M-Commerce in the Philippines: The world is watching us

by Ka Edong on September 20, 2006

I found a post from Nox about m-Commerce and microfinance in the Philippines. I couldn’t tell which World Bank reference he’s reading although it sounds familiar.

It reminded me of a paper which I’ve kept in my Inbox.

I posted the paper on Mobile Tulay:

In April 2006, I got an email from Anna Bantug-Herrera of Chemonics inviting me for an interview about m-Commerce in the Philippines. She was in the Philippines representing her company, Chemonics (chemonics.com) and was investigating a payment system setup in Mindanao that makes use of G-Cash for microfinance.

Visit Mobile Tulay for the full paper: Catching the Technology Wave: Mobile Phone Banking and Text-a-Payment in the Philippines
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