Smart’s 3G press releases

by Ka Edong on January 16, 2006

I’m republishing press releases seen on a Smart 3G poster inside a Smart Wireless center. Some parts of the 3G press release discussion on Pinoy.Tech.Blog refer to the article below. There’s more to come in the next days, here’s the first:

SMART leads the next big thing in mobile technology

A Perfect “30”

Among the companies that applied for a Third Generation (3G) license, SMART ranked highest, garnering a perfect score of 30 based on the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) 30-point grading system designed to gauge the capability of aspiring telco operators to massively and effectively provide 3G services.

As a result, Smart has been assigned the largest radio frequency allocation – 15 MHz compared to 10 MHz for the other operators. Moreover, it now has the choice of the best frequency spectrum. This will enable Smart to rapidly deploy its 3G network nationwide and also offer the highest quality 3G service to its subscribers.

“We have already ordered the network facilities needed to establish nationwide 3G coverage in the shortest possible time,” Smart President and CEO Napoleon Nazareno said. “We will repeat the rapid roll-out that we accomplished in deploying, first, our analog and then, our GSM network infrastructures. We are in 3G for real.”

Get ready to experience technology that allows for faster data transmission speeds from 114Kbps up to 2Mbps. Soon, Smart subscribers here and abroad will benefit from the convenience of high-speed data communications and mobile multimedia services such as video conferencing, audio streaming and mobile internet.

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