Facebook Mobile SMS service – A Quick Guide

by Ka Edong on December 25, 2009

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Until 2008, Facebook’s SMS service was available only within US and Canada.
This year, Facebook opened up the service to other countries.
The Philippines can now avail of Facebook’s Mobile SMS service.

I’ve been testing the service since last week. I find it highly streamlined and intelligent. The available commands, the follow-up replies and the control of how much/little you want are very well thought out. I like how the service makes the next logical transaction easily available for the user.

Facebook Mobile SMS

Facebook Mobile SMS

In this article, I’ll give you a quick guide on Facebook Mobile SMS:

  • how to register for Facebook Mobile SMS
  • Facebook Mobile SMS commands and online demo by Facebook

Register for Facebook Mobile SMS

While logged-in at Facebook, go to:

Settings > Account Settings > Mobile

Enter your mobile number and select carrier (Philippines > Smart) .

You will receive an SMS confirmation message to make sure the facebook account user is the same as the mobile subscribers. Follow instructions to complete the registration.

Facebook Mobile SMS Registration

Facebook Mobile SMS Registration

Edit Mobile SMS Settings

To control the type of alerts and messages you want to receive, go to “Edit Mobile Settings“  (https://register.facebook.com/mobile/?settings=1) .

  • Make sure you select “Texts are ON”
  • Select what kind of info you wan to receive
  • Select whose status updates you want to receive
  • select other settings, then click “Save Preferences”
Facebook Mobile SMS Settings

Facebook Mobile SMS Settings

Mobile SMS commands and demo

The “Facebook Mobile” page shows you the mobile services available from Facebook.

Facebook Mobile Services

Facebook Mobile Services

To learn more about the Mobile SMS service, click on “Learn about Mobile Texts” green box.

You’ll find the commands for Facebook Mobile SMS as well as an online demo.

Facebook Mobile SMS Commands

Facebook Mobile SMS Commands

Facebook Mobile SMS Demo

Facebook Mobile SMS Demo

More info

For more info, visit facebook’s Mobile Texts page https://register.facebook.com/mobile/?texts=1

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