Globe’s G-Pass for the MRT

by Ka Edong on July 31, 2006

G-Pass ChipG-Pass made it’s debut last Friday at the MRT stations from Cubao to Ayala. I tried it out myself. I’d say it’s pleasantly better than I was expecting.

Here’s some additional info that people should know about …

What is G-Pass?

An alternative way to enter the MRT using a chip instead of a ticket. The G-Pass is stored value chip that is tapped on a sensor upon entry and exit from the MRT. The chip can be re-loaded with MRT fare credits using G-Cash or through a G-Pass reloading booth.

• The G-Pass kit is purchased for P100 at G-Pass booths in MRT stations. It includes P50 worth of MRT fare credits (not cellphone load as some users think).
• The G-Pass does *NOT* need to be registered. The manual says so. The chip can be immediately activated and used just by tapping the chip on the G-Pass sensor.
• But registering the G-Pass has added features. Registration of the G-Pass can be done at the G-Pass booth, or through any Globe SIM. Registration establishes a “link” between the G-Pass and a Globe SIM.
• An SMS message is sent to the Globe SIM each time a registered G-Pass is used. Balance inquiries can also be done through the Globe SIM.
• G-Pass can be loaded using G-Cash or through a G-Pass booth at MRT stations.
• Any G-Cash user can load any G-Pass chip as long as they know the serial number of the G-Pass chip.
• The service is currently available at stations from Cubao to Ayala and vice-versa. (Cubao, Santolan, Ortigas, Shaw, Boni, Guadalupe, Buendia, Ayala). (as of July30 2006) (I was able to enter the GMA-Kamuning south-bound station on july30).
• G-Pass has an additional 5% service charge on top of the MRT fare. As an example, for a P10 MRT fare, P10.50 will be deducted from the G-Pass credits where 50 centavos is the service charge.
• The G-Pass needs to have at least P16 credits to entr the MRT.
• The G-Pass can be loaded as much as P2,000
• The G-Pass is valid for three years.

SQ&A – Some Questions and Answers:

Q: Can Smart subscribers use the G-Pass?
A: Yes! But they can’t avail of the free SMS messages for each G-Pass transaction. Balance inquiries can still be made through G-Pass booths. Re-loading can still be done through G-Pass booths and through friends who use G-Cash.

Q: Do I have to line-up to reload my G-Pass?
A: Not necessarily. You can get G-Pass reloaded through G-Cash — your own or a friend’s G-Cash or even at a Globe business center.
Aside from these options, you can get G-Pass load from a G-Pass booth — then you’ll have to line-up.

Do you have G-Pass questions? Have you used G-Pass? Do you have any feedback? Share them here!

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  • Masubukan nga!

  • Khamila

    ASTIG! I can now use my G-Cash in MRT! Goodluck GLOBE! Sana pati sa bus, taxi, etc… hehehe… ;P

  • gen

    basta sa globe.. posible…

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  • How about kung dalawa ang sasakay? Can I use the same G-Pass?

  • Hi Aaron,


    but if you’re 3 feet tall, you get to ride for free. 😉

  • aww.. wala pa para sa north ave. Bibili sana ako kahapon. 😛


    Available na ba ang G-PASS sa Quezon Ave ngayong August? Kailangan bang magpa-register muna sa G-CASH?


    > Available na ba ang G-PASS sa Quezon Ave ngayong August?

    > Kailangan bang magpa-register muna sa G-CASH?

  • raul

    mas maganda kung pwede na rin
    mag-reload sa g-pass using cellphone.

    you know para kang nag-autoload, db?

  • Raul,

    Pwede naman.

  • My major concern with the G-pass is the loss of the bonus ride, which can save as much as Php 14 per ride.

    I’ll form a link to this post from my own post about the G-Pass. I only had the G-Pass promo girls to inquire from and they were sometimes contradicting each other. Like I was told it’s an extra 2% per ride, unlike what’s reported here as 5%.

    I’ll be sticking to the stored value card for now since I don’t want to incur any extra costs, but thanks so much for the helpful info.

  • Same here!

    The G-Pass girl said it’s 2% (that’s what they were taught) but the manual says its 5%.

    I’m also back to the stored value card. Main reason: I’m not an active user of G-Cash (my Globe SIM expired).

  • jordan

    posible bang mag-pasa load ako sa g-pass? like, magpapasa ako ang certain balance from my cellphone load to my g-pass? that’d be cool…

  • jordan,

    Nope. Walang feature na ganun. G-Cash can load to G-Pass, but cellphone load cannot load to G-Pass

  • khamila

    Hi TheBachelorGirl/Ka Edong,

    Have inquired on the 2% discount via GLOBE CS – the 2% is just promo until the launch of the remaining 5 stations. We’ll I think that the 2% or 5% is not a big deal compared to the headache on buying for a magnetic ticket. Hope MRT would also make things possible by importing more TRAINS!

  • khamila

    oops… correction lang… the 2% is not a discount. It’s an additional service charge on normal MRT fare.

  • hi! as of now, globe g-pass isa available in ALL MRT STATIONS.

    text g-pass to 2754 for more info 🙂

  • thanks for info, poell.

    One thing I noticed last week: G-Pass readers with the sign “out of order”. Not just one, but two readers in different stations and was still “out of order” a few days after I first saw the sign.

