Want Gas? Get Prepaid! SEAOIL’s Pricelock gas promo

by Ka Edong on June 6, 2008

[See article update, July 3: 2nd wave of SEAOIL’s Pricelock gas promo]

Ayos ‘to, ah. Pre-paid na ang Gasolina! With the price of Gasoline going up up up, I sure could use some way to cushion the impact on my gasoline expense.

Below, you’ll find the full article about the SEOIL Prepaid card. It’s called “Price Lock” and the consumers are at the lucky winning end of this promot. Further below, there’s a little commentary from me and my friend who’s in the motoring business.

SEAOIL fixes gas price at P53.50 a liter through Prepaid Card

Prepaid Gas from SEAOIL

SEAOIL Philippines Inc., the largest independent retailer of petroleum products in the country, has introduced an industry-first prepaid card that pegs a customer’s gasoline purchase at P53.50 per liter.

Company officials explained that the Price Lock Prepaid Fuel Card can be used to buy 20 liters of gasoline (G5 X-treme and Unleaded) from any SEAOIL participating stations. The selling period is from June 10-22, 2008. Each card costs P1,070 and is valid for 10 weeks (June 10 up to August 16, 2008).

[See article update, July 3: 2nd wave of SEAOIL’s Pricelock gas promo]

Since the price has been fixed, cardholders will have an easier time budgeting their fuel expenses as they will be insulated from further spikes in gasoline costs during the promo period.

In the less likely event of a price rollback also during the period, i.e. the price goes down to less than P53.50 a liter, SEAOIL will refund unused (unscratched) fuel prepaid cards.

The Price Lock Prepaid Fuel Card will be made available at the following participating SEAOIL stations: EDSA, Imelda Avenue, Maybunga, P.Tuazon, Pasig Boulevard, Commonwealth, Malabon, Merville, Paco, E. Rodriguez, Paraluman, Mindanao Avenue, Panaderos, Tandang Sora and Buendia.

Satellite selling sites:
1. Tiendesitas – June 20 to 21(5pm to 11pm)
– June 22 (11am to 5pm)
2. Shopwise – June 20 to 22 (1pm to 7pm)
3. Metrowalk – June 20 to 21 (5pm to 11pm)
4. Greenhills (Peri Peri, beside Teriyaki Boy Promenade) – ongoing daily till June 22 (1pm to 7pm)
5. Greenhills (V-Mall) – June 20 to June 22 (1pm to 7pm)

[See article update, July 3: 2nd wave of SEAOIL’s Pricelock gas promo]

The card is valid for a single transaction only, which means customers should use up its entire 20-liter value since any unconsumed amount, such as a 19-liter purchase, will forfeit the remaining card value.

Only SEAOIL station attendants are authorized to scratch the silver coating of the prepaid card upon purchase and claim the same card after the customer fills up.

[See article update, July 3: 2nd wave of SEAOIL’s Pricelock gas promo]

It’s interesting. It’s the first of its kind that I’ve heard of for a commodity that has such a volatile price.

My friend from the motoring industry has his take on the promo:

I think it’s very innovative and it’s a great campaign. The customer has everything to gain e. I like Seaoil’s (not Sea Oil) out-of-the-box thinking.

Some airlines already do this–order fuel for delivery at a future date with the price pre-determined now. I think it’s called hedging.

I guess it’s SEAOIL’s opportunity to reel in some new customers. In the past, there was really not much reason for motorists to adventure away from their usual gasoline station. But with the prices of gas hitting the ceiling, we all could use some help keeping the gas expenses to a minimum.

It’s a good promo they have here. The thing is, you’ll need to have a long pisi (pin money) to fully avail of this promo. 20 Liters of gasoline from P1,070 prepaid card can only bring you so far.

One way to make the most from this promo is to … buy many prepaid cards (that requires a lot of cash), keep them unused for a few weeks, then use them (or sell them) when the prices of gas go way beyond the P53.50 per liter. That maximizes the spread between prevailing price and the fixed pre-paid price.

Hmmmm….. opportunity knocks!

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UPDATE (JULY 3): 2nd Wave of SEAOIL’s Pricelock Gas Promo

The 2nd installment of Price Lock this week. The prepaid card can be bought at P1,180 for 20 liters (P59.00 per liter).

The cards will be available from July 5 to July 20, 2008 and are valid from July 5 to September 20, 2008.

This time all SEAOIL stations in Metro Manila and Rizal are included in the promo. Customers may buy and redeem cards at these stations:

1. A. Bonifacio
2. Binangonan
3. Buendia
4. Cainta
5. Commonwealth
6. Dagat-dagatan
7. Dimasalang
9. E. Rodriguez
10. Gulod
11. Imalda Avenue
12. Karuhatan
13. Malabon
14. Marikina
15. Maybunga
16. Merville
17. Mindanao Ave.
18. Montalban
19. North Bay
20. P. Tuazon
21. Paco
22. Palatiw
23. Panaderos
24. Paraluman
25. Pasig
26. Payatas
27. Pritil
28. Retiro
29. San Juan
30. San Mateo
31. St. Dominic
32. Sucat
33. Tandang Sora
34. Taguig
Stations to open in July:
35. Arkong Bato
36. Sta. Cruz
37. Legarda
38. Del Monte

We will also resume off-site selling in Greenhills Theatre Mall (in front of Starbucks), Greenhills V-Mall (in front of SM Appliance Center), Shopwise (2nd level parking) and Metrowalk (Activity Center near Starbucks).

Here’s the schedule:
Theatre Mall, V-Mall, Shopwise – July 4-6 and July 11-13 (Fridays-Sundays), 11am-6pm
Metrowalk – July 4-5 and July 11-12 (Fridays and Saturdays), 5pm-12mn

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