Testimony: NTC cellphone blocking

by Ka Edong on October 21, 2005

Update (Dec 14, 2006): Visit the NTC website’s “Text 682 (Text NTC) Anti-Phone Theft Service” for more information on how to prevent mobile phone theft.

I had a story on Technobiography (while it was still in Blogger) about NTC’s cellphone blocking service. NTC offers to block the cellphone handset upon request of the owner. This comes in handy when your cellphone is snatched or lost. Blocking the cellphone makes the handset useless to the snatcher (or to the buyer of the snatched cellphone).

Added June 28 2008:

  1. The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) now has a onestop public asistance center (OSPAC). Contact OSPAC at tel (+632)9267722 or (+632)4367722 or visit their website at http://www.ntc.gov.ph.
  2. Contact info:
    Ruel V. Canobas
    924-4042 / 924-4048

    Deputy Commissioner
    Jorge V. Sarmiento
    924-4037 / 924-3749

    Deputy Commissioner
    Jaime M. Fortes, Jr.
    924-4040 / 924-4087

    Frequency Management Division
    Joselito C. Leynes
    Acting Chief

    Commission Secretariat
    Grace V. Manuel

    One Stop Public Assistance Center
    926-7722 / 436-7722

  3. Keyword search: NTC, Block cellphone, lost cellphone

Below, Michael shares his experience with NTC’s service. I will not edit syntax, but I have cut a few parts for brevity. Read on…

na-try ko na ipa-block yung sap smartphone ko noon thru text NTC. hindi naman nanakaw yung sap ko, nasa akin pa rin, gusto ko lng itest yung block through text ntc kung gumagana. hindi naman real-time, parang 2 weeks bago nag-eeffect.

after 2 weeks, wala na signal, then ni-try ko magpasok ng ibang sim ng smart, wala signal, ni-try ko globe, wala din signal. it really works, rest assured, ntc and telcos really do their job.

ang procedure ng ntc para ipa-block yung cellphone is gagawa sila ng order letter na iblock yung imei, then ifoforward nila yung letter sa lahat ng telcos.

mahirap nga lang pag ipapa-unblock sabi ng taga-ntc, mas madali yung block request. di ko n lang na-verify kung ni-forward ng ntc yung unblocking request sa mga telcos. kasi nung hindi ko na mahintay kung ni-actionan ba ng ntc and telcos yung unblocking.
ibinalik ko sa smart rom yung sap ko para pwede ko patingnan sa smart wireless center kung bakit wala signal yung sap ko 😀 heheh

pero nung ibinalik na sa akin sap ko, pinaltan daw ng brightpoint yung board nung sap, sira daw yung keypad and volume controller. bale iba na imei nung sap pagkabalik s akin (board ba naman palitan)

nabiktima ako ng ipit gang last monday of last week. nadukutan ako ng cellphone, nokia 6670. this day pinablock ko yung imei nung cellphone ko sa ntc, pumunta na ako mismo ng ntc, di ko kasi nairegister yung imei ng 6670 ko through text ntc.

nga lang sabi sa akin nung barkada ko (hindi taga-ntc), wala rin daw kwenta ipa-block sa ntc, madali lng daw palitan yung imei ng nokia series 60 na phone, software base lng daw pag-change ng imei.

Here’s a parting shot from Michael which I’ll share to readers. You might have some information that will be useful to Michael:

share me some info regarding software base imei flashing kung posible nga ba sa series 60. di ko naman balak gawin career pag-modify ng imei. kasi kung posible nga, hindi na ako magpupunta ng ntc. ipapa-insure ko n lng susunod n bili ko ng cellphone

Hope you found Michael’s testimony useful. I did. I plan to register with NTC, especially after reading about the loss of friend Randy’s O2 XPhone.

Keep that cellphone safe and sound. Keep your life that way too.

ka edong

On PTB: Cellphone Insurance: Alive and Kicking

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  • Edelyn G. balanay

    can i block my cellphone too…kc na na snatched sya yesterday pero dko lam kung pano? please help me to stoped people who snatched other things.

  • Might be too late.

    Do you have the cellphone’s IMEI number? You should have that number when you report to NTC.

    To get your IMEI:
    Press *#06# on your phone

  • pano ko b ipapablock yung cp ko kasi nahulog sa fx e….di na binalik

    • ayen

      paano po ba gumanti sa mananakaw ng cellphone kc bale dalawa na pong cellphone ang ninakaw nya sa akin yong isa xpress at yong isa c105 yong mag bagong cellphone pa naman yong.

      thank you……….

  • ayen,

    Do you have the cellphone’s IMEI number? You should have that number when you report to NTC.

