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by Ka Edong on August 28, 2008

In 2005, I conducted a study on m-commerce for microfinance as part of my action consultancy at the Asian Institute of Management.

In my meetings with microfinance members, I brought along a … 1.5Megapixel Kodak camera to take snapshots of our activities.

m-commerce for microfinance - Pilot Study

I’m glad to hear from my friend John that there is a Microfinance Photography Contest by CGAP.

2008 CGAP Microfinance Photo Contest: Innovators and entrepreneurs

2008 CGAP Microfinance Photo Contest: Innovators and entrepreneurs

2008 CGAP Microfinance Photo Contest: Innovators and entrepreneurs

CGAP invites photographers of all levels of expertise to enter the CGAP Microfinance Photo Contest.

Microfinance around the world is a varied and rapidly developing field, and this year’s theme, innovators and entrepreneurs, speaks to the creativity of our industry. By sharing your striking images of financial services reaching poor people today with us, you’ll reach countless others with the message of microfinance. We know from past results that you’ll be inventive in capturing the diversity, dynamism, and impact of our work.

This year, we’ve added some special categories to reflect our overall theme of innovation. We’d like to see images of entrepreneurial activities at work. How are people using finance in nontraditional ways? What innovations are financial service providers using to serve people who would not otherwise be reached, including those living in rural and remote areas? We hope you’ll use your imagination in thinking about the clients of microfinance and those who deliver the innovations to help meet their financial needs.

There are some very beautiful photos in the past years’ contest.

This year, there’s a special category for photos that depict the use of technology. We have a lot of these examples in the use of G-Cash for microfinance. I want to capture photos of those transactions.

M-commerce for Microfinance

New this year: At the judges’ discretion, a special award for $250 in photography equipment will be awarded for up to two photographs that depict issues around the use of technology (cards, information systems, mobile phones) and policy and regulatory issues relating to microfinance (e.g., issues around interest rates, transparency, AML/CFT regulations).

WHEN: All entries, whether submitted electronically or mailed or shipped, must be received by CGAP before noon EST September 15, 2008.

M-commerce for Microfinance

I will join the contest. Anybody want to join me when I go on my photography gig?

Visit the CGAP website to get the Photography Contest Entry Form.

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