. Mr. Herrera told me that They want to distribute products from Christian Dior here in the Philippines
    They want me to pay for the registration and insurance of the car ( when he said that .. i knew its a scam_) . He gave me the address 88 Lopez Bldg Rodrigues Ave. Cebu City 6000 plus a contact number 032 251 1321 I searched on the computer and found this site. Thanks. Wheww. I send both people a text saying “Good afternoon Mr. TJ Domingo and Mr. Noah Herrera ( if its your real names ). Im no longer interested on your activities. We’ve searched to the internet, call our contacts and received a report that you both doing a SCAM activities. Pls remind yourself the verse in the bible .. DO NOT DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT IT DO UNTO YOU 🙂 Also in the book of Romans REVENGE WILL NOT COME FROM THOSE WHOM YOU’VE TRIED OR BEEN VICTIMIZED BUT FROM OUR GOD HIMSELF ( just wait and see). GOD bless.

  • khelvhen

    hey i got a text message today aug. 12, 2009.. saying that i won a 300kphp + a brand new starex van.. here is the exact text message “Congratulations!U have won a 300k+a brnd new starex van,ur sim# as a homepartner last may 21′09 for info call ths # (+639232407053) look 4 dir. DIVINA QUENGCA of phil.com.center” this is the exact message i got today.. this is so funny i replied this number and they didnt relied me!! this is very stupid…be aware guys thanks…

    they are so stupid to do this crazy things… this is a scam i reported them to http://www.scambusters.com to stop this activities

  • sheryl

    i got a text message today “CONGRATULATIONS YOUR # WON A TOYOTA AVANZA & 300K via electronic last June 02, 2009.” please Call Mike Cabral in this number

    I called the number 0906-8884137 and he told me that he is MIKE CABRAL, then he gave the number of ANGELA KING of CHRISTIAN DIOR , ANGGELA KING will t ell me on how i can claim the prize, he gave 032-5832271 and 0907-6024269….i found this site…then I sent them a message THAT THEY SHOULD BE THE ONE TO CALL IF THEIR BUSINESS IS LEGITIMATE…MGA MANLOLOKO!

  • just today, nakatanggap ako at ng husband ko ng text scam na ito. saan kaya pwede ireklamo itong mga manlolokong ito?

  • abm

    initially, i ignored their text thinking it must be a scam but the next time, they texted telling me i really did win toyota avanza and 300thou, i got curious and called. name of the first person i spoke with is ms anna gonzales of phil comm center (09076132188) and instructed me to call the VP of christian dior mr noah herrera (09086448390). mr herrera gave me instructions on how to claim prize, etc and that i should pay the car insurance before getting the price. the address he gave is also Christian Dior Int’l, 88 Lopez Bldg., Rodriguez Ave., Cebu City 6000. somehow, part of me wants to rejoice but mostly, i am very hesitant. so, i searched the internet and found this site. he even told me that the prize is a gift from God. well, bless his soul. as i sometimes hear from my friends, “ang bait bait naman, sana kunin na nga ni Lord.”

  • (transferring this comment to the appropriate article)

    By george on Jun 30, 2009 | Reply

    this scam about winning 300K + starex van is still on going! i just received the same text message from Dir,. Carlo Tan of Philcom center.09236158360…Upon calling him up, he forwarded me to a Mr.Alfredo Viduya 09226145656…the SPONSOR FROM takayama corp!…i asked them to fax me a formal letter regarding this apparent winnings but alas no such fax came!
    this fools don’t know really how to stop!
    can anyone?any government agency?private group handle this people for good?

  • (transferring)

    By olive on Jul 30, 2009 | Reply

    hi isa din aq s biktima ng mga txt promo n ganyan…..my ngtxt din skin n nanalo daw aq ng 300k + starex van……..e2 ang txt n natanggap ko….CONGRATULATIONS! U HAVE WON PHP.300K + STAREX VAN, UR SIM # AS A HOMEPARTNER LAST MAY 19 2009., FOR INFO CALL THIS NO. 09232825222 DIR RYAN CHUA OF PHIL.COM.CENTER…….tinawagan ko kc my lod naman aq ahm tnanong aq ng complete name and more details about my guardians……tinanong din nya ko kng iclaim q s cebu o ipa2dala nlng…naicip kong isearch ung name at ung phil.com.center…nbasa ko ung mga mes. ng mga nbiktima…be aware …….


    By Katrice Anne Pablo on Aug 20, 2009 | Reply

    this is the number that send me a text scam 09324392949,CONGRATULATIONS! U HAVE WON PHP.300K + STAREX VAN, UR SIM # AS A HOMEPARTNER LAST MAY 19 2009., i thought already that this text is not true.. they are not a good model to the Philippine community. Please be a good model especially if you are a businessman or woman..please wag kaung maniwala sa ganitong scam text..
    .-= ka edong´s last blog ..IAMNINOY Runners for 57-75: Reverse the Education Crisis =-.

  • raglem

    got the same experience with you people. rcvd the exact txt message saying i won 300T and toyota avanza as home partner last June 20 2009, tawagan ko daw philip angeles ng phil info center for details. when i called, anna gonzales ang nakausap ko at sabi twagan ko daw mismo si noah herrera svp ng christian dior international on the details how to claims my prize.

    nakausap ko noah and asked exactly the same details na 2 ids, cedula & latest billing statement ng smart phone. car insurance lng daw from Pioneer Insurance babayaran ko at need ipadala ung payment via western union.

    too good to be true tlaga, buti na lng the Lord gave me enough wisdom para ma save sa modus operandi na to. i decided to check the internet and ito nga nakita ko. matagal na plang raket to.

    makusyensya naman sana ung mga nagawa nito.
    Mahuhuli rin kayo!

  • cel

    hi…just got the same message thru txt that ive won 300k plus starex van…Acertain DIRECTOR ROLLY GOMEZ gave me a call from Phil.com.cntr with mobile num 0923 207 2972. he gave me instructions to call MR> ALFREDO VIDUYA who is the sponsor of the said raffle promo from TAKAYAMA CORPORATION. hes cell phone number is 09322439249…he even told me that they are about to issue a MANAGERS CHEQUEand since i cant see them personally, they instructed me to send several photocopies of valid id’s, BC and residence certificate. he mentioned several payments that i should settle since that NEGROS NAVIGATION shipping line is about to leave at 230 pm this afternoon. Wheewww…thank god, i checked out the website and found out that it wasnt true at all…this is a wake up call to NTC!!!!!!!!! hellooooo!!!!

  • eric

    New phone number of the scammers: Angela King: 09081972838; Efren Daza: 09291357466. muntik na ako maniwala

  • christine

    hi guys, same message received that i won 300k + starex van. a certain director JAY FLORES from phil.com with mobile number 0932-4384118 intructed me to call GEN. MANAGER JAMES ROA from TAKAYAMA CORP. sponsor of the said raffle with mobile number 0932-4384720. JAMES ROA instructed me to send requirement of 2 copies each valid id’s, marriage contract, res. certificate to this address: #22 FUENTE OSMEÑA BOULEVARD CEBU CITY.