    To get your IMEI:
    Press *#06# on your phone

    de javu

  • she

    i lost my cellphone at motorcycle. Is there any possibility that when the cellphone is blocked, is there an intance that they can reopen or re-block? What are the other requirements when i will report to the NTC about my cellphone other that the IMEI?

  • she

    i heard also from other people that blocking my lost cellphone is useless because there are so many ways on how to unblocked the unit , any expert can unblocked the lost cellphone. How true is this? How successful is the blocking?

  • jeff bunggay

    my se k608i today was snatched.. i just wanted to know how to block the cellphone.. i have the imei number in my house and i would like to block that phone so that they cannot use it… pls tell me how to text ntc about it.. the format of the text and what number toi text.. thanks…

  • panu po pag block ng sim kasi nawala po ung sim ko tas ginaghaimt?

  • anu ung # ng ntc?

  • joemar,
    visit http://www.ntc.gov.ph

  • banjo

    i want to block my nokia 6670 that was stolen

  • liezl

    ninakaw po kasi ang phone ng kapatid ko dito sa bahay namin while he was sleeping, gusto po sana namin ipa block ang phone thru imei..alam naman po namin ang imei dahil nasa box po iyon ng phone niya..so paano po ang gagawin namin..please help naman po..thank you so much..

  • Hi Liezl:

    From a previous article:

    Fight back! “Handang tumulong ang NTC”. The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) now has a onestop public asistance center (OSPAC). Contact OSPAC at tel (+632)9267722 or (+632)4367722 or visit their website at http://www.ntc.gov.ph.


    ka edong

  • smartrey


    Follow guide above web site:

    Also, Its good to register 3g capable phones to 682 because nobody can change the imei the meantime.

  • thanks smartrey!

  • AeK

    naholdap ako.. di ko lang sure kung nablock na ung cell. ibang cellphone ginamit ko pagregister tapos pinablock ung imei nung cellphone kong nanakaw. I used the 682

  • Natashia

    my cellphone was stolen yesterday in Ayala Mall. Is it possible to register the stolen phone using other cellphone and have it blocked?

  • if you have the IMEI number, go online to NTC and have it blocked. http://www.ntc.gov.ph/

    If you don’t have the IMEI number, you cannot have it blocked.


  • marichu

    nawala ang cp ko last saturday. May 5,2007.. tntawagan ko,active parin gamit ang sim,gusto ko ipa block,i just want to know kng pwedeng sa online ko nlng ireport bout dis at pwedeng di na magpunta sa ntc? nskn parin ang box with imei at ang receipt

  • try contacting NTC: Contact OSPAC at tel (+632)9267722 or (+632)4367722
    or your telco:
    pldt 171

    globe 211

    sun 200

    digitel 1710

    smart *888

    bayantel 171

  • ichu

    how would i know if my stolen cp and sim was already blocked after 2 weeks it had been reported to your office? do you have the list of blocked IMEM #s online? thanks.

  • my cellphone too is theft by someone
    in the office what are the requirement in blocking the cellphone,isnt true that it is easily to open block cellphones?
    kindly pass me on what are requirements needed in blocking the cellphone.because i already call ntc manila and i forget to ask the requirements.i really want to block my cellphone,motorola v3.

  • Hi ichu, Vangie,

    Please contact OSPAC about your inquiry:

    onestop public asistance center (OSPAC). Contact OSPAC at tel (+632)9267722 or (+632)4367722 or visit their website at http://www.ntc.gov.ph

  • kian

    how to block a sim card? kasi, may mga tao lang talagang walang magawa..kundi ang mang-gulo,.

  • good question!
    I don’t know 🙁
    Pls Contact your telco.
    *888 on smart cellphone
    211 ata for globe.

  • jessica

    pwde po b mgpblock ng sim kasi my death threat po message nya skin. pano po b mppblock ung sim help po??? eto po pla ung number nung cp nun #09105530725 sna po mtulungan nyo ko kung pano po mbblock yung mga taong mhilig mg message ng death threat.

  • Kung ako ikaw, magpapalit na ako ng sarili kong cellphone number.
    Contact your cellphone company para itanong kung paano mag-pa-block ng number.
    goodluck. ingat

    ka edong

  • jessica

    tnx ka edong and more power po!!!:)

  • wala pong anuman

  • hmmm im usin nokia n80 blocked by NTC i dunno why, i bought it in greenhills, maybe the former user tried to blocked it for no reason, grrr!!! for now therez no software how toi change the imei opf series 60 3rd edition fone lalo ng nokia n series…… i have my receipt here, damn to the former user,..

    anybody know how to fixed it? i love to try to re register my imei to NTC, but my problem is, maybe they traced my number, and thinking i snatched the phone or bought it in GSM(GALENG SA MAGNANAKAW) hay what the hell….

