LBC and G-Cash fallout

by Ka Edong on August 2, 2012

LBC was one of the first partner merchants of G-Cash. At the time of the launching of G-Cash in Oct 2004 (almost a year ago!), LBC purportedly accepted Cash-In transactions in some of its branches. I personally was never able to transact G-Cash at any LBC branch.

I found it odd that LBC was a partner merchant of G-Cash ultimately helping with the distribution of G-Cash remittances. I found it odd because LBC had its own remittance service dubbed something like moneygram.

Last month, I was sending a package and the LBC attendant was aggressively promoting a new service (or maybe new rate) for remittance services.

This month, things all fell into place. I asked an LBC staff whether they still transacted G-Cash. He said no. He said that none of the LBC branches transact G-Cash. LBC and G-Cash have had fallout.

What happened? The pot wasn’t sweet enough, eh? Sayang, it could have been a complimentary service sana.

Now, things are back where they used to be. LBC delivers the sender’s money (the same exact paper bills) to recipient. Isn’t that sooooo inefficient? I wonder if LBC still has their AutoloadMax service. Or is it “away na kung away”?

Lastly, 2GO, an Aboitiz courier service, is now a partner merchant of G-Cash. But 2GO also has its own remittance service, too.

2GO is an asset to G-Cash because 2GO will deliver remittances upon request. An asset that isn’t fully utilized, I might add. When I was at 2GO last month, they said they weren’t handling many G-Cash transactions – around 2-3 G-Cash transactions that month.

I hope G-Cash doesn’t lose its partnership with 2GO. Sweeten the pot! How? Use G-Cash to help 2GO handle its remittances. Help 2GO provide instant remittance from any two 2GO branches.

LBC has this kind service already where remittances are sent within a split second from one branch to another. No, they don’t use G-Cash for this service.

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  • nox

    not surprising ka edong, rural areas where bulk of the remittance transactions go still prefer good old cash than electronic cash (e-cash).


  • ka edong

    agree! It will take some time for people to adjust.

  • Woot Woot! 😀 hooray.

  • hmmm….
    just found out Smart Money and 2Go have/had a partnership too …

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  • Celia Amor G. Abando

    Pls allow me to relate my frustration with LBC:

    Over a week ago, on Tuesday, Nov. 13, I asked my sister in Pagsanjan, Laguna to send me an urgent document to my home in BF Homes Las Piñas. To ensure my receipt of the document as per a much-touted ‘next day delivery’ advertising boast, she sent it through LBC in Sta. Cruz, Laguna.

    A day later, on Nov. 14, I asked my sister to find out why I have not received anything. Without even bothering to check my package’s whereabouts, a lady at the LBC branch was quick to speculate that maybe our village guards did not allow their messenger into the village. My sister knew this was impossible and when she stood her ground she was told to come back the next day.

    My nightmare continues to unfold:

    On Friday, Nov. 17, my sister follows up the package. This time the lady from LBC Sta. Cruz Laguna branch gives my sister the number of LBC Las Piñas. LBC lady in Sta. Cruz tells my sister that we should be doing the tracking of the package ourselves. I was flabbergasted at the shabby treatment we were receiving from LBC but I was more concerned about getting my documents right away so I dialed the numbers. The good part of my day was spent dialing and redialing a number that was forever busy.

    Tried again the next day, Saturday Nov. 18. Failure, same busy signal.

    Monday, Nov. 20, I called again. Finally got through at 8:30 am. I asked a guy, later identified as Allan Romo of LBC Las Piñas in front of Coastal Mall what happened to my package. It’s been a week and I haven’t received it. He asked for the tracking number and found that the package was still there. I asked why they didn’t deliver. He said they could not locate the address. He read the address and it seemed that “BF Homes” had been left out in the address details. So I asked why they didn’t even bother to return or inform the sender of the error. Di raw nila trabaho yun!

    And this was where I snapped. I asked “Bakit ganon? Ano ang dapat kong gawin. That document is important. Di man lang kayo gumawa ng paraan.” The guy said ” Di pick up mo dito. Ang aga aga mong nangbubuwisit.”

