MRT mobile ticket live testing

by Ka Edong on November 21, 2007

I got this lead from dlethe01:

November 15, 2007 – OMI Mobile Solutions conducted its internal live test at MRT North Ave. Station to Taft Ave. Station. Succesfully activated OMI E-Wallet and purchase single journey MRT mobile tickets for SMART Communications and SUN Cellular.

Some notes:

  • Not much detail in the omniprime website. Omniprime was the group behind the mobile cinema tickets.
  • Good to see the system integration between MRT, Smart and most especially SUN!. This is the kind of collaboration we’re looking for to make more robust and more inclusive mobile services (instead of the giant telcos developing services that don’t work with the rival telco — we want services that are interoperable)
  • It turns out Omniprime is the system integrator for the MRT mobile tickets which I discussed back in August 2007.

Omniprime, how did the testing go? Goodluck! Let us know when it’s publicly available.

Thanks dlethe01!

ka edong
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