  • for help!!! please email me bout this problem, thanks to the owner of this site…. http://geocities.com/alan4t/wap.wml

  • Jessica,

    I asked Smart. Ang paraan daw para ‘di makatanggap ng tawag mula sa specific numbers ay nasa feature ng phone. Mga ericsson phones daw, may ganung feature.

    Walang service daw na ganun sa side ng telco.


  • Charlene

    Hello! Ask ko lang po sana if magpapablock ng cp ay pwede pa ba itong ipa unlblock? Kasi nanakaw ang celfon ko. gusto ko sana ipablock. If blocked na ba ang celfon pwede paba ito ipa unblock?

  • Tanong ko lang po… pwd ko pa bang makuha ang cellphone ko once na pablock ko na? May mga pictures kasi akong kuha don padevelop ko lang sana… please advise me kung pwede. Salamat po

  • Una, hindi ko naintindihan ang tanong mo. Kaya mang-huhula nalang ako.

    Opo, pag-ipa-block niyo ang phone niyo *bago* (before) ito mawala/ma-nakaw, makukuha niyo ulit ang cellphone niyo (in fact, di niyo kailangan i-surrender ang cellphone niyo).

    Para di niyo ako sisihin, tanungin niyo nalang po ang NTC bago niyo ipa-block.

    ayos? ayos!

    ngiti lang tayo, k?
    ka edong

  • michelle

    hi i just lost my phone 6300. pano ko po ireregister sa NTC to blobk it? pano po kung pinalitan na ung sim pwede pa po ba iregister un?ihave the IMEI po. please help me…

  • hi Michelle,
    unfortunately, you need to register with the NTC cellphone blocking service *before* you lose the phone.
    see: http://www.ntc.gov.ph/announcements/text682.htm .

    Considering you have the IMEI of your lost phone, try calling your telco and find out if there’s another way to block your phone.


    ka edong

  • mcdonald

    i have a blocked N80 .how i can b able to use it through a network?> if anyone has any solution plz tell

  • Makie


    somebody stole my cel while i’m riding a jeep on my way home… it’s N70… can somebody help me block my cel… i dont have the IMEI since i dont have the cel anymore… you think serial number will help? i still have the manual though can i find it on the manual(IMEI)?


  • Michael P


    My sony ericsson k750i was stolen, napasok kz
    kwarto namen..ask ko lng po if san pwde makita ung imei aside from keying a code from the phone. I forgot to save the IMEI no of my phone..tnx


  • @ Michael P,

    try recovering the IMEI from the package you received when you purchased your phone (box, receipts from the telco). It should be documented somewhere there.

  • Gilead

    Tulungan nio po ako, kakasnatch lang po ng phone ko N70, I know it can’t be returned to me. But can you help me block it para naman hindi mapakinabangan ng dumukot. Pls pls pls, sa mga nawalan ng phone i know you know what it feels. My phone’s IMEI is 351863014652156. The sim number is 09204654716. Model N70. I don’t know the procedure on how to block it, but pls, im begging anyone who cares. Pls help me block it. 🙁

  • Tulungan nio po ako, kakasnatch lang po ng phone ko N70, I know it can’t be returned to me. But can you help me block it para naman hindi mapakinabangan ng dumukot. Pls pls pls, sa mga nawalan ng phone i know you know what it feels. My phone’s IMEI is 351863014652156. I don’t know the procedure on how to block it, but pls, im begging anyone who cares. Pls help me block it. 🙁

  • matatagalan bago ako makarecover, pinagipunan ko pa naman ang phone ko.. pls anyone can help me block it.. 🙁

  • Marie

    Nakakainis ang NTC. Naka-two weeks na at lahat, na-ri-ring ko pa yung old number ko. Malamang din nabenta na at lahat yung unit din. Tumawag ako sa NTC, non-committal yung sagot, nagawa nila na daw yung job. And they were very nice about it too. Pdeng tumawag ako next time for follow-up, pwede ring hindi. Hello? Paano nila nagawa yung job, eh na-ri-ring ko pa yung nanakaw na cellphone ko?!

  • yanie

    may nagnakaw po kais ng sim card ko.. now he’s texting all the contacts in my sim..nanghihingi siya ng load and binabastos nia ako sa mga nasa sim card ko.. nainform q na mga friends ko na may bago na akong number at wag silang maniniwala don sa luma kong number pero ung nagnakaw ng sim ko text parin ng text.. tumawag ako sa globe para ipablock pero sabi nila sa ntc daw ako tumawag.. tumawag ako sa ntc pero nde sinasagot..

    help nmn po..