    Shocked with disbelief. It took a while before I could respond: “Paano ang buwisit na naramdaman ko for one week kasi wala ang document na kailangan ko.” I told him that I’d rather not speak with him further but that I only want to know if my package will be delivered or not.

    He then gives the phone to the delivery messenger. I gave directions to my house and then asked for the name of the guy I was previously speaking with. The name as earlier mentioned: Allan Romo.

    That had been one of the most grueling day of my life. It left me sapped and sick all day that I had to cancel an important meeting. My package came at noon. I nearly fainted on learning that the address on the package had been correct all along! So this Romo guy had deliberately read me an incomplete address to justify his negligence?

    Nothing can be more angering and more insulting than to be taken for a fool! Did he think I will be so stupid I will not even find out?

    How can a company run by such irresponsible, uncaring and arrogant people even boast about trying to compete with the global greats such as UPS , FEDEX and DHL when it cannot even care for its local customers? What gives Allan Romo the right to be so arrogant? Doesn’t LBC train its people to treat customers with respect and propriety? .

    If I had a weak heart, I would have died that day but since I survived this, I will make sure that I never, never patronize LBC again. And neither will all my friends and kin.

    Celia Amor G. Abando
    B2 L3 Sacramento St. BF Homes, Las Pinas

  • Celia,

    Sorry to hear about your experience. Sana may magandang kalabasan ang inyong pag-sulat dito (baka sakaling ma-basa ito ng LBC at may gawin silang aksyon sa inyong sitwasyon).

    At the very least, I’m glad to provide you a place to air your frustration.


  • Kathy

    I guess LBC is still using the G-Cash facility after all. I believe that all of their branches nationwide has G-cash accounts/mobile phones where they can send the “cash”. A remitter/sender sends money through an LBC and charges a minimum of P39 for every P500 sent. LBC then uses the G-Cash facility to send money to its LBC local branch wherever the sender/remitter intends it to send.
    Great savings/income for LBC. If you send cash to your friends and relatives via G-cash you could perform cash-in transactions at any accredited G-Cash partner which charges as low as 1% or P10 of the amount send whichever is higer. If you send P500 you would only be charged for P10. If LBC does transfer/sends Cash via G-cash facility, their cost of sending money is only around P1, the cost of text. (sending G-cash Phone to phone costs only P1). Great business proposition. LBC local branch then delivers the money to the recipient.

  • You know Kathy, we think alike! 😉

    I agree that LBC (or any group) could make money this way. But I don’t think LBC uses G-Cash to make the transfers. I think LBC just does a financial “clearing house” where – at the end of the day – they just add/subtract all the remittances from all branches and it goes to the same LBC coffers. It’s the same company, afterall, that’s receiving or disbursing the money.

    Pero alam mo, what you described is how *ANY* organized group can make use of G-Cash. I wrote abaout this here: G-Cash = Everybody’s remittance service

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  • LBC

    Celia Amor G. Abando,


    • mark fernandez

      natural pag pasensyahan nyo! nanjan kyo s ganyang business… kyo dapat ang mag adjust s costumer nyo. kung d mo kya mag resign k!

  • Arnel

    Pd rin b akong mag reklamo at mag comment about LBC. When u tried to dial their hotline 854-4848, u will only hear a music background then after few mins, mapuputol n ung line mo. Ive tried several times, but its alwzys lyk that. When u visit their website, may ERROR mostly ng mga links nila lyk ung CONTACTS, TRACK UR PACKAGE, FIND D BRANCH NEAR U. its really dis appointing hw u can trasact with them thru phone and internet.

  • rom

    for LBC

    Hey the girl is your customer and she should be treated with respect. your employee said that “Di pick up mo dito. Ang aga aga mong nangbubuwisit. is this reply right for the customer? this employee should have a disciplined. Your company will lose customer because of this employee and please don’t pose your message in all cap’s because it’s annoying

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