Gmail Mobile gets the job done

by Ka Edong on September 21, 2006

Nothing to do while in the MRT or waiting for your date? Why not check your Gmail? … on your mobile phone! 😀

I’ve done this a couple of times since I heard about Gmail Mobile ( on your handheld mini-browser). I access it through Brosia, my smartphone, via GPRS.

Gmail Mobile is convenient for me. The interface is almost all text, so it’s easy on the bandwidth and on GPRS costs. It lets me browse through my Inbox and select only the important messages (i.e. skip the spam, skip the boss hehehe). Even the message thread is summarized first and lets me click the hyperlink of messages I want to read.

The Gmail Mobile page adds that it can handle pdf files and images. I haven’t tried it though.

Gmail Mobile is good complement to my old IMAP mail on Brosia which lets me compose a message first and then send the message later on.

Have you tried Gmail Mobile? How do you like it?

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