  • reign

    ako din.. pano pa block ang sim?? ung mga numbers ng NTC not in service as of yesterday!

  • xupP17

    unfotunately aq din naholdap…pnu po ba mgpblock ng cellphone…mine is k600i…i found it hard to go to the site given by kaedong…ung http://www.ntc.gov.ph…ayaw gumana…
    ngpla i have the serial no. of my phone and also the IMEI…my only problem is how to block my cellphone…huhu…tnx.^^

  • xupP17

    unfortunately aq din naholdap…pnu po ba mgpblock ng cellphone…mine is k600i…i found it hard to go to the site given by kaedong…ung http://www.ntc.gov.ph…ayaw gumana…
    ngpla i have the serial no. of my phone and also the IMEI…my only problem is how to block my cellphone…huhu…tnx.^^

  • arvee

    uhmm…kuya edong can u help me…my se w810i is stolen yesterday jan 13, 08′ i have the IMEI here but i cannot contact the ntc (nag riring lng wla sagot) i want to know how to block a unit through ntc website…could u give me a specific or exact URL for this matter pls…


  • Hi Arvee,

    I used to refer folks to http://www.ntc.gov.ph/announcements/text682.htm

    But I see it’s no longer working.
    I Suggest you call them…

    The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) now has a onestop public asistance center (OSPAC). Contact OSPAC at tel (+632)9267722 or (+632)4367722 or visit their website at http://www.ntc.gov.ph.

    I also sent an email, copied you on it.

  • Commissioner
    Ruel V. Canobas
    924-4042 / 924-4048

    Deputy Commissioner
    Jorge V. Sarmiento
    924-4037 / 924-3749

    Deputy Commissioner
    Jaime M. Fortes, Jr.
    924-4040 / 924-4087

    Frequency Management Division
    Joselito C. Leynes
    Acting Chief

    Commission Secretariat
    Grace V. Manuel

    One Stop Public Assistance Center
    926-7722 / 436-7722

  • aby

    pls help to block my phone na snatched last monday, here po a serial number 358298011921432 samsung po ung unit ko.tnx po

  • wen

    hello po. my samsung cp was also stolen 3 days ago. i tried texting 682 nung kananakaw pa lang pero bakit po hindi nagsesend? hindi ata working yung TXT NTC?

  • kuya na snatch po ung CP o 6300 kahapon lng jan. 24 ’08 nag send na po ako ng email sa kanila and im w8ting for the reply
    kaasar kcng mga magnanakaw yan walalang magawa sa buhay ang lalaki ng katawan ayaw magtrabaho…takte

  • maricel

    nanakaw po ung cp q na sony ericsson Z710i,imei number 353065010446652 sn po ma block agd ung unit n yn pr nd mapakinabangan ng ng nakaw nung last jan23 2008.salamat po

  • the.unexpected

    hi!… pwde po manghinga ng advice.. ninakaw po phone ng GF ko, pano po ba mg pa block?.. binigay nya po sa kin serial # no phone nya.. eto po 352278013424169…

  • ryan

    pls. block my lose phone they got it from me inside the jeep around
    bicutan area taguig city my phone is n73 series and the serial no. are
    356406019173045. thank ryan jeffrey furuc of heritage park global city

  • pls. block my phone they got it from me inside the market around……..san carlos city area in negros occidental my phone unit is T610 SERIES and the srial no. are 351990002942883…………..thank you ……….

  • MEL


  • ben

    Paki block naman ung sim na ito. 09094801004. nagsesend ng text scam. ed rendon daw pangalan. nanalo daw ako ng cash prize from pcmc thru cpv electronics raffle draw. tnx

  • cel

    ang hirap contakin ng ntc landline and hotline. nawala cp ng anak ko, ipapablock ko sna agad kaya lang di ko makontak ng ntc at di ko din maopen website nila. anobayan!!!

  • rusel

    ka edong please help me po, kc nawala ang nokia 6600 ko na cp last november 2007 and until now nag rring pa rin and number ko na yun at one time may nakausap pa ako…eto po ang cellphone number na nanakaw 09184837585,, pano ko po ba maboblock and sim at cellphone na ninakaw?..thank u po

  • hi phone of my bf stolen yesterday
    its a lenovo s9….
    already blocked the sim …
    i know na its only few people who have this kind of phone model in the philippines ..we bought it from china…kaya sobrang pursue kami na mablock ito…
    please advise kung saang ntc kami pwede pumunta …their wesite is not functioning kasi…
    all receipts are in chinese but deifnetely has an IMEI..i checked already…
    sobrang we really want to block it..


