Smart’s 3G press releases: “Priming a Revolution”

by Ka Edong on January 17, 2006

I’m republishing press releases seen on a Smart 3G poster inside a Smart Wireless center. Check out the discussion on 3G press releases on Pinoy.Tech.Blog.

Smart Communications, Inc., the country’s leading wireless service provider started preparations for a seamless transition to 3G as early as five years ago. In December 2000, Smart, in cooperation with Nokia Networks conducted the first successful 3G video call in the country in the presence of NTC officials. Using experimental equipment, this test call recorded data transfer rates of up to 216.9Kbps.

SMART’s installation of 3G-upgradable base station equipment in its GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) network has made a transition to 3G easier and faster.

“The installation of this modular GSM equipment fits neatly into SMART’s overall 3G preparations and operations. And now that the 3G equipment is available, the 3G capability of these base stations can be readily activated, greatly simplifying the roll-out of 3G infrastructure,” Smart’s Nazareno said.


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