Citibank allows credit card purchases through text

by Ka Edong on July 8, 2008

New clipping from GMANews.TV:

MANILA, Philippines – Citibank, the largest credit card issuer in the country, plans to boost market share by pushing prospective cardholders to make purchases using mobile phones.

Citibank on Friday launched CitiMobile, which allows cardholders to order food, reload prepaid phones, buy Internet time, or pay bills without having to swipe their plastic cards. Cardholders enrolled with CitiMobile just have to send their authorization through text to charge the transaction on their credit cards.

Very good development there! Looks like the Philippines has more big players to boost the m-commerce industry.

This used to be a barrier as telcos could not “advance” credit to subscribers (e.g., “utang muna”). With the coming in of citibank, they’ve created “credit” via m-commerce. nice!

It’s all good! 🙂 Thanks erwin for forwarding!

Read full article here: Citibank allows credit card purchases through text

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