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by Ka Edong on December 7, 2005

Andre asked on Pinoy.Tech.Blog:

is there a mobile search that uses location based tracking to give you the nearest locations of what your looking for?

I did a search for location based services in the Philippines and found this service by e-yellow pages:

Through Smart zed Establishment Finder (which makes use of LBS technology), you can just flip out your cell phone and find the place you’re looking for — whether it’s a gas station, convenience store, restaurant, bar, or any other gimmick spot within Luzon. (Even churches can be found!)

Search this way …

Text WIN [category] to 288. These are the establishments (and their corresponding keywords) that you can search for:

* ATMs — ATM
* Banks — BANK
* Emergency services — EMERGENCY
* Gas stations — GAS
* Drugstores — DRUG
* Convenience stores — STORES
* Food places/Restaurants — FOOD
* Churches — CHURCH
* Hotels — HOTELS
* Resorts — RESORTS
* Bookstores — BOOKS
* Gimmick places — GMK
* Recreations centers — REC

This service is initially available to Smart Gold and Smart Buddy subscribers within Luzon at P2.50 per transaction.

This should come in handy when I’m looking for my self.

ka edong
finding me-ismo


  • I have a qustion.
    1.What is the uses of NBI Clearance and examples of of NBI Clearance?
    2. Police Clearance>where or when and where to secure?
    3. Relationship to tourism/On tour guiding
    Pls. reply asap?

  • Gerome,

    1. If you need to travel abroad, if you’re looking for a job — you’ll be asked to present an NBI clearance.
    2. Get a police clearance from a nearby PNP station.
    3. I don’t get your question.

    ka edong baron
    thinking of charging for questions answered 😉

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