G-Cash is offering free cash-in

by Ka Edong on July 25, 2006

Globe (and its partner merchants) usually charges P10 or 1% of amount for each conversion from cash to G-Cash (referred to as “cash-in”).

I always thought this service charge didn’t make sense and it’s always been my position that this cash-in service charge should be scrapped.

An advertisement came out last Saturday saying that G-Cash cash-in is FREE. For a limited promo period (until Oct 2006).

My thoughts:

  • Promo period? Why not make it a permanent feature of G-Cash?
  • They’ve done this promo before. They’re doing it again now. I don’t see anything different. Is G-Cash evolving?
    Lunacy: Repeating the same thing and expecting different results.

An American consultant from an international development organization came over and interviewed me a few months ago asking me about m-Commerce in the Philippines. I told him that G-Cash needs to become more pervasive to make a substantial impact to our daily commerce transactions.

The consultant asked me: “What direction do you think G-Cash should take to make it more pervasive.”

My answer: It has to do with creating cash-in and cash-out stations everywhere. How? Read about it on Technobiography this week.

Abangan! 😉
Update: Here’s the link -> m-Commerce in the Philippines: The way to go

ka edong


  • nox

    LBS, I think is the key ka edong. 😀

    The ability to search via text the nearest cash-in/cash-out near you.

  • Nox,

    I have something better: Not needing an LBS to search.

    Because the nearest AutoloadMax/e-Load center is also a cash-in/cash-out center.

    Read my latest: http://technobiography.edongskey.com/m-commerce/m-commerce-in-the-philippines-the-way-to-go/

  • nox

    I see. But it would be nice to also know the nearest Autoload/e-Load center in proximity. 😀

  • J

    no need for high tech LBS, just call 2882 for FREE via any Globe/ TM cellphone and the CS will tell you the nearest GCash cash-in/out partner. 😀

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