How to text without a cellphone? Use a payphone!

by Ka Edong on July 6, 2006

I had an urgent text message to send. But my cellphone battery died.

How do I text without a cellphone?

  1. Use (online javalite version of Chikka is nifty if you don’t want install the program).
  2. Use GoogleTalk.
  3. Maki-suyo. Ask a stranger if you could send an urgent text from her cellphone.
  4. Use a payphone!

That’s right! Use a payphone! But you’ll have to be in Australia to text through a payphone.

In Australia, there are payphones that allow a user to send an SMS message. Drop in the coins, select SMS as the transaction, press the corresponding keys while the LCD display shows your message, then send. I tried it once to send an urgent message to my sister. It worked!

ka edong


  • Ka Edong

    Good Day!

    If i remember correctly, it was already done here with our payphones. I think it was launched with the PLDT payphones before. Even with the SMARTalk payphones you can send SMS messages. Too bad it did not push through.

  • Here in the phils, through payphones? perhaps, I just don’t recall.

    I remember PLDT came out with a residential phone that’s wireless and looks like a cellphone. And subscribers can text using that handset.

  • I do remember that PLDT wireless residential phone being advertised on air.

    What happened to that plan?

  • there was even one PLDT service where you could text pre-assigned messages corresponding to numbers on the keypad.


    1 – come home
    2 – where are you?
    3 – I miss you so

    something like that. Didn’t fly. The mobile phone overtook this clanky service

  • justpassingby

    you havn’t seen signs like these on some stores: P5- pa text. P 10- pa charge.

    totoo, meron nito 🙂

  • talaga? No, I haven’t seen those yet. 😉

  • ka edong, it’s still possible here in the philippines, through a globelines landline, that is. and that’s if the globelines landline is ‘open’ for ndd calls (meaning hindi ‘locked’). try it out, or siguro first read the phone directory 🙂


  • dongcals,
    thanks for the tip.

  • Eduard

    You can text without cellphone by using internet, chika is one of text without cellphone,

    you can search in throughtout the internet web search engine “chicka” press enter you can download the software ok


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