Surf Unlimited

by Ka Edong on January 4, 2010

Here’s a very welcome service to the mobile interenet scene: Surf Unlimited data plans .

Surf Unlimited

The typical charging is P10/ 30 mins.

By subscribing to data plans, you get a “wholesale” discount for subscribing to a data plan for many hours. You will no longer need to count the minutes you’re using the Internet on your phone.

The new data plans give you more hours at a more affordable rate:

  • Unli Surf Daily  P50 / day 
  • Unli Surf Weekly  P300 / Week 
  • Unli Surf Monthly  P1,200 / month 

This works well for me because I access the internet from my phone many times a day, at various hours of the day.

If you’re going to access the Internet for more than 5 different times in a day, or if you’re going to access the internet for more than 2.5 hours continuously, the Surf Unlimited packages will work well for you.

This service is available for Smart subscribers. Using your mobile phone, visit to subscribe to a data plan. For more details, visit .

Surf na!
ka edong


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