  • leony manalo

    san po ba ko pwedeng humingi ng tulong sa na nakaw sa akin yung celphone ko na N70 na may IME#359381007229397 nais ko sanag ipa blocked ito upang hindi na ito magamit na sino mang nakabili. hindi po ako ma kontak sa NTC sa dami po na kanilang numero kahit isa hindi ko po matatawagan.sana magawan ninyo ito ng paraan upang ma iblocked ang cell na ninakaw sa akin salamat po.

  • Lovely Pelostratos

    Saan po ba pwedeng mag pa block nang cellfone ninakaw po kasi yung cellfone ko na N6070 na may IME#356292014215605 at yung Samsung E250 na may IME#355789-01-222094-2
    hindi po kasi ako maka contact sa NTC kahit isa sa mga number salamat po.

  • poipoi

    Tumawag po ako sa globe para ipablock sana ang simcard ko ni forward nila ko sa ntc..so pag tawag ko sa ntc, nung una super busy ng line, the next day may sumagot na super sungit na lalaki at sabi nya dalhin ko daw ang simpack ko at yung box ng cp ko at 2 valid id’s kung gusto ko daw mapablock ito sa office nila sa qc. sabi ko e kung yung simcard na lang po, punta pa rin daw ako at dalhin ang simpack! ano ba yan eh pano kung nawala na ang simpack ko kse matagal na yun dba?grrrrrrrrr

  • DarkEnchantress

    Sniff..my N70 was stolen last March05, at the Bus station near MRT North-Ave. around 4-5pm..
    When I get into the bus I noticed that my backpack is open & my Mphone is gone! I immediately get off the bus & went back because I think I know who the thief was..I found the girl who was behind me all the time when I was waiting for the bus..then I tap her at the back & ask her to show her hand (which was inside her pocket at that time) and nothing was inside except 4 her CP pouch. I asked permission to search her bag, but unfortunately, she’s clean so I let her go..
    My instinct still tells me until now that it’s her..maybe they’re in a team and she handed my Mphone to others to be safe (& i think that’s clever!). I texted the thief, there’s no reply. Gave a call so I can talk to him/her personally and negotiate but I guess they already turned my phone off or removed my sim.
    Now my plan is to have my phone blocked forever! If I can’t have it back, at least I’ll give the thief a hard time to use or sell it, as PAYBACK! >=)

  • analisa grepo

    magandang araw po ako po c ana ng cavite gusto ko sana na ipablock nyo po yung cel. ko n P910i kc po nahold-up po me yun po ang nakuha ang IMEI po ay 35582600059747505 sana po ay maiblock nyo po yung cel ko n nakuha ng mga masasamang loob … paki e-mail po me pag naiblock nyo n ang cel ko more power po god bless….

  • pamela

    mag-ingat kyo kay ed rendon nambibiktima iyon cnasabi nya kunwari na nanalo kyo ng cash prize from pcmc thru cpv electronics raffle draw

  • cristy

    huwag kayong magpapaloko kay ed rendon nambibiktima iyon kunwari sasabihin nyang nanalo ang sim number nyo sa raffle draw ito ang number ni ed rendon ngayon 09104706448

  • Ronald

    Guys and dolls the easiest and surest way to have you phone blocked is to go to NTC office mismo. Malapit yun sa Bangko Central at SSS yung papuntang SM Fairview. My cellphone an N73 Music Ed which I just bought last December 2007. Ka board mate ko lang ang nagnakaw kaya ang sarap sakalin habang tulog. Anyway ang requirements ng NTC:

    2 – Photocopy of Valid ID (SSS, TIN, Company etc).
    IEMI Number ng lost phone
    Original Receipt of Purchase (ito ata pang check nila kung sa iyo ba talaga ito).

    Hope that helps. Very Accomodating naman mga tao dun.

  • virgilio herradura

    may natanggap din ako text messeges nanalo daw ako ng 480,000,00 at napili daw ang sim ko na nanalo at ang insponsor daw ay ang pres.GMA at Phils Charity Foundation GrandAniversary daw at comfrim daw ng NTC at ang licence na ibinigay niya DTI-NCR#0380 AT Atty.DIOSDADO R. CERVANTEZ ANG CELL# +639053467361 nais ko alng po icomfrim tungkol sa dito po salamat po at ngayon ko lang ko na tanggap ang messeges mga 8:09 ng umaga

  • Virgilio,
    Mag-ingat sa mga manloloko. Hwag mag-pa-loko.

