Globe “my SuperPlan” – Choose the Unlimited Service you want

by Ka Edong on June 10, 2010

It put a smile on my face the first time I saw this plan around 2 months ago. Globe gives the subscriber the opportunity to cherry pick the kind of plan that they want.
– Choose and pay only for the services you need
– Chang your plan as often as monthly
– Enjoy Globe ALL-YOU-CAN services for as low as P349/mo
Creating value from mobile means making the most out of what you want/need and doing away with what you don’t need. We don’t like to spend for something that isn’t useful to us. By using my SuperPlan for what we truly find valuable, we’ll be able to create more wealth for ourselves, whether it’s through unlimited phone calls, unlimited surfing or unlimited text.
Globe My SuperPlan

Globe My SuperPlan

The reason I smiled is: telcos have been providing offerings that attempt to second-guess what the subscriber wants or needs. By allowing the subscribers to specifically choose what kind of plan they want, Globe was able to cater to a wide market with “personalized” plans that suits the subscriber’s own needs.
  • My SuperTXT – Text ALL-YOU-CAN (P349/mo)
  • My DUO – Call landline ALL-YOU-CAN (P450/mo)
  • My SuperDUO – Call Mobile & Landline ALL-YOU-CAN (P599/mo)
  • My Super UNLI – Call Mobile & Text ALL-YOU-CAN (P599/mo)
  • My Super SURF – Surf ALL-YOU-CAN (P1,200/mo)
  • My Super IDD – Call US & Canada ALL-YOU-CAN (P1,999/mo)
To avail or update Globe My Super Plan:
  • Visit the nearest Globe Store
  • or Call Hotline (02) 730-1000
  • or Register via SMS
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  • lipvixen

    My favorite of the bunch is MY SUPER UNLI 599. You get unlimited calls and texts for 30 days PLUS you no longer need to dial a prefix.

    They do not offer this package to prepaid as prepaid’s superunli will cost you 900 for 30 days with 150/5 days. Prefix still required for prepaid subs as well. The rest of the services (aside from My Super surf) you can avail of in prepaid at the same rate.

  • this is an interesting and helpful post about Globe. keep it up!

    No mess. Just jobs.

  • The Globe is an excellent resource site

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