TickeTxt: cinema tickets via Txt

by Ka Edong on January 27, 2006

Want to watch a movie? Buy your tickets via Text!

Taken from a streamer at SM Megamall:


Mobile Ticketing System

Your Phone, Your Ticket!

Buying movie tickets has never been so easy. Introducing the country’s first mobile cinema ticketing

Text “Buy [space] Cinema [space] seating [space] quantity” send to 286

e.g. buy megamall5 premiere 3

Is it really the first mobile cinema ticketing? Why did it take this long for this service to come out.

I remember that circa 2000, some Miss Saigon tickets were issued via SMS. Does anybody remember that one?

I haven’t used the TickeTxt service. But it’s not very user-friendly, I could say. For one, the user is required to know what’s showing at a certain cinema. It would be good if there was another service (there probably is … via click the city) where a user can lookup what’s showing at the cinemas. Better to have this service in the STK instead of via SMS.

I’m also wondering how the ticket will be paid for? Will it be via Smart Money (likely) or over-the-counter (present the SMSticket to the ticket sales and pay for it with hard cash).

Has anybody tried out this service? Raise your hands please ….

ka edong
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