  • @annalisa grepo

    Hindi po ako nag-ba-block ng cellphone. 🙂
    Pwede niyo pong i-contact ang NTC.
    Subukan niyo rin po ang tip ni Ronald.

  • leony manalo

    pano po ba malaman kung na iblocked na yung cell na inireport ko sa NTC, hindi na po ba ito magagawa ng kahit na sino mang technician at may posibilidad ba itong maibalik pa sa akin

  • Ronald

    Leony iyon lang ang problema. Di natin malalaman pero may mga cases daw na may mga nagpunta dun para ipa unblock. Mostly yung bumili tapos mahuhuli na sila ng NTC at mabawi ang phone mo. Yung nakabili puede pa atang kasuhan ng anti-fencing law kaya ako di ako bumibili ng second hand na walang box or receipt sa pagbili. Buying from robbers too will only encourage those assholes and losers to rob again. So di bale na kung mahal sa brand new pa rin ako pagipunan ko na lang.

  • Ronald

    Did you guys know about this TxtProtect Insurance? Puede mo pala ipa insured yung cellphone mo for just 10% of the cellphone price. So kung sakaling manakaw papalitan nila ng bago. I am planning to avail of this pag may bagong phone na ako.

  • MarkDed

    most of the issues here are people lost their phones through snatch, robbed and in my case – HoldUp…

    Its really sad to know that a lot of people would steal from us… Especially if the thing you have is something you really strived to acquire it.

    If I would be given a chance to talk to any Batman or Superman… I’ll ask them to have these criminals either dead or paralyzed…

  • MarkDed

    By the way, I lost a Nokia 1600 and a brand new PalmOne Treo (its just been 2 months with me… huhuhu) I was Hold-Up inside our subdivision.

    The sad part is I usually don’t display my PDA phone and I only use it at work, at home and any place I know it would be safe…

  • Lhei

    go0d day!

    super busy naman po nung website ng ntc. pati sa line. paano ko po ipapablock ung cellphone ko?.. wala naman po ako time para pumunta sa mismong place ng ntc.. wala po bang ibang paraan.. pwde pong i-post ko na lang dito ung IMEI # ko? please response.. asap.. thanks and God bless..

  • Hi Lhei,
    Try nyo po tip ni ronald

  • leony manalo

    pano ko po ba malaman na iblocked na yung N70 na ninakaw sa akin ang sabi sa NTC na iblocked na daw nila at gaano ka totoo na pwede pa yung palitan ng IME ng mga technician kasi nagtanong ko pwde daw pa nilang buksan yon papalitan lang daw po nila ng IME#

  • yup, tama napapalitan nga ang IMEI ng mga phones so pde gawin ng magnanakaw yun kung sakali successful na naipablock mo yung phone mo.

  • hi po,nanakaw po ung N70 ko knna sa hrap ng sm fairview knna lng.pano po b un maipa-block?

  • i2 po ung serial # ng phone ko.
    354551018378731. sana po matulungan nyo po ako. salamat po.

  • kristel

    nanakaw ung motorola v3x ko..panu po ipapablock??pls help po..tnx

  • ERIC

    guys nanakaw po sa jeep ung Nokia N73 ko kagabi (April 27, 2008). Mag-ingat po kayo, nadukot po ito habang nakasakay ako sa jeep na biyaheng Divisoria. Sa Monumento po ako nakasakay papuntang Divisoria kasi pauwi na ako sa bahay namin. Pagdating ko sa 2nd Avenue, napansin kong wala na ang phone ko. Nadukutan nga ako. Mag-ingat kayo sa mga mandurukot sa Monumento. Nag-try ako mag-WIS locator ng smart. Lumabas na nasa C-3 Dagat-Dagatan, Navotas na ang phone ko. Palagay ko, tagaduon ang nandukot ng phone ko. Babala lang po sa lahat. Mag-ingat sa MONUMENTO, CALOOCAN lalong lalo na sa tapat ng Ever Grand Central. dun kasi ako sumakay ng jeep at baka dun din ako naispatan ng mga mandurukot although hindi ko naman inilabas ang phone ko. Nakaumbok kasi sa bulsa ng maong shorts ko ung phone. Makarma sana ang nagnakaw ng phone ko

