My 3G friend and his toys

by Ka Edong on March 6, 2006

Jasjar 3 G phone: image from www.airfagev.comI have a friend who does have a 3G phone, afterall.

I wrote in the past that I don’t know of any friend of mine who uses a 3G phone. Now I have one: David Ruffin, ole friend from Airfagev with his Jasjar 3G phone.

I texted and sent DR an e-mail from Brosia, my Smartphone. I was excited for him and his 3G phone and told him maybe we could do a 3G call one of these days. No reply. Snob! … hehhehe biro lang, bro!

DR and any of his fine feathered 3G totting bretheren could avail of some 3G promos by the telcos.

  • Smart has free 3G services in key cities around the country.
  • Globe has free video calls to international numbers (IDD). That should be interesting but I couldn’t find mechanics of that promo.
  • I see also that smart is pump priming the subscriber base of 3G by offering 3G handsets with subscription plans. I think I even saw one advertisement that offered *two* 3G phones for one subscription.

3G days are here …

So, DR, when will you let me borrow your 3G phone?

ka edong
3Gr happy


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