Missed Call Alert works for me

by Ka Edong on July 23, 2007

Missed Call Alert of Smart. I find this free Value Added Service very convenient. It sends me an SMS message when somebody tries to call my number but doesn’t connect. I get the alert message when I don’t pick-up the call, when I was “out of coverage area”, when “the subscriber cannot be reached”.

It’s also very convenient for me when I’m travelling abroad. Since I don’t want to answer calls (it’s expensive and when roaming, the caller’s identity doesn’t come out in my cellphone display), I just wait for the alert message and I’d know who it was and whether the call is important.

So here’s how to activate the missed call alert:

Text “ALERT ON” and send to 333

You’ll  receive an acknowledgement that the service is activated.

Next, you need to setup call diverts using your phone. Go to you phone’s call divert settings and forward calls (missed calls, unattended etc.) to “+63918101”.

Here’s a sample message when you miss a call:

You missed my 1 call(s) on 07/21/07 at 2:21pm. Please call back. Thanks. (Missed Call Alert is another innovative service brought to you by SMART for FREE.) 

Try it!

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  • Chitta

    Can any one suggest me how i will make the Lab setup for MCA application?

  • nuninuninu.. this doesn’t seem to work anymore. when i send ALERT ON to 333 it says sorry, you are so handsome etc. and all the flattering adjectives it can think of.

    ka edong, does your alert still work?

  • Hmmmm….
    esti, mukhang malubha ang sakit nung cellphone mo, or nung ALERT ON service 😀

    I tested it now and it’s not working as well (nahawa cellphone ko sa cellphone mo?!?!).
    But I think it was working a couple of weeks ago.

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