G-Cash and 2Go is a No-Go

by Ka Edong on July 28, 2006

In September 2005, I found out that LBC withdrew their G-Cash partnership with Globe.

Here’s another G-Cash fallout: 2Go, the courier delivery service of Aboitiz, no longer conducts G-Cash transactions. 

Once upon a time, 2Go offered Cash-out services (convert G-Cash to Cash).

I spoke to 2Go staff at Megamall and they said the volume of transactions is too low.

The fallout of LBC and 2Go from the roster of G-Cash partner merchants is indicative of the in-effective business model for G-Cash partner merchants.

Add to that the scarce G-Cash transactions even in the most popular merchants like Mercury, SM Megamall or National Bookstore.

In most of these establishments, weeks or months go by with only a few G-Cash transactions. One SM cashier told me that in 6 months, she never received any G-Cash payments.

Sayang. G-Cash has not reached its full potential. It’s not growing fast enough. So much it can do, but so little it’s doing. Sayang lang.

ka edong


  • dadating din tayo sa panahon na yan… konting antay pa. 😀

  • I bought a Gpass and used it in the MRT 3 twice.
    The P100 initial load plus the P50 bonus load disappeared.
    Where? I do not know.
    There are thieves out there.
    So BEWARE of G pass. Your load becomes a past!

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