Chikka Minute

by Ka Edong on November 24, 2005

I’ve been using Chikka messenger a lot this year. I normally don’t use it when I’m in Manila. I don’t bother.

But when I’m travelling, Chikka keeps me connected with textmates back at home.

I use Chikka’s JavaLite. It’s an online browser-run version or Chikka messenger. That way, I don’t need to install the program. I could use Chikka javalite on most public Internet shops. The only trouble is when the browser version or plugins aren’t compatible with Chikka javalite.

I just observed today that I can’t send too many Chikka messages to one person successively. The error message says that Chikka is doing this as a fight against SPAM. Thus, after a certain number of messages (around 3 or 4 ata), Chikka will not deliver subsequent messages unless the recepient replies to your messages.

Not bad … not a bad excuse … not a bad excuse for Chikka to sway their users to pitch in some revenue for the messaging company.

But seriously, thanks Chikka. I’ve used your service virtually almost for free. You’ve done many Filipinos good service.

ka edong
part-time Chikkador


  • hello po ulit!! ngayon ko lang update yung links ko .. 🙂 ako rin malaking tulong ng chikka kasi thats my way of chatting with my sister. kasi block sa opis nila yung YM.

  • hey airwind! how’s the air? how’s the wind? 😉

  • i don’t use the chikka messenger, but i use chikka. basta yung email lang. (chikka sends an email pag may nag send sa chikka account mo..then pwede ka na reply dun directly)

    i live in my email client hehe.

  • ramil,

    meron palang ganun ….

    heto pa, dagdagan natin… a few other less popular services of chikka

    ka edong

  • chikador

    after my chikka upgrade after 4 send sa smart lalabas yung anti spam feature..pero after nag reply n yung k textmate mo after 4 send lalabas uli yung anti spam feature..waaaa…sana d n lang ako ng upgrade..buti p s globe d ganun..

  • yeah. they need to make a profit too, eh. Sulitin mo nalang yung number of characters per message sent.

    Tsaka gawa ka nalang ng multiple accounts! e.g. use any landline number as a username.

    hassle nga lang to log-off and -on .

    keep on chikking

    ka edong

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  • JS

    hey..mga kababayan….im also a user of chikka and i think we’ve got almost the same observations… talagang ganun ang business so kahit di tayo satisfied sa service nila at least kahit papano malaking tulong pa rin sila sa atin di ba? i dont have connection with this chikka javalite service..i just want to say that we should learn how to appreciate things be it small or big… sometimes its not always good to feel satisfaction all the time…sabay ganun..he he..

  • You in macau, js? Ingat jan, make the Filipino proud out there!

  • lee

    bkit d ako maka recieve ng message galing sa pinas nag lo log out automatically yung chikka ko ano ba problema naiinis nko lagi na lang ganito

  • jj

    y hndi ako mkapg send ng message sa macau usng my pc? first time ko lng kc gumamit

  • jj, it might have something to do with your internet connection. visit and search for their support section. goodluck!

  • kat-lim

    ka edong, Y nga pla nag-a-automatic log out ang chikka? i think i login 4-5 times na today…plus my messages were not received..

  • kat-lim,

    That\’s life. Who said life is fair?

    Kidding aside 😉 , please ask chikka people.
    User Support


  • ED


  • Maaari niyong subukan mag-email sa Chikka: ;-).

    Balitaan niyo ako kung ano ang sagot nila. Goodluck!

  • lisa

    how do i use chikka javalite without installing in my computer?

  • skyline510

    anyone encounter this problem when you try to load chikka javalite

    any fixes?

  • Kix

    chikka mesenger is very cool txt far chikka has a better software than before. everyone has problem with chikka, all u have to do is update the software. CHIKKA ROCKS DUDE

  • Kix

    if u text ur frend or ur lab ones, make sure let them know to response asap. Chikka allow u to text up to 320 character, so it should have no problem texting ur flend or ur partner. 320 character is a lot, u can write a novel when u text someone special.

  • jenessa

    ei anyone who can explain why chikka is giving me an error message when i send mesage tpos sbe eh “you have no remaining credits recieving a message for a mobile will credit1” d q xa anyone hu can explain that to me.icharge b un sakin sa bbyadan q sa internet..??u can answer it trough my email

  • jenessa

    pls…. annswer me asap coz naghehesitant aq gumamit ng chikka kc bka mmya icharge sa smartbro qoh bka pagalitan aq ni mama q…

  • ibig sabihin lang nung error mo, wala ka nang credits na pang-send out ng panibagong PC-to-cellphone message.
    try mo ito:

    walang kinalaman ang chikka texting mo sa smartbro account mo.

    ka edong

  • alfred

    mga tsong at tsang pwede po ba padalhan nu ako sa email ng nadownload na installer ng chikka kasi d ako makadownload dito sa office nablock ung download dito. ito po ung email add ko… paksend na lang po dito maraming maraming salamat po…

  • che

    can i use chikka for my psp?

  • jhei

    guys im new hir, i juz wanna ask kung anung website ko ba mahahanap ang installer ng chikka 4 my mobile.. gusto ko sanang idownload ang chikka messenger sa cp ko eh..ok nmn ang chikka sa n95 dba?? paki sagot lng…salamat!

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  • makk

    di nyo po ba alm ibypass ang antispam ng chikka, simply delete ur buddy or the number dat ur texting and type again d cell number… mabypass nya un magrerestart sa 3 times ulit hehe sana naka help ako…
    gusto ko lng malaman kung may alm kau na paraan para magwork ang chikka sa psp hehe

  • rocky

    hi skyline510 im also getting tha fileNotFoundException error in chikka javalite. Did you solved this.

  • Try the new chikka web messenger! No need to download!

  • piNai21

    hi..Jus waNa asK iF sa psp pede maG oNLine sa neT?ThaNx YaLL

  • piNai21

    i mean.pede maG onLine sa chikka=[sori..pede baKo maG oNLine chikka usin psp=[?

  • geraldine

    2months ng di nag-aactivate ang chikka ko.i can receive chikka text but they cant receive from japan&im using mobile there a new chikka address for the phils.?need your support.thankyou

  • gian

    Hey 3 days na sira chikka…help me naman…kc d marecieve nung friend ko ung text ko sa kanya??bakit gnun??

  • gian

    bakit ganun…help me naman…pc to cp ung akin…kahit ilan txt ko pa hndi niya marecieved…

  • gian

    Haayzz can someone help me…sa tuwing mgtetext ako sa kanya sa cp niya hndi niya narerecieved or minsan late…pero pag mgrereply xa sa cp ko dun kc xa ngrereply sa roaming ko ng globe narerecieved ko…paki explain nmn?

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  • ana

    is there something wrong with the site of chikka now? why i can’t log in? thanks

  • Glenn

    hi ana,

    we are experiencing the same problem. where are you? are you abroad too?

  • what is the alternative site for recommendation bcoz its not working anymore,everytime i tried to use this,it just hangs up.

  • batang batibot

    pwede mgchikka gmit ang psp may wifi naman kasi d2 please pakisagot poh thanx

  • sheen

    help me naman please about anti spam thing ok naman nag reply friend ko sa text ko sa kanya pero hindi kona man ma-receive sa chikka ko kaya hindi ko parin sya ma text kahit may credit ako.

  • Gud day!
    Ask ko lng po, may chikka messenger po ako, pde po ba akong mag messege sa abroad gmit po ang chikka messenger. Nsa pinas po kc ako. Reply ASAP…

  • Gud Day Again!
    Magno po ang kaltas kapag nagreply ako sa chikka text gmit ko po ang cellphone. Reply ASAP

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