  • cheng

    hello po aq po new victim but actually i admit n pgkkmli q y i lost my N6880. nkskay kc kme ng asw q s jeep nyaheng burgos mkti then bumb kme ng asw q s robelle mansion dhil s buntis aq dre2cho aq s pgbb ng jeep yl ignoring d old woman n dlidling lumipat s kinauupuan ng mister q oldo ndi p tlg aqng totally n nkkbb.. then ns bhay n kme ndi p rin nmin alm n nwwl n pl cp q. nknood p aq ng lobo at PBB hanggang s m22log n kme ng asw q at naalala nya ung cp. una, todo twag p kme # q tnext q p bk kc mpkiuspan pro d cnasgot.. til mklipas ang 2 days unattended n ky ngeon advice nlng ng friend q ipalock nlng dw s NTC.. kc dw mplitan man dw ung IME e ggastos dw ng mlki ung nkkuha ng cp q.. pr dw bumili nrin ng bgong unit.. is it true? ask q lng kpg pinblock q b ok lng khit box nlng ung naitbi ko kc mtgal q ng nbili ung cp ky nwl ko n ung resibo.. bk ndi aq ientertain f punta aq NTC tpos kulang ung dl q n nid nla pr mblock cp q.. gus2 q lng nmn n mwlan ng silbi ung cp q dun s nkkuha dhil they don’t knw kung paano pghirapan ng bumili ng cp. cla bsta may nkta lng n cp n naiwan o npansin n kgad n nalag2 s bulsa pag iintrisan n at di bblking ibalik.. iba n tlg ang ghman ky dobleng karma un..

  • honeylet_22

    ano po ba bang kayword na pwede gmitin pra ma-block yong sim?

  • honeylet_22

    gusto ko po sana ipi_block yung sim ko kc may smartloadwallet pa yon. panu po ba?

  • honeylet_22

    sa ngayon po wala po ako gngamit na fon.pwede po bang kayo nlang mag-block nun.

  • honeylet_22

    09187330120 paki-block naman po 2ng # na to.. meron pa pong smartloadwallet yun.

  • Kung pre-paid yung SIM mo, sa pagka-alam ko ay wala ka nang magagawa … kundi tanggapin ang pag-ka-wala.
    suggest: punta ka kaagad sa Smart Wireless Center, sa kanila ka magpa-tulong.


    ka edong

  • bernard

    pano po ba i-block ung sim ko?kasi po nawala sya pwedi nyo po ba akong tulungan?

  • bernard

    at pano po pala malalaman ung number ng sim kasi nanghingi ako ng sim eh di naman nakasave ung number kaya di ko po mapaloadan help me plzzzzzzzzzz

  • how to block the sim n the phone?

  • Rey

    Hi gusto ko lang itanong kong anu ang proseso ng pag block ny cellphone unit mo nanakawan kasi ako ng cellphone eh gusto ko lang kasing makabawi panabla nalang kong ganun
    para naman hindi magami yong cp ko salamat lang kong may information lang kayo ah

  • i wanted to block find and kill this person, 09098215772 – He named himself Atty. Roldan G. Reyes.
    He loves to get your money using promos. Thank You!

  • Rhoderick R. Rodriguez

    nadali po ako ng budolbudol nakuha po yung phone SE W960i IME # 359502012202596 paano ko po maboblock tell me nman kung paano i2 po email add ko erykrodriguez@yahoo.com thnx

  • rolly

    nabiktima po ako ng snatcher gus2 ko pong ipablock ung No. ko, help nman po para panabla na lang kami plssss.

  • p3xa

    ka edong, help naman po.
    nadukutan ako ng n70.
    i already downloaded the ntc blocking form, i prepared 2 valid ids and i have the box of my phone.
    i just send it thru email sa ospac@ntc.gov.ph.
    kailangan pa po b tlga ng notary public?
    hindi ko po kc napasulatan ung bottom part.
    marami pong salamat.

  • p3xa

    hello sa lahat.
    i just would like to know paano ko malalaman kung naprocess na ng ntc ung request ko for blocking? thru email lang kc e.
    hanggang ngaun kc gamit ng magnanakaw phone ko.
    and he uses it para lokohin ung mga nasa contacts ko.
    thank u.

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  • Ron


    I have registered my phone to 682 but I forgot the syntax on how to block it. My N73 was stolen and I want it blocked. Can someone please tell me the syntax?

