Cellphone-napped for ransom

by Ka Edong on October 20, 2005

Read this story from a good friend, Randy. He lost his cellphone to a crook.

Kakainis. May sentimental value yun, I’m sure. Pati nga ako, nase-senti, eh. But, at the end of it all, I just call on Karma to give the crook what he deserves.

And continue to tell Randy that he has his wife and kids (kailan due si Mau?), he has his life and so much more to look forward to.

Makes me think about what I would do *if* (knock on wood) Brosia, my Smart Phone, gets lost/snatched.

My anti-cellphone snatcher to do list (not in chronological order):

1.) When faced with a snatcher, don’t resist. Life is precious.
2.) Keep an updated data backup (cellphone numbers, calendar).
3.) Turn on cellphone locks, just like Randy did.

4.) Register in NTC’s cellphone blocking program – NTC can block a cellphone upon owner’s request. This leaves the cellphone useless to a snatcher.
5.) Activate (?) that nifty locator service. Chance to find and apprehend that snatcher

Last but not the least, take good care of Brosia, don’t use cellphone in public places which may catch the attention of snatchers.


ka edong

First hand experience of a reader on NTC’s cellphone blocking service.


  • I’m still using my trusty S45 (converted to S45i). Hindi mainit sa mata ng magnanakaw. Some friends and I bought a handful of these units from Smart for PhP 3.5k each way back in 2003 (ME45 and S45). Kung mawala man, hindi gaano masakit sa bulsa.

    And thank God hindi pa naman ako nanakawan or nawalan ng phone sa paraan na parang kay Randy.

  • hi angelo,

    Makes me think twice too whether it’s worth the risk to get a top of the line phone.

    ka edong

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