    I wonder if there were (m)any commuters affected by these out of order readers.

    If you know what i mean …

  • Jose Carl Nicklaus

    the problem with the people at the MRT is that they’re not informed about the protocol they should follow if a g-pass holder encounters problems. they even claim that no part of the earnings go to them.

    same experience with my this person:

  • Hey Jose Carl,

    yup, i’d expect these kinds of horror stories to come up. And since the horror stories are sparse, the folks at the MRT (DOTC people) have no real interest in supporting commuters encountering g-pass problems.

  • Jay

    I had a G-Pass, I bought it 4 or 5 months ago. Before I bought the G-Pass, I asked the seller that if I lost my cellphone, would it be possible to register again my G-Pass to my new cellphone number? The seller replied YES(I just have to register it again)… Now that I want to register my G-Pass to my new cellphone number (because I lost my cellpone that was registered with my G-Pass), the “2862” replied that my G-Pass Serial Number is already registered. I called to a customer service and told him my problem, he told me that it can’t be registered to new cellphone number. The customer server told me that I do have options, either to buy a new G-Pass or torture myself using my current G-Pass without any notification from my cellphone.

    I would like to address my problem to anyone who has the rights with G-Pass Administration.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Jay,

    Forwarding your email to a friend who might be able to help.

  • NJ

    Hi, I just bought G-Pass yesterday because it seems there’s a scarce in stored value. I bought it for 100 pesos that according to the ads as well as the manual should have a 50 pesos load already. I even bought additional 50 pesos load so that I’ll have 100 pesos credit. I only get to use it twice (on my way home yesterday and on my way home today. I wasn’t able to use it this morning because the reader is out of order in north ave station), only to find out just now that I have 0.00 pesos left. geez!! does it cost 50pesos to travel from ayala station to north ave through MRT?!

    I’m really pissed off! It was like I’m robbed by Globe!!! It may be small amount but if that would be the case for all G-Pass user then for sure it would sum to huge amount. I’m posting this so that u guys would learn for my experience. Don’t be fooled for that false advertisement! IT’S NOT CONVENIENT TO USE G-PASS AT ALL!!!!

  • NJ, Thanks for sharing you story.

  • pam

    question po,mron po kasi akong linksys router need ko pa ba ng phone line pra mapagana yun?
    panu ko po ba mpplakas yung free wifi siganal na nasasagap ko dito sa condo actually wla wifi connection dito sa condo eh,kung may hot spot ba ko na malapit sa akin mppgana ko na yung router ko,kht di ako ngsubscribe ng wifi connection?

  • Oliver

    Ka edong i just want to ask about the computer shop to a call center. I want to ask all detailed info on how to start that kind of business. I have 10 omputers. And i want to know how it works.

  • Emilio

    Question ko lang is why there is a 5% transaction fee. Nagbayad ka na nga in advance then you have to pay extra to use it. Though initially, the cost may be minimal, if you take the MRT everyday, the cost would add up. How do they expect this to be accepted by more Pinoys. Nagmumukhang greedy naman itong Globe, instead of making the service more appealing to the masa.

  • tinkerbelle

    cause studies shows people are willing to pay extra kung better ang service or mas convenient. baka yun logic nila.

  • hi tinkerbelle,

    It’s good to hear your optimism 🙂 .
    Now, among your friends, do you know of any who uses G-Pass? do they find it convenient? better service?

  • Ramel

    what’s g pass hotline no? im having difficulty contacting globe kanina ksi may concern ako regarding gpass transaction ko, di ako inallow ng turnstile na makalabas ng mrt ortigas inspite of tapping my chip several times. nagbayad na lang ako sa cashier at the same time nakareceive pa ako confirmation na nabawasan ang gpass load ko. tumawag ako sa globe customer service, pero F___ walang silbi. thank and regards

  • I don’t think they have a hotline.
    Pwede mong itanong sa booth sa MRT.
    Goodluck! Salamat sa pag-comment sa blog.

  • Omar

    ok sana ang GPass. i have used it several times already. sometines the scanner can not detect. . . .they have to address this problem . . .

  • Yup, I’ve seen those ill-functioning scanners too. Minsan, more than 1 week na busted ang scanner.

    One good thing, though — sometimes the magnetic card reader (the usual MRT Ticket) is not working (and the turnstiles display a red X) but the G-Pass scanner is working and will allow g-pass users to get through the turnstiles.

  • ramel

    thanks ka edong. G-pass hotline no. is 739-2882.

  • Great!

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  • Vixela

    Hello! I’m thinking of using gpass but I have a stored value card question. Db 100 pesos ung stored value nung card? can I reload ba on the same card?? because what if i only have 8 pesos left in the card….it would not be enough for me to travel anywhere through the MRT..pano na un? I hope someone can see this.

  • Hi Vixela,

    The G-Pass needs to have at least P16 credits to enter the MRT.
    You can reload the chip even before the credit reaches zero.

    hope that helps.

    ka edong

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  • omar

    Lately, i did not experience any problem with the use of the globe gpass . . . and according to the globe gpass salesgirl, as long as we keep on reloading it, it won’t expire daw.

  • arniel



  • arniel

    bakit kailangan pang sa mga globe business center kailangan magpa-reload ng gpass?

    sana ibalik na lang reloading ng gpass sa lahat ng gpass booth sa lahat ng MRT station.


    panawagan lang………

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