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by Ka Edong on February 23, 2006

Smart Link package: disk antenna, telephone, box (like a modem) I’ve always been aware of satellite phones – those cellphones with large antennas which can place calls from anywhere on the planet (calls need to be made outdoors to connect to the satellite). I’m also aware of how expensive they could get.

Smart has a product called Smart Link that works like a satellite phone. Difference: the handset is a telephone and not a cellular phone. Further, Smart Link uses a disk antenna, a telephone set and another box (like a modem).

The service is packaged for OFWs especially seamen. This allows OFWs in remote areas of the world to make calls to the Philippines.

From a Smart Link poster in the Smart Wireless center in Megamall:

pwera lumbaySmart Link FR-190 Kit
P14,990.00 only
(Special offer for Filipino seafarers only. To apply, bring copy of seaman’s book or any valid ID and latest contract of employment. For seafarer relatives, bring same requirements plus relative’s valid ID. For seafarer represetntatives, bring same requirements plus authorization letter and representative’s valid ID.)

FR-190 G Kit (Data Capable)
P26,000.00 only
(Available to the general public. To apply, accomplish Service Application Form.)

For inquiries, call +63 (2) 511-2642; *888 using Smart Link, *777 using Smart & Talk ‘N Text cellphone

Ah, this article is perfect for my baby blog, eOFW, which I haven’t been updating. Tsk tsk tsk …

ka edong
everywhere and nowhere


  • When you live in a country like mine(Nigeria), you can only but comprehend the importance of always on communication via satellite phones

  • 😉

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  • eric

    There is also a a mobile phone who is capable of satellite signals like (ericson FR190) i been using it when i am on board much easy and quick in finding signals like FR-190 and FR-190 G.
    I think it’s still available in Smart wireless centers.If u are not in PHILIPPINES u can brows the web to order online…


  • eric

    Good Eve Ka Edong I think its around 27K or maybe less this time. im Using Smartlink sim it looks like ordinary GSM sim, the good thing bout it u can also use it w/ GSM sim to work w/ a local network.


  • eric

    Yup un gamit ko. they will charge u 15 pesos/min (flat rate) in asia and some 30pesos in other areas depende sa areas. this unit ericson fr-190 was available long long before kung d ko nagkamali mga yr. 2000 pa. this was used in a remote areas like island palawan etc.. or even used by the bandits (ABUSAYAF)in mountains. pero now a days halos lahat may mga network signal na..

  • I always enjoy finding a site with interesting content please keep updating information and I will be a regular visitor

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  • tere

    hi, anyone have a satellite phone that i can rent or buy? i need one for my trip to get in touch with my baby..

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