Infant SPAM, Virgin SPAM

by Ka Edong on April 3, 2007

Story 1:

My cousin created an email address for his newborn daughter so that they can share some photos of the baby.

A few days after setting up the baby’s email address, the baby was receiving SPAM!
How quick these SPAMmers get to our email addresses. Amazing, ‘ei?

Story 2:

I used my handset’s voicemail service for the first time today. I had to grapple with accessing voicemail. It’s a more commonly used feature here in Canada than in the Philippines. I got a few messages and had a need to access it.

When I finally accessed my voicemail this morning, guess what one of the messages were. SPAM! It was an automated telemarketing message. Great, just great huh? My first experience with voice messaging in Canada and all I get is SPAM!

I want to get calls from home.

ka edong
home is where?


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