Get 15% rebate from G-Cash

by Ka Edong on August 25, 2008

Globe G-Cash

Globe G-Cash

Globe is raising the incentive to use G-Cash. They’ve made it more attractive for subscribers to use G-Cash to buy load.

I have friends who are earning quite a good profit by loading airtime through G-Cash. They get themselves some G-Cash and use it to buy load for their friends/family/customers.

When they send P100 worth of load, their G-Cash is deducted only P90. They get P10 rebate. That’s hefty.

But there’s a new promo now…

GCASH: Ang 10% rebate sa GCASH, ngayon 15% na! Until Sept 23, buy load w/ GCASH and get 15% back! To buy load, txt LOAD <AMOUNT> <PIN> and send to 2882+10-digit# of recipient. P1/txt. DTI1190. Call 2882 for info.

This means that for every P100 worth of load, their G-Cash is deducted only P85. That gives them a P15 rebate!

I wonder how AutoloadMax dealers feel about this promo. I had a comment early this year from an Autoloadmax dealer voicing his concern about this promo. I say the dealers better get in on G-Cash so they can benefit from this promo too. 😉

For more details, visit the G-Cash website and read about their promo.

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  • I used to top-up using G-cash but ever since my G-cash was emptied I went back to using prepaid cards.

    IMO, this promo will be picked up by regular and G-cash users, which I think is a great minority of Globe subscribers.

    98% of my college buddies are Globe subscribers but most of them are not active G-cash users nor have they registered for G-cash accounts. They simply don’t have a need for it.

    For them, I think, loading up via G-cash is a more complicated and lengthier process. Convenience would be the number one deterrent in utilizing this promo.

    Why line-up to load up your G-cash account just to load or buy load when you can do it straight-away via AutoLoad Max?

  • Cathy

    yea, its tru that gcash is giving away 15% rebate when u load tru gcash, like me i load myself 300 but my payment is only 255 pesos. . commom try also. ..

  • jam

    sana pwede ring magload ang gcash sa globe autoload max ko. from my bpi account i load gcash and gcash to load my load wallet… para isang transaction na lang.

  • Very interesting article. It helps me a lot.

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