  • christine

    JAMES ROA, instructed me to pay for car registration worth 6,500 via lbc c/o JOHN CRUZ GARCIA. sya daw mag asikaso sa lto. pinapili nya pa ako kung anong color ng starex ang gusto ko. hiningian ko sya ng dti permit sa promo nag bigay din sya agad tdi ncr permit # 0242 series of 2009 i search to internet & found out marami n pala tlaga ang niloloko nila. buti nlang, tnx for this! sana mahuli at makulong ang gumagawa nito.

  • joy

    i got a txt message today CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your # WON TOYOTA AVANZA w/ 300 thou via electronic last JUL. 06, 2009 for details, pls call now JINKY S. LAUREL of Phil. Com. Center this # 0639057129682.
    I have tried calling the # and i was able to talk to this certain lady. and she instructed me to call the spalding international company, with this # 09071410118/09057129682 and i have to look for mr Jose Biochengco… i was able to talk to mr jose after so many talks he told me to pay the insurance for 6,200 pesos.
    thank you guys for all this testimony u wrote it helps me. i hope the NTC would be able to catch all this people “na mahilig manloko sa kapwa nila pilipino” again thanks a lot guys…sana wala na silang maloko.

  • manman

    As of September 11, 2009 (today) another text msg was received by me from 09324384720 (same number posted above) saying that I’ve won 300K+ starex contact Jay Flores of Phil Comm Center.

    I just curious any1 heard of a real victim who feel for it? what was the result or consequence?

    • manman

      sorry for the typo

      I’m just curious, any1 heard of a real victim who fell for it? what was the result or consequence? how was it like?

  • don

    how the f*****g hell did they get our numbers? baka may kakunchaba sa globe or smart, di kaya?

  • lyn

    just received a text too from certain MR.FAVIL telling me i won toyota avanza and 300K cash and for curiousity i called him and told me to get in touch with Ms. Angela King… searched through internet and thanks I found you here…
    Hope matigil na panloloko nila..



    KADAING MGA SUPOG!!!!! Sana kunin na kayo ni LORD!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


    MARAMI KAMI NIAN!!!! AT KAHIT MAG UMAGA PA TAYONG MAG BAKBAKAN ! MAY 4 AKONG LAPTAP!! HINGI KA!?????? TX MUQ IF U WANT!!! Nakakaawa kja pala, sana hindi ka nalang nag cnungaling, binigyan nalang sana kita, mapapadala ko pa sana ng walang kahirap hirap! haaaayyy . . . WAla bang pang gatas o pambili ng tuyo anak niu!??? pADAlhan kita , PARA GALISIN ANG ANAK MO AT MAG KA KAGID AT KURIKONG KA!!! hahahahahahahaha . . . SAN KA PA!!!!

  • trina

    Thanks for this site. Whoever is “heading” this supposed “PhilCom Center” should be stopped. I just got a text from mobile#0907-1352734. Message goes like this:
    “Congratulations! Your # won toyota avanza plus 300 thou via electronic raffle last July 15, 2009. For details, pls call now Paul Gomez of Phil.Com Center in this #.”

    When i asked for a DTI permit number, he even had the gall to reply with “0292”.

  • ann gonzales

    hello, im really surprised people will do everyhing to get money. i received a text message from 09125045948 saying “Congratulations your number won toyota avanza with 300t via electronic last july 20,2009 for details call maria d. cruz of phil com. center on this number”. i did called and a girl with a visayan accent answered and gave details to contact domingo gao of spalding international corp to claim prize… but i googled and true enough it’s a scam!!!! thanks for this site! hope authorities catch these scammers!!

  • Lorna Villaflor

    Hi. I received 3 text messages a while ago from Paul Gomez of 639071352734 saying “Congratulations your number won toyota avanza with 300t via electronic last July 2009 for details call this number”. I did called and he told me to contact Mr Domingo Gao, Vice Chair of Christian Dior International, Cebu to claim prize. Of course, in my mind my question was “Why would a Vice Chair of a big company answer an outside call!!!” I already have a hunch that this is a scam but just to fill my curiosity, I googled CDI to check if they really have a Cebu branch – None. I googled again and found this site. Thanks.

  • marlon

    same thing
    manloloko name Ruel Coles (with visayan accent)with CP 09068154529

    CEO of Christian Dior
    Angela King CP 09396277088
    permit# 0292
    tel# 032 – 583-2273

  • Leonidas

    Latest numbers of scammers with aliases:

    Gabby Chan: 09066882124

    Angela King: VP Kuno ng Christian Dior

    Latest pitch is that Christian Dior is awarding the car plus cash to reduce their taxes in the Philippines as promos and advertisements are tax deductible and they still get market exposure.

  • Jazz

    To add to this endless list of scammer’s text, I got one myself last November 7, 2009. Here’s the exact text from 09157960368:

    “CONGRTLTIONS!! You Have Won 300th/TOYOTA AVANZA Last AUG 20,2009 ur Cell# as Home Partner winner, Call ds # 4details ds is Ruel F.Gozon of PhilmInfo, Cnter.”


    Waaahhh hanggang ngayon nag tetext parin mga to…. hanggat wala atang mag claim nun avanza hindi titigil mga to. Na break in nakaya yun Avanza by the way?

  • Maybell T. Ferrer

    I just recvd stxt message from cell # 09262183927, saying that Ive won a brand new Honda Jazz & 280k, from MR. Roy Robles of Phil Info.Center. Then he told me to called Mr. Jose Yuchengco the chairman of the board of Spalding International Company for the reqts, how to claim the prize.But since the raffle from them was last Sept.4, I am overdue to claim thats why they give me a deadline to claim my prize, but its on the same day 5pm, so they need to name the prize after me, so that it cant be given to foundation, since I am living from calamba, laguna, they will deliver the prize at home free of charge but I need to pay the notary fee to named the prize after me, buit the notary fee was 7400php, that needs to be transferred to Western union Money transfer soi that they can ship the prize this on the same day, but I told Mr Yuchengco to paid first the notary then I will pay them back when I will have the actual prize recvd, but they told me its not posssible, that the govt might doubt on them, thats why I decided not to do what they want me to pay & instead give them the threat that I will inform this issue to IMBESTIGADOR. Hope this scamm will be stop & peopled involve will be punish. Thanks.

  • Maybell T. Ferrer

    Hope action for this issue will be given immediately. thanks.

  • A Concerned Citizen

    Believe me! BEWARE!!! of Atty. Alex Robles ^ Engr. Ronald Nihus with CP No. 0917-4338954 of Philcom Center & Takayama Corp. Winning a Php300K + Starex Van or similar claim is a scam, DO NOT INQUIRE ANYMORE because it is a BIG LIE, and you will only be spending your load for nothing.

  • J. Moran

    Received a fake sms msg “win” recently:
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your # WON TOYOTA AVANZA w/ 300thou via electronic last Aug.21,2009. For details, pls call now Teodoro Tayao of Phil. Com. Center on this # +639076107221

  • jhun

    got this message from 09162334404 “Congratulations! You have won 300th\toyota avanza last sept 10, 2009. ur cell as home partner winner, call ds # 4details dis is ruel f gozon. of phil info center.” This is another scam. Thanks to this site. Hello NTC!!!

  • ammey go

    guys… buti na lang may website na ganito.. muntik na ko mabiktima ng scam na din nyan… ngintroduce sya as Wilson Lao nanalo daw ako ng 300k and avanza na car. kelangan daw mgdeposit sa western union ng 12,200 for the insurance, he was from phil com center daw. buti na lang my daughter try to search the address and company and landed on this site… i almost give in to the scam, and i saw sa forum almost lhat ng comments the same sa experience ko… sabi pa nga nila kung hndi idedeliver puntahan na lang daw ung address sa 505 osmena blvd basak mandaue city…
    this morning i talk to that WIlson lao at minamadali ung pera i said ung insurance na namin ang bahala kc we have nman insurance and he was so arogant and was almost shouting at me… sabi ko meron bang executive na ganyan makipag-usap… hinuhuli ko na kasi sila, and my daughter was screaming on the side “BITAG na yan!”. anyway thnx for this site… so wag kayo maniwala sa mga scam na ganyan… and by the way do you have contact number of BITAG, so I can report this… thnk you!!

  • karim

    “congratulations! your number won toyota avanza with 300 thousand via electronic last nov 15,2009. for details, pls call now NOAH HERRERA of PHIL. INFO. CENTER of this number”
    so text back ako agad,naka unli ako ksi, sabi ko
    “sige, kunin ko bukas”
    sayang lang kung tatawagan,maubos agad load nyo. Sila naka unli naman yan kaya ok lang sa kanila.
    ewan ba sa ganitong panahon, may ganyang style pa din. may naloloko kaya sila? tanga na nun.

  • gie

    just got this txt message:

    CONGRTLTIONS!!You Have Won 300th\TOYOTA VIOS Last NOV.8,2009 ur Cell# as Home Partner winner. Call ds # 4details ds is PETER CELO of Phil,Information Center.

    this is the exact text from # +639304903149 // 01/21/2010 // 8:12 am.

    tnx for all your comments, didnt have to waste my time on this..

  • sheilam

    hay, its too good to be true i know but i still tried to have faith in people’s goodness. then their started asking for money for the insurance of the car that they said i won…that’s when i had second thought…luck or lost? hmmmm

  • I have just received a couple of text messages today from Phil. Information Center saying that my mobile number was randomly selected through an electronic raffle done last December 15, 2009, and has just won a 2010 TOYOTA VIOS.

    Knowing that it is a possible Text Scam, I called them and fished on some of their information including the process and requirements on how to claim the said prize. They, in fact have given me list of requirements that needed to be sent through LBC. Least did they know I was also searching on the information through the Internet.

    THIS IS A SCAM… Please take note of their mobile numbers and their Cebu Address:

    PETER GO of Philippine Information Center +639274319791
    FEDERICO ACOSTA Christian Dior International +639158035904
    Christian Dior International 288 Montana Bldg., Sergio Osmena Blvd 6000



  • Earlier today, I have just received a couple of text messages from Phil. Information Center saying that my mobile number was randomly selected through an electronic raffle done last December 15, 2009, and has just won a 2010 TOYOTA VIOS.

    Knowing that it is a possible Text Scam, I called them and fished on some of their information including the process and requirements on how to claim the said prize. They, in fact have given me list of requirements that needed to be sent through LBC. Least did they know I was also searching on the information through the Internet.

    THIS IS A SCAM… Please take note of their mobile numbers and their Cebu Address:

    PETER GO of Philippine Information Center +639274319791
    FEDERICO ACOSTA Christian Dior International +639158035904
    Christian Dior International 288 Montana Bldg., Sergio Osmena Blvd 6000



  • jopads

    I received the same text message saying I won avanza plus 300K. I know it’s a scam, pero tinawagan ko pa din. Sabi nung una (09169283917) taga-Phil Information office daw sya. Tawagan ko daw si Mr. Florencio Acosta (09158035904). Pag tawag ko, dami pang drama, kesyo tawag daw ulit ako kasi nagpa-park pa daw sya ng kotse nya. Tapos check daw muna nya CP# ko. Then hiningi nya na yung name and address ko. Syempre, fake info binigay ko. Tapos usap na kami. Tapos yun na, kailangan daw ng insurance fee para mai-release ang sasakyan. Humihingi sa akin ng 7800 pesos. So sabi ko okay lang. Binigyan ako ng instruction paano ko daw ipadadala. Tapos sabi ko, pwede po ba magtanong? Sabi nya, sige ano yun?
    Sabi ko, “bakit patay gutom ka ba? Putang ina mo ka!”. Syempre malutong yun using my Caviteño accent.
    Sana walang maloko tong mga kumag na to.

  • SJ

    Just received a text I won 300k and VIOS.. His name PEter Celo from Philippine INformation Center. with number 09057104410.. BE AWARE…. BEWARE..

    • bruce

      yp i got a text from peter celo too. don’t be fooled!

  • Meanne

    hay naku, muntik na rin ako maloko dito.same modus operandi.i won and called Jose Yulo of Phil. Info center and then asked me to call Sr. V-President of Christian Dior Cebu Mr. Florencio Acosta. Just now he told me that he is going to load the avanza car at the port and asked me to send money for the deposit of the container van which is refundable daw upon delivery of the item to my place. and that i have so many papers to sign upon their arrival here in manila which is supposed to be for tommorrow at 2pm in north harbor pier 8.i was really puzzled and tempted to send the money but then it’s a good thing i thought of searching the internet for the company and landed on this page. thank you…. you have saved me from this big scam. kung hindi ang laki siguro ng utang ko ngayon….. kase 10k ang gusto nya send ko para daw sa deposit ng container van. muntik na ko maniwala…. hahahaha…. thank you sa page na ito.

  • boknoyz

    Received from cellphone number +63930 6374859 just now:

    “CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your # WON TOYOTA AVANZA plus 300thou. via eletronic last Jan.04,2010. For details spls. call now Mike Cabral of Phil.Info.Center in this#”

    Exact text ng scammer. Please we aware.


  • oliver

    is also got a text, “CONGRATULATIONS!! YOUR NUMBER WON TOYOTA AVANZA W/ 300THOU Via Electronic last Jan 18, 2010. for Details please call now Philip Angeles of Phil. Info center on this #09128671205”

    I just want to let everyone know that this kind of text is still circulating arond, although i really did not believe in this crap, i just want to let everyone know of this modus. I hope the govt can do something about this. Because i think there are still people who falls into this trap since they are still continuing to do it.

  • whin

    Hey Just this morning.. i also got such stupid message.. I am just wondering bakit hanggang ngayon still they are continuing on their “PANLOLOKO”.. Di p b eto nahuhuli ang mga STUPID PERSON(S) na eto…

  • karen

    congratulations!! you have won 300th/TOYOTA VIOS last jan 28, 2010. Ur cell# as home partner winner. Call dis # 4 details ds is PETER CELO of Phil Information Center= 09061766086.
    To NTC & globe Telecom, do something about this scam.

    • Bong

      Congratulations! you have won 300th/TOYOTA VIOS last jan 28, 2010. Ur cell# as home partner winner. Call dis # 4 details ds is PETER CELO of Phil Information Center= 09061766086. – Well i got the same sms message yesterday around 9:20am. I asked my wife to check and visit the place in Cebu city as she is working there. To no avail no such name as Florencio Acosta vice president of Christian Dio philippines who will be giving a toyota vios. I tried contacting them until this afternoon to just let me see that i am very interested. Hehehe they just thought i could be trapped by their foolish scam. Anyhow the secretary whose name is Leah Saan Perez who is working as their liason office to fix things at LTO is also fake. I’ve contacted LTO in Cebu city and no such person as Leah Saan Perez is currently doing business with them. So this scam is so true…so foolish people trying to rob people.

  • RK

    Ok good thing you posted this. I just received a text message from the number +63906 1766086 saying “CONGRTLTIONS!! You Have Won 300TH\TOYOTA VIOS Last JAN. 28,2010 ur Cell# as Home Partner winner, Call ds # 4dtails ds is PETER CELO of Phil,Information Center.

  • Joy

    Thanks to you guys for placing this comments. I just had a txt message this morning 7am dahilan para magising ako. I was surprised to see the txt na nanalo ako ng toyota vios/300th. I called the number at bisaya ang naka sagot. Sbi nga its an electronic drawing. I heard a tricycle noise on the background kaya nalaman ko na fake. She told me that the promo is from Christian Dior sa Cebu. Buti na lang meron internet at nkita ko kaagad messages dito.

  • dith

    well now, they’re using joy briones & florencio acosta names’ with cp #s 09055822613 & 09267142449 respectively. poor foolish people! authorities should do something about this scam.

  • curiosity

    to everyone who posted this blog thank you… i recieved a similar text saying that i won a toyota avanza and 300 thou… natuwa ako nung una pero curiosity got the best of me so before ako magwaste ng load, i decided to search the internet and lo and behold eto nga ang mga comments nyo… i hope those people would stop scamming other people for their own selfish gain… BEWARE EVERYONE!!!!

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  • MJW

    new number of Dir John Garcia who sent a text msg informing that I’ve won 300K+ starex —– 09324070391

  • annapp golong

    hahaha! nakakaawa ang mga taong ito.. hoping na makakaloko sila.. i already reported them at abs-cbn

  • jongpi

    also received text today informing my wife that she won a honda cr-v + 300k,php via electronic raffle.they are now using the entity Phil.Info.Center as the one conducting the raffle forthe company Cartier International. The txter gave her name as one Lian Cua from Phil. Info. Center and said that we should contact a certain Miguel Ortiz of Cartier Int’l.(we were informed later that they are based in Cebu).Mr.Ortiz instructed us to forward the money for registration + ins. to a certain Leah Saan Perez which we searched in the internet and came through this website and learned that the said person is a fake.The # they used are 09301262877 and 09263942876.Thanks to this website, and yes, maybe somebody should conduct an entrapment to end this scam perpetrated by this people

  • toinks

    Received today from +639302360550

    CONGRTLTIONS!!! You have won 300th\Toyota Vios last March 15, 2010 ur Cell# as home partner winner. call ds # 4 details ds is NICK ROBLES of Phil. Information Center

  • Karen

    Hi. I just got this text message.. Just 10mins ago. Here is the exact message: “CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your # WON TOYOTA AVANZA w/ 300 thou via electronic last MARCH 22, 2010. For details,please call now NOAH HERRERA of Phil. Info. Center on this #.” Thinking that this is a BLUFF… I replied with a message: “WEEEHHHH.. AGA MO NMAN MAG BLUFF”.

  • Karen

    Hi. I just got this text message.. Just 10mins ago. Here is the exact message: “CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your # WON TOYOTA AVANZA w/ 300 thou via electronic last MARCH 22, 2010. For details,please call now NOAH HERRERA of Phil. Info. Center on this #.” Thinking that this is a BLUFF… I replied with a message: “WEEEHHHH.. AGA MO NMAN MAG BLUFF”. Then thinking that this is really a BIG BLUFF, I searched for Phil Info Center, which gave me not enough info. So I searched for Noah Herrera, and found this site! Good thing there’s this post to make us all aware that this is a bluff. And of course the internet! Beware peeps! That’s all!

  • Karen

    Just an additional info.. here is the number that this person has been using: 09067536716.
    I wonder how many sim cards does this person have in his home… Oh well.. That would be all! *Bow*

  • Dr. Jelpha Robillos

    Today i got a message from a certain Lucio Jurado of Cartier International in Olongapo said that i won in their e-raffle 300K and a TOYOTA AVANZA. They asked me to call PIA (Philippine Information Agency) to verify it is me. They even told me that I am now 2 months overdue in claiming my prize but they are willing to extend. Now they asked me to send my personal information, numbers, etc and also asked for a Registration fee in LTO for my car’s insurance and processing fee, P12,500 in all. And told me to send the money via Western Union. I was so excited i was in a hurry to go to Western Union, thank God they are OFFLINE that time for unknown reasons, i called my son and told me he would verify it first, so he found this website. Thank God He protected me from this. if Western Union wasn’t online that time, i would’ve been scammed.

  • Ronald

    Just now I received a SMS saying that I won a Toyota Avanza + 300k. Same story. I called the number and I spoke with a lady named ANN MEMDOZA and instructed me to call Mr. LUCIO JURADO of Cartier Int’l Cebu. Mr. Jurado is asking me to send money thru Western Union for the car insurance. Praise God for granting me wisdom not to buy this scam.

  • Athena

    Hi. I just got this text message. Just an hour ago. Here is the exact message: “CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your # WON TOYOTA AVANZA w/ 300 thou via electronic last April 19, 2010. For details,please call now NOAH HERRERA of Phil. Info. Center on this #.
    I called the number 09301900048 and it was her sec named Pia Garcia answered. and she told me to call Mr. Paul Luna to this no. 09185907803 chairman of the Board Cartier International Company…. How can the chairman of the The board of Cartier company entertain outside call… It is titally a SCAM…
    Pls beware..and be cautious.. check everything thru website. so that we dont get caught with these kind of people because the world is getting bad everyday. Praised God.

  • mabel

    hellow.. I just got this text message.. Just 1hrs ago. Here is the exact message:

    Congratulations! U have won 300k pesos+ Starex van ur Sim# as a homepartner last May 15,2010 for info;Call ds no;09336954802 Dir Jay Flores of Phil.Com.Center

  • bhel

    wala man lng po kau magawa n praan sa mga nagt2xt n gnyan!! paano kasi pasimuno phil.com center n yan!! d nmn po nla ga2win ang gnyan kung d kau magt2xt n mga kasinungalingan.. at wla tlga totoong nananalo ng mga gnyan!! pacnsya n po, hnd lng isang beses, dalwa at ilan p n nka2tnggap kmi ng kung anu2ng mga txt n gnyan n wla nmn kato2hanan!!! …

  • tsktsk

    kakareceive ko lng ngmessage galing sa kanila.. 300k daw and starex van napanalunan ko.. pero nong tinatawagan ko tinatanong nya name ko and address…diba dapat alam nila un? since magbibigay sila ng premyo… ginagwa nilang tanga mga tao.. style nila bulok,, sabi ko magkita nlng kami hndi mkasagot.. takot mabulilyaso.. haha.. salamat sa site na toh at maraming tao kayo matutulongan laban sa mga panloloko.. Thanks!

  • kaye

    i got a text just now!!! i won 300k and starex van and to call dir allan yap of phil com center. cell#09321397438. BEWARE!!!!

  • ladyheart

    my father just rcvd the same msg that his sim num have been picked and won 300K and starex van… yesterday… hangang ngayon… nde pa tumitigil ang mga ganyang klase ng tao… mhiya naman kayo sa sarili nyo…. maraming taong naghihirap pero gumagawa ng kabutihan para makaahon samantalang kayo… nanloloko ng kapwa nyo…MATAKOT NAMAN KAYO SA SARILI NYO AT LALONG MATAKOT KAYO SA DIYOS….