  • here you go, Ron:

    ka edongs last blog post..Imagine a world without Filipinos

  • jenny

    hellow po… pano ko po ba ipapablock ang CP ko na nawala last june 20 …e2 po ang IMEI # 011239004492089 ..sana po matulungan nyo ko ..salamat po

  • abhy

    help nmn po nnkaw po ung cp..sa loob ng haws lumabas lng po ako ng 10mins. den pgblik ko wala n po,, its possible po ba n mtrace po qng nsan ung cp ko, kc someone told 2 me dat pwde n rw po mtrace ung cp qng nsaN ung fone ko po is motorala a1200, binabyarn plng po thru credit card…


  • lhei

    ask ko lng po kung panu mag trace ng cp number?i mean gusto q malaman kung taga saan ung nagttxt nd 2mtwag sa aken e..i2 number nya 09197417093

  • lhei

    thnx for the reply, sad lng po me kc ala taung gnung service, frankli to tell nananakot po kc ung 2mtwag sa mother q and pinagbabantaan ung family namen kaya i need to know qng taga san ung taong 2mtwag sa mother q…

    god bless

  • Catherine

    Nanakaw cp ko pano po ba ipablocked
    eto po ang Serial number: WUJ00DXDRP
    here’s also the IMEI: 35944301-810543-6
    Sana mapablocked na po to as soon as possible…

  • apple

    a year ago i lost my nokia 3220 i must have dropped in the tricycle, then i bought sony ericsson k800i which i also lost while riding a bus courtesy of the three so-called “mandurukot” last august 15.. a day after i bought another unit which is sony ericsson k810i and sadly i lost it again yesterday.. i really don’t know what happened, what i remembered was i put it in my pocket then about a couple of minutes after it’s gone..
    i’m really confused and extremely sad coz it’s my 25th bday today.. =(

  • apple

    grabe kung i-total ko lahat nasa 32,000 na yung nawala ko ng walang kalaban- laban..
    i hope maipa-block ko agad un last 2 units..

  • sheraine manansala

    SGH- Z170 Samsung ang cellfone ko, kakabaili ko lang nung july, bago ako matulog kagabe nilagay ko sa pasomano ng window ko na mismong katabi ng kama ko medyo naka open yung window pag ka gising ko wala na ninanakaw na dun sa pinaglagyan ko. gusto ko sana ipa block. i still have the reciept and IME no. anung gagawin ko?

  • Romel

    gud day maam and sir.
    can you please block this phone
    imei: 358984012394758
    kasi po na hold up ako last wednesday
    august 20 2008.
    para po sana hindi na magamit nung naka hold up sakin.
    sana po magawan niyo po ito agad ng aksyon.
    can you please reply to me if nagawa niyo na pong i block ung cellphone.
    the unit is nokia n82. and ung nakuhang sim card sakin globe 09152974545.
    sana po magawan niyo po agad ng aksyon.
    nakikiusap po ako sa inyo.
    maraming salamat po.
    god bless 🙂
    antay ko nalang po ung reply nyo.
    maraming maraming salamat po.

    -Romel Balaoro

  • Romel

    ka edong

    ano po ba number ng ntc?
    kasi po tumatawag po ko sa kanila.
    walang sumasagot e T_T
    sana po ma block na nila un.
    para hindi na mapakinabangan e.

  • nerisse88

    di nga gumagana yung mga site ng ntc.. nadukot kasi phone ng pinsan ko e nakakaawa kasi binugbog ng tatay. sabi ko sa mami nya tumawag nlng sa globe. di pa nmn registered yun sa ntc. sana may iba pang paraan. mga walangyang numakaw, pinagtatawanan pa mga tito ko…

  • Mario G. Blanca

    ka Edong good morning, Happy Sunday, paano ko malalaman na ang request for Blocking ay natupad at talagang di na magagamit ng walang hiyang mag-nanakaw ang phone ko, yong ay K610i ta siguro nakarating na sayo ang Request ko from Iloilo City NTC Office, filed last Sept 07, 2008. thanks and God Bless

  • anie

    lahat po ng sim card number, nakarecord sa NTC. Connected po ba kayo sa MILLIONERS CLUB INC,n nagsasabi na kinuha daw po ng number ko sa NTC para iraffle N millioners club, at nanalo daw po ako ng 650,000. totoo po ito. MARAMI PONG SALAMAT

  • angeline

    pls bolock my cellphone na hold-up kasi ako kahapo ang unit po ay erickson k770i IMEI no 35238402-312085-2

  • chichich

    mine was snatched from my bag. Ipit gang daw. Sa bus! Iphone 3g sha from globe. I placed some security passcodes sa fone, pati sim ko may pin.
    Oct20’08 when they took it. Since may tracker ako sa sim, my other numbers can track it. Maniwala kayo, ginagamit pa sim ko til now. And guess where is it based sa globe tracker? At night, asa area daw ng boni,crame.. By day, greenhills!!!
    Im planning to make my rounds there in the next coming weeks. Pag makita ko yung unit, shempre i have the box which has the serial number and imei.. I’ll bring the blotter report na dn so i can file for assistance sa police station. Anti-fencing guys! Yun ang nilalabