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by Ka Edong on October 26, 2005

Right before leaving for an e-Banking for the Masses conference in South Africa, I found myself usiyosero-ing a service of BPI in partnership with Globe.

They call it BPI Express Mobile. It is an additional channel of electronic banking by the leading commercial bank in the Philippines.

BPI Express Mobile: BPI transactions via Globe's SIM ToolkitBPI has Express phone and Express Online that allows clients to conduct bank transactions through the phone and through the Internet. BPI Express Mobile is an extension of these services. Through a Globe cellphone, a client will be able to verify account balances, transfer funds, pay for bills etc.

I was wondering about this service. I know for a fact that BPI has had mobile banking services since more than two years ago. What’s new about this service? I guess it’s a repackaging and a re-launch of an upgraded mobile banking service.

At the very least, I see that they’ve replicated almost all of the phone and online transactions. I also see that all transactions are now built into the STK (SIM Toolkit) and everything is menu driven. (On another note, there are a couple of other m-banking services in the STK including one by Banco de Oro).

I wonder too whether BPI has integrated any G-Cash transactions into their BPI Express Mobile service. Ma-kilatis nga ulit.

Downside: This mobile transaction channel has corresponding costs. Compared to phone and online transactions that don’t cost anything, the mobile channel costs P2.50 per SMS sent.

BPI Express Mobile will be convenient when making urgent transactions while on the road. But if you’re at your office or home, better to do those banking transactions through phone or Internet.

ka edong
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  • erich faustino

    gudpm ka edong!

    this is erich. dept head ng bpi mobile banking. would like to enroll u in our express mobile services.

    i already emailed u before but i lost your contact details.

    do you have landline or cellphone i may call?

    thank you!

  • musika88

    i am having problems w/ bpi mobile and bpi express online. i enrolled my bpi savings account w/ their direct save up wherein you will name an amount of money and be deducted directly from your sa account w/ the date you specified. Guess what? whenever i logged on to their website to transfer funds it was always on maintenance. I called their phone banking service the toll free number for two days but to no avail. I waited for over an hour on line just to have one of their friendly phone banker to answer and my call is suddenly released from que. I’ve tried to registered to their mobile service but it always gives me bpi system currently unavailable. Do you think this is an acceptable situation. what if there’s an emergency and you really need to transfer funds? They should get more phonebankers to take care of the customer’s need. This service sucks.

  • erich faustino

    ka edong, we’re now offering balance inquiry for smart subscribers. need more info? text BPI to 3274. thnx

  • how can you transfer money from your save up to your atm??? can anyone please tell me????

  • officers and staff also sucks. they regard doing their duty as a big favor to their clients/depositors. and they are mean and rude.PS I am treated as a valued client of other banks. Goodbye BPI!

  • erich faustino

    hi ka edong!

    would like to show you our java-based mobile banking which may be accessed via gprs or wifi.

    how do i get in touch with you?


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