On MRT OMI IP TV: MRT Mobile Ticket TxtRide

by Ka Edong on June 30, 2008

I was at an MRT station Yesterday and was wondering what passengers were watching while waiting for the train.

They were watching the MRT TV’s, those sleek, black flat-screen TV’s at MRT stations. The TV was flashing some movie trailers and other clips from Omniprime Marketing Inc. (OMI). Thus the name of the TV’s: OMI IP TV. Not sure what IP stands for, is it Internet Protocol?

What caught my attention is the animated video about mobile ticketing via over the air purchase of 2D barcode. Here’s a video of the video 🙂 , and some details on MRT Mobile Ticketing service …

Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsVb21X5rMI

From the Omniprime Website

I’m glad to see Omniprime continuing to innovate and bring together technologies to serve Filipinos. OMI’s strategy brings together in audio-visual media (TV), cellphone technology, 2D barcodes, 2D scanners and I’m sure a lot of sweat and tears 🙂 .

MRT TxtRide

This is what caught my attention.

MRT Ticket nasa cellphone na!
Just text 2260 and get an MRT 2d barcode ticket on your cellphone. Convenient na, Mabilis pa!


The beauty behind a company like Omniprime deploying a service like this is that they were able to bring three telcos together for a common service that caters to all subscribers.

Visit www.Omniprime.net website for more details.

More reflections later …

Bin items: reflections on this service, links to previous Technobiography articles, more details from the service, links to other blogs.

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