  • Den

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your# WON TOYOTA AVANZA W/300 thou voa electronic last July 30, 2010. For details, please call now NOAH HERRERA of Phil.Info.Center on this #…..
    This was sent to me by 09057606489…
    This is clearly a text scam..

  • Roma

    Nakakatuwa, my husband got the same txt msgs last night. Malapit na nga syang maniwala pero sabi ko i’ll search first baka kasi modus lang yan. Ang pagkakaalam ko kasi eh dapat may naka indicate na DTI approved ung promo/raffle pero wala eh. Kaya eto ako ngayon, buti na lang na search ko agad. atleast ma sasave yung asawa ko sa ganyang panloloko .. thanks sa thread na ito.

  • anna

    hello…i just got the same experience with you guys.i received a txt that i won 300k plus starex van from Dir.zedee tan of phil.com.center. his cel number is 09325343261…he told me that i must to submit all the requirements that they needed such as birth cert.,cedula, a valid ID,and the processing fee worth of 4500 pesos that i should send within today thru LBC so that they can start the processing…BECAUSE of my doubts regarding this txt,i just using some strategies to know if this is true or not.i just promise them that tomorrow i will send it.he urgent me, that before 4 pm today i must send the money thats why my curiousity was born.i just make an alibi that the LBC is already closed…hay naku i checked out the website and i found some comments with the same message…please NTC help us to stop this kind of mudos.

  • rowena lopez

    i also received the same message. i also called because of curiosity, if he ask for anything in return then im sure this is just a scam. but upon seeing all these messages, my kutob just prove me right. bakit kasi may mga ganitong tao no… & this is his new no.: 09332785768.

  • cyn

    nov 10, 2010
    got a text message at 12;53pm today: “Congratulations!U have won 300k Pesos+Starex Van, ur Sim# as a homepartner last Sep.01,2010 for info:Call ds no:09325343261Dir :Zedee Tan of Phil:Com.Center”; the text message came from said number; i surfed the internet to check the office address and landline but there’s no info on Phil Com Center (search for Philippine Communication Center) then i search the name “Zedee Tan” and came across this … was able to read ms. anna’s comment ….wishing & praying that somebody will catch them so this will stop. thanks for the warning.

  • alyssa macuja- fernandez

    I called them up, and someone answered. They asked me how much cash I had for the processing fee of 5k. I said I have none, and they said that they’ll be getting the 5k from the 300k I won. Plus, they said that they would be delivering the van free of charge. 😛

  • flwedellyl

    well, if i am not that curious? maybe i would have spent some money. i got the same number there 09325343261, they sent me a message just this morning telling me that: CONGRATULATIONS! you have won 300K pesos + Starex Van, your sim # as a homepartner last september 01 2010 for info: call this # Director Zedee Tan Of Philippine Com. Center..i was surfing the net and got to think of searching about this Zedee Tan?and this Corporation they’re using?i was given Information about these people and some address? so i tried to search on the net and found this website, i am hoping that there will be an action be done by NTC here so that their name won’t be used., as well as the government officials,because this Zedee Tan is telling me that he is a director of this said Government office? anyway,.i just hope these comments we had will help other victims. please don’t let them catch your attention, they’re using God here by telling you to THANK GOD, SHARE TO CHARITIES,THIS IS A BLESSING TO YOU.,etc…

  • Domingo

    Yeah… Greattt……. i also recieve txt like that this day.. here’s the txt on this BOBO or UGAG Manloloko…. Congratulations!! you have won 300k pesos + Starex Van, ur Sim# as a home partner last September 01, 2010 for info call ds no. 09325343261 and look for Dir. Zedee Tan of Phil. Com. Center. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! TANGA….

  • neth

    Ay naku, naka receive din ako text na katulad nyan, sa akin 300k + Fortuner car naman…call Jay flores daw?…..walang magawa tong mga to!!!!!!!

  • neth

    ako din naka receive ako text like that, 300k + fortuner car naman,,,then call dir. jay florez?…buti nag search ako sa internet

  • Dreary

    This is what I just got from these assholes.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!Your# WON TOYOTA AVANZA w/ 300 thou via electronic last Oct.08.2010. For details, please call now NOAH HERRERA of Phil. Info. Center on this #.

    Called them, a stupid woman was asking who I was. When I said I was looking for Noah Herrera, she hung up the phone. Bunch liars.

  • Tess Razon

    I also receive a txt message from Allan Yap of Phil.Com.Center saying that i won 300k pesos &Starex Van ,ur Sim#as a home partner laqst Oct.3,2010 for info:Call dis no.09324418528.Sana yung mga taong manlolokong ganito ay matakot naman kayo sa diyos,humanap kayo ng hanapbuhay na marangal,pinakakain ninyo ang pamilya niyo kung mayron man na galing sa panloloko,sana pagdating ng oras ang ginagawa niyo ang gawin rin sa inyo

  • ann

    me too! i just received same message from allan yap of phil.com.center . please watch out! 09324418528

  • Leah

    Sana magawan na ng paraan para ma stop na angmga panloloko nila,katulad ko it was my first time na makatanggap ako ng ganitong message, so nagastusan ako ngload kahit ba sabhing maliit lang yon yung abala.

  • Mr. JM Santos

    I receive a text message which says – “CONGRATULATIONS!!! Ur # won 350thou and TOYOTA VIOS via electronic last Nov. 8, 2010. To claim ur prizes, pls. call this # and 4 for ALVIN RAMOS of Phil. Info. Center”. – I think this is a BIG SCAM, I hope the Phil. Info. Center do something about this because your agency is being drag into SCAM and it bring harm in your reputation. Hwag sana kayong magpagamit kasi kayo ring ang NASISIRA- other gusto nyo yan!!!

  • romeo

    Add this name on the list of scammers :

    Dir: Allan Yap :09324418528
    Mr. Jose Rama Pelayo : 032-2516431

    E2 po name ng mga Philcomcen Managers ng manukan sa Cebu.

  • queenbee

    Hi Everyone! Just to let you know Mr. Zedee Tan is now using a SUN number(9325343261)to send this text message: Congratulations!U have won 300K Pesos+Starex Van, ur Sim# as a homepartner last Nov. 15,2010 for info:Call dis no. Dir:Zedee Tan of Phil:Com Center.The person I talked to really sounded sincere but I had doubts when he asked me for money to pay for the processing fee (p6500).I believe in inherent goodness but this is not the way to go -using Bantay Bata and also praising the Lord while lying in between. This is a public message to all the text scammers. Please do not waste our time and hard-earned resources. If you really want to help people, you know where to find your answer. Life is already short to be spending time scamming people.FYI: I am changing to a new cellphone number….

  • sherryl

    jst got a text today “Congratulations!u hav won 300k Pesos+Starex Va. ur Sim# as a homepartner last Nov.15, 2010 for info: Call dis no:09325343261 Dir:zZedee Tan of Phil:Com.Center” FEELING MAKAKALOKO CIA.. EH COMPANY FONE NAMIN TO… BAGO BAGO ABA, 2011 NA!!!!

  • cecil

    i also received this morning a msg!!” congratulation!! your # won toyota avanza w/ 300k via electronic raffle..
    wew!! sayang ang load q!!

  • What?, http://www.amcharts.com/forum/profile.php?id=68810 no credit check loans here, 7615,

  • drew

    i received a text message yesterday from this number 09056489720
    telling me that i won 700,000 and wants me to call them to get the price her name is Sec. Monica T. Ramirez.. very old modus, beware of this number

  • sky

    the message i received:
    ” Congratulations! U have won 300k Pesos + Starex Van, ur Sim# as a homepartner last March.05,2011 for info: call ds 09334537823 Dir: Allan Yap of Phil.Com.Center”

  • Mariel

    Hi got this text message about an hour ago “CONGRATULATIONS!!!Your# WON TOYOTA AVANZA w/ 300 thou via electronic May 14,2011. For details, please call now Albert Tan of Phil. Info. Center on this #09359269303.”
    spoke to Jean Torres and gave the # 09072640459 of Jim Norcon Veneto cosmetics for more details .

    As I have read all your messages I realized this is really a text SCAM! I hope the government can do something about this and i hope they can investigate the Phil. Info. Center so that this stupidity will stop and no innocent will waste their time and money for this CRAP!!!

  • joey

    bkt puro philcom center ang nagpropromote ng mga ganyan??? ano ba talaga ang gusto ng mga yan? kakaloka! ako nga nkareceive now. ganyan na ganyan din. hinihingan na lang dw ako ng 500 kasi 2,500 tlg ung hinihingi nila, e sabi ko ala akong pera.

    anu ba yan, which is which ba? at ano ang totoo.?

  • jojo nulud

    Got a message from ALLAN FLORES 0923-5858787 saying I have won 300k plus van. I texted back: Hi, congratulations also! you have won 60 years of free accommodation with set full meals. NBI operatives will award you prize. Enjoy!!………..didnt receive any reply.

    I just hope people will also realize that this scams will not proliferate if we have less greed. We must not be interested on things that we dont deserve and earned. Be thankful everyday for God’s gift of good health and happy family. We want want more, we must work hard to gain financial freedom..Wishing u all the best! May God bless those who believe in Him!!!!

  • Jejo

    Congrattulations! U have won 300k Pesos+Fortuner car, ur Sim# as a homepartner lasr Apr.08,2011 for info:Call dis no:09332328792Dir:Jay Flores of Phil:Com.Center

  • TamedTongue

    Today too, My husband received a text message that I won an Avanza, from Phil Information Agency. That he won it 2 months ago and a certain Anthony Lee failed to inform me before he went on vacation. That he only has up to today to claim the prize. That the unit is in Cebu and he has to send money for registration so it will be sent to Manila. Contacts given were Mr. James Lorcol of Zanetti Intl with address at 17 Marco Polo Bldg, Rizal Avel, Lapu Lapu City, Cebu. Philippine Information Agency is based in Subic Zambales c/o Shane Ortega 0916 103 7054. We checked DTI if the cebu-based company is registered and we did not find any.

    A prize winnings this big should be accompanied by a written document mailed to the winner…not just by text. Always check with dti if registered or ask for DTI promo number.

  • natz

    congratulation!!! your # won toyota avanza w/ 300 thou via electronic last may.07,2011. for details, please call now OSCAR REYES, of PHIL.INFO.CENTER on this #. nung tumawag aq babae sumagot at my umiiyak pang bata… kya d q na kinausap it means nsa bahay…. mga walang magawa, MAGBANAT KAYO NG BUTO!!


    I got this Message Just Now and check the company name online and find this site.

    Congratulation! U have won 300K Pesos + Fortuner Car, Ur Sim # as a homepartner last May 5, 2011 for Info: Call dis no:09332328792 Dir:Jay Flore of Phil:Com.Center

  • lhen

    i also receive that kind of message last july 12,2011 9PM…

    Congratulation! U have won 300K pesos + starex van. ur sim # as a home partner last march 24,2011 for info call nw dir. ana cruz of phil.com.center…

    Tinawagan ko sya tinanong kung totoo at kung pano ko nanalo… ang sabi nga nya ay thru electronic raffle daw…
    She txt me again this morning. tawagan ko daw sya.
    tinawagan ko sya and tinanong nya ko kung ano address at name ko… papadeliver daw nila yung starex van pero sagot ko na daw yung insurance & registration fee… pdala ko daw sa knila 8,878.00 for registration purposes… thru LBC she gave this address #88 Lapu-lapu st. Cebu City…and i txt her na bakit di nlng nila padeliver here in manila… at dito ko na lang ipaparegister… di na sya sumagot… and about the cash nman n 300K idedepodit daw nila un sa personal account ko…

    My friend told me na Scam nga lang daw yung msg n ntanggap ko… naisip ko din yun kasi ilang beses ko ng hinanap yung silte nila gang sa makita ko tong site na to…

    I thought its true.. sabi ko pa nmn malaki maitutulong nito for my stroke grandma… grabe! wala silang magawa… nanloloko sila ng ibang tao…

  • jojo nulud

    Its really frustrating that people seem to focus and master scams instead of working hard:-( I wont be surprised if crime rate will rise due to this kind of attitude “easy money”. Our pretty ladies prefer to work in clubs just to buy LV, Gucci, Prada, Hermes!! Moral values is being traded with material things.. Did they forget concern for others and common good? What about the 10 commandments of God? Will it sound corny if you know them? We live in a jungle, daily struggle over evil will make us strong and worthy in the eyes of our loveones and God! Amen to that:-)

  • d message i receive s dis: u have won 300k Pesos + starex van, ur sim

    # as a homepartner last may 14, 2011. 4 info: call ds #09327059639 Dir. reynaldo c. duran of phil.com.center. then i call him & ask his landline # 0322516431. dat is in cebu. Grabi nag usap pa kmi sa phone, maka diyos pa ang mga pangungusap niya. pero wala siyang hininging ano man sa akin. na awa cguro kc sabi ko sa kanya malaking tulong yan sa amin kung totoo, kc may sakit ang asawa ko.

  • glo

    got same message that I won toyota avanza from 09161037054 and saying look for Albert Dee

  • ivz

    ako din naka receive ng same message; this is the message “Congratulation! U have won 300K Pesos + Fortuner Car, Ur Sim # as a homepartner last May 5, 2011 for Info: Call dis no:09332328792 Dir:Jay Flore of Phil:Com.Center”

    • dynla

      me 2 rcvd d same txt msg: july 16, 2012 @9:52:39,…congratulations! U have won php.300k + fortuner car, ur Sim#. As a homepartner last May 04, 2012 for info. Call ds # 09422667128 Dir. James Roa of Phil. Com. Center.

      • ka_edong

        Buhay na buhay pa rin itong scam. Basta, kung walang magpapa-loko, walang manloloko.

  • Vanessa

    Early this morning I recieved a text message coming from 09069045600 informing me that I won a toyoyta avanza with 300k via e-raffle and asking me to look for Steve Burgos of Phil Info Center. What I did, i tried to validate if this is real by checking online information about this raffle and the said person, unfortunately I got non-relevant and minimal info,so I keep on looking for more info and good thing I saw this site. I think NTC should work on this issue together with the telecommunications company to stop this text scam. Might as well they may have a lot of victims if no necessary actions has been done.

  • wayne

    Nqu…bumalik na naman ang pgiging ghaman nyo….pati d2 sa gensan nkuha pa ninyong manloko….kesyo nanalo ng sasakyan at may 300K worth of check pero kailang pa namin mgpadala ng pera for registration, saying na kau nlang ang aabuno sa kulang…my God that’s clearly a scam…..
    Mga wlang magawa sa buhay……
    Pati mhihirap pinapatos…
    buti nlang I googled and I found out na it’s a scam all along…..
    TAKAYAMA CORPORATION dw sa Olonggapo….you’re such a waste…..

  • dhan

    this morning this is what I’ve recieved from this number 09161037054;

    Congratulations!!! Your # won toyota avanza w/ 300 thou via electronic last June 30,2011. for details, please call nowAlbert Dee, of PHIL.INFO.CENTER on this #.

    Just ignore those messages that is NOT officially from our service provider, it is SCAMMING…

  • suzzie

    add this number: 09264560596, the one who texted me was mr. joel borja. haven’t called him right away because i was thinking they were on holidays. i called this morning, just out of curiosity and he now said that he is Jake Bernal. He told me to call Miguel Martinez on 09173756850 of Valley International Conpany. Confirmed: It is a SCAM, same voice i was hearing, even if he slightly altered his tone. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vanessa

    another hoax..
    congratulations! you just won starex van + 300k pesosas home partner last june 27, 2011. for info call this number
    : 09325465917 dir jay flores of phil. com center

  • dee

    just receive a text today from 09272055217 stating i won toyota vios plus 350 thou via electronic last june 28,2011. for details pls call Heide peÑa of Phil. Info. Center in this number.

  • she

    just receive same text message coming from Dir. Thomas V. Perez that i won starex van and 380K pesos even though that i know the scam pinatulan ko ang modus operandi niya then same old routine ang mga requirements same din ng gingawa niya sa iba di ang nangyari butata siya sa kin kala niya magbibigay ako ng pera for car registration kuno kuno ….. my concern was paano ba gagawin para mahuli ang mga lokong ito at din na pamarisan kawawa naman yung ibang di nila alam na niloloko lang sila….

  • Scammers are everywhere, good thing i played online games which makes me aware of this bunch of lies and evil deeds. Gawain na talaga nila yang mga con artist na yan. Let them suffer the fires of hell after they gone to the next life. Hehehe

  • I got a text message today Sept 29, 2011 saying:

    “Congratulations! u HAVE WON PHP300K +Starex Van ur Sim#. As a homepartner last July 18, 2011 for info. Call ds#. 09272616218 Dir.Jay Flores of Phil.Com.Center

  • Nadia

    Thanks for this post! It was really interesting lecture.

  • Angelene

    Super sikat n tlga yn jay flores n yn,buti n lng,hindi aq tanga pra patulan sya,just imagine i receicvd txt msge n nnalo rw aq ng starex,wow..tigilan n nu panloloko nu,mag work kau pra d kau mng gago ng kapwa nu.

  • John Yo

    i was laughing when i got this message, how can i win wherein i didnt even join any raffle. manga loko talagang manga to.

  • grace

    today I received also that kind of messages. add this number 09433653828. dir.james roa. of phil.com.center. I hope walang pumatol para wala silang maloko!

  • Ariesray

    Today I received also that kind of messages from same number same person, kawawa naman itong tao na ito wala yatang pumapansin sa kanya sana masumpongan nya ang Panginoon at nang matgpuan nya ang katahimikan sa buhay.

  • Shei

    Good day! mabuti nalang hindi aq kaagad naniwala sa text message na 2 CONGRATULATIONS!!!Your # WON TOYOTA AVANZA w/ 300 thou via electronic last Sept. 09 , 2011.For details,please call now ALBERT DEE. Of Phil.Info.Center on this #
    Time: 14/11/2011 07:13:54 akala nya siguro maiisahan nya ko pwes nagkamali sya ng tnext…sinasayang mo lng MR.ALBERT DEE ang oras sa mo sa mga walang kwentang bagay..Good luck sayo….sana hindi ka mapahamak sa mga ginagawa mong panloloko.

  • anne

    “Congratulations! Your # Toyota Avanza with 300 Thou via electronic last Sept.9,2011. For details, please call now STEVE BURGOS of Phil.Info.Center on this #”

    From 0906 445 7717.

    Buti nlng nkita ko ung Thread n to. ok sana kung totoo d b? Malaki matutulong sakin.

    hnd b nla alam na nasasayang lng oras nla s panloloko?

    Masasabi ko lng s mga MANLOLOKO,

    “pwd nmn pong mgtrabaho kau. problema lng s inyo, mataas pride nyo.

    style nyo BULOK!”

    Mag ingat nlng po tau. 🙂

  • Rey

    I got a text message today Nov 15, 2011 saying:

    Congratulations! u HAVE WON PHP300K +Starex Van ur Sim#. As a homepartner last Sept 14, 2011 for info. Call ds#. 09325465917 Dir.Jay Flores of Phil.Com.Center

  • christine

    everyone! i had the same message and i actually deposited php2,000.00 just so i can get there delivery address. I’ve been trying to call the police or hotline 166 and yet no one has answered my call. if anyone received this pls help me catch this bad guys.

    ONE FACT: they are staying at CEBU and i sent the money through LBC. here is the address: #188 PCC Building Address 22 Fuente Osmena Blvd. Cebu City.

    2nd FACT: they use the name MARK NUNEZ or MARVIN BANO as a representative of BIR. When i tried to call the BIR HR there was no employee with such name.

    Php2,000.00 is a minimal donation to catch this bad guys. I hope someone can help me with this. The police can help us with this for sure.

  • jhen lariba

    gudmorning.. today i got a txt message from diz no. 0905-1947209 @ 11:37am nov 25, 2011 and said that ….. ” CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your # WON TOYOTA AVANZA w/ 300thou via electronic raffle. last Sept 19, 2011. For details, please call now, WELLSON L, LAO of Phill.Info.Center”…

    –>dah’ kung sino ka man MR. WELLSON LAO isa kang MALAKING KUPAL.. GAGO KA!.. lakas mong mang trip!… maghanap k ng taong MALOLOKO MO…
    FUCK YOU!!!! BITCH KA!!!!…..

  • zers

    congratulations! U have won php300k+Starex Van un Sim#. As a homepartner last Sept.25 2011 for info. Call ds #.. 09433497456 Dir. Ryan Chua of Phil.Com.Center. …….

    yan po ang kakatanggap ko lang na txt message.. sana bigyan ng karampatang parusa ang mga taong gumagawa ng ganitong scam…

  • Tina

    CP Number 09262055516 texted me this:CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your #


    hi good pm..

  • Ivan Lim

    kindly include these hoax…Francisco de Silva 09127200323 and Albert Dee/Lij Madrigal 09262055516 for the Toyota avanza w/300k scam.

  • melryeraine

    Mga asal hayop…I received text messages this morning from 09066968631 they said, congratulations your no.won toyota avanza with 300k cash via electronic last oct.31 2011. For details pls.call now albert dee of philippine information center on this no.

    I thought i won so i tried to call this no.sinagot yun phone hinanap ko albert dee pero sec.ang nakausap ko, liz madrigal ang name sabi nya tawagan ko si francisco desilva sa no. 09127200323 para sa kanya i claim yun prize eh d kinausap ko din maraming sinsabi ata nagagalit pa kung interesado daw ko
    Tpos bago daw ideliver yun avanza from cebu to manila magbayad daw muna ko ng 7400k for insurance and lto. I was shock akala nanalo ko..tpos ako pa magbabyad..dapat kasi pagnanalo ka free lahat..sana mahuli na mga ganitong klase panloloko.
    At sa mga nanloloko kupal kayo..
    Tangina nyo..may pag lalagyan kayo wag lang kayo pahuli..


    dapat mahuli na ang may kanya ng number naito 09127200323


    pare pareho tau ganun din ang tex sakin kelangan magkaisa tau aksionan natin yan. notify me cp. #09155651568

  • Pinoy

    I got this MSG today afternoon……..CONGRATIONS!!!YOUR # WON TOYOTA VIOS J.Plus 350thou.via electronic raffle last Nov.25.2011 For details,pls call now HILDA ONG.of Phil.Info.Center on this #09068396832. (when i was call her parang kagigising lang nya.i ask kung saan ang location nya base daw sila from Olongapo ang office.i try to convince her to meet somewhere biglang off ng Phone.ang binigay nyang name to follow up daw from Cebu to Mr Rene Layog Cel # 09067998344.
    Ang hirap kasi sa gobyerno natin alang control sa mga SIM card hindi naka rehistro ang bumibili.di tulad ng ibang bansa hindi ka makabili ng simcard kung ala kang ID at lahat nka ng detalye once na manloko ka Pulis o CID katapat mo…Sana mag isip ang gobyerno ntin kung paano makontrol ang ganitong Modus.

  • bernice

    Hi! just got a message this morning! i won 300kand a new starex from a certain mr ryan chua of Phil Communication center, tinanong pa ako kung ano kulay daw ng van ang choice ko and that all is free except yung processing worth 2,500 to send via lbc daw! lufet! kainis bakit walang action ang NTC? buti na lang kung wala silang maloloko what if marami na at patuloy na dumarami pa? Help Please!

  • erwin

    hi!pwede po b pa block nung number na to?09180000544,nagtext po kanina kay misis e2 po txt nya,CONGRATULATIONS!!!Your #WON TOYOTA car plus 350 thou.via electronic last Jan.23,2012.for details,pls.call now George Francisco of Phil.Info.Center in this #.un misis ko tawag naman agad hayun humihingi ng valid id at sedula.sabi ko scam yan,tapos nung tawagan ko gamit number ko d sinasagot.sasabihin ko sana isasama ko ninong ko mike enriques.hehehe ntc asan kna?

  • OFW

    iba ang Pinoy! nag report na nga si Grace noong October 31, 2011, 9:28am ng ganito pero wala parin ginagawa ang autoridad, baka naman pakulo din ito ng technobiography.com!!!huwag naman sana

    (grace October 31, 2011 at 9:28 am
    today I received also that kind of messages. add this number 09433653828. dir.james roa. of phil.com.center. I hope walang pumatol para wala silang maloko!)

    nasabi ko lang dahil natangap ko rin na the same number at si James Roa ang contact:


  • gud pm po. gusto ko po ireport ang palagian na lang pagkawala ng mga load namin, sa smart # 09182530540 at 09081707672 at sa globe # 09162037310 at 09278417984. naka ilang reklamo na kami sa kanila pero di pa din nag babago, kada mag lo load kami at lilipas ang araw ay nawawala na ang load… umaasa po kami na matutugunan ninyo ang aming hinaing, dahil sobra na po talagang halaga ang nakukuha nila samin. maraming salamat po…

  • hi, i had recieved the same text that i won a 300k+starex van as a homepartner last April 08, 2012 drawed. this guy ryan chua with cell no. 09435881097 sabi nya sya daw ay Director from Phil.Com.Center and he gave me name and no. of Alfredo Veduya para tawagan kung pano ma-claimed ang prizes (09333060789). At si veduya ay nagsabi sa akin na i need to send 3,500.00 for the processing of the papers and 6,000.00 for the tax of 300k- naisip ah panloloko talaga ito isa pa wala naman akong sinalihang raffle para manalo-so i ignored their called.. Bakit kaya may mga taong ganito nagagawa nilang manloko ng kapwa- may pa-GOD BLESS-GOD BLESS pa sila pag kausap mo parang mga banal,,,

  • arturo

    ryan chua nanghihingi ng bayad 4 lto pirmit?

  • ruby

    aq rin po nakatanggap ng ganun txt
    congratulations! you have won a 300k+a brand new starex van…ur sim no. as a home partner last feb 20, 2012..call dis no. 4 details 09226033521 look 4 dir.divina quenca..of.phil.com.center

    so tinawagan ko sya and she asked me my name…age …and address..so sinabi q naman…nung una naniwala aq kasi nga npaka convincing nyang makipagusap…..tas nug nabasa ko 2ng mga nakapost sa website na 2…i realize na d talaga 22o…

    napaka bless sana f 220 kac napakalaking 2long sana samin kasi nagaaral kami at sa ngaun walang work pareho parents ko…

    sana namn makonsensya kau…..at matakot kau sa karma…

    • ka edong

      siya nga po. Mabuti po at ligtas kayo.

  • jasper

    A text messages bothers me and very disturbing…
    Alam ko panloloko lang to pero bakit sa line number ko pa nagtext?
    Does it mean pati mga number sa line nakukuha nya?

    His name is also Mr. James Roa, Director kuno ng Phil.com.center.
    Anu daw yun? Grabeng panloloko, he texted me with his number 09422667128. Nanalo daw ako ng PANLOLOKO nya …

    Beware of this number…

    • ka_edong

      Opo, kuya. Salamat at mag-ingat!

  • Elena Navarro

    I rcvd a text message today Dec. 12, 2012 saying Congratulations! You won php.300k + Toyota fortuner. ur sim no. as homepartner last Oct. 3, 2012, for info call ds. no.09339821490 Dir. Greg A Sy of Phil.com.center. I immediately visit phil.com.center and thanks God nabasa ko ang lahat ng ito.

  • wills

    walang hiya oh …dami pala natin!!!!!

  • Nakashima

    I got also from Dir. Rey Durano. Same text… 09234872917

  • noister

    same here.. got the same messages. hope there’s action must be done na. cguro meron na talaga naluko.

  • libra

    also got txt message just now informing that i won 300k plus starex van. i called the number and a lady answered me. her name is Divina Cuenca which is the name to ask for more information. she just hanged up. do something about this so they would stop. wala naman siguro papatol sa mga sinasabi nilang nanalo pero pagbabayarin nila bago makuha ang prize at syempre kailangan may documents sila to prove na nanalo nga ang isang tao. anyways, sana mahuli sila sa panloloko nila tulad ni Napoles 😉

  • Bubot Vidad

    Mga matagal na palang lumalaganap ang mga text na na nalo ng 300k + fortuner, ngayon lumalabas na naman sila. Just yesterday I received a text from a certain Dir. Ryan Chua from the Phil. Com. Center and I quote. “Congratulations! Last May 01, 2015 Your cell# Had won! Php.300k + Toyota Fortuner WINNER from: Phil. Com. Center! Please call me now! Dir. RYAN CHUA” 09439082902

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