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by Ka Edong on July 7, 2006

The flyer says “Introducing, another first from Smart.”

I know this is just a re-packaged app, something that we’ve seen in another form in the past. But I just couldn’t put my finger on what this service used to be.

Smart Voice Txt is a service of Smart that allows a sender to record a 30-second audio message. The message is sent and the recipient gets a text message with instructions on how to listen to the recorded audio message.

This is probably the same technology as the regular voice mailbox. I’m starting to remember a service where subscribers can listen to voice recordings of showbiz personalities.

To send: dial *899(cellnumber) on a Smart cellphone (cost: P2.50 / Voice Txt sent)

Recepient will receive an SMS message:
“I sent you a VoiceTxt. Call *79901 for FREE to HEAR my msg (P1/call after the 1st free call).”

When the recipient listens to the 30 second message, the sender of the message receives a message saying that the VoiceTxt was listened to.

The message could also be forwarded by sending it to 899+recipient’s number.

Not bad.

Some possibilities:

  • Record the voice of a government official asking for a bribe. Imagine how an expose similar to “Hello Garci” could have spread like wild fire through this convenient service.
  • Instead of creating text jokes, people can start creating audio jokes.
  • Instead of taking stolen photos, you can record the voice of an un-suspecting person (a teacher scolding the class).

5h1t. Such useless stuff I’m coming up with ….


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  • pde nyo po i free call i2ng number n i2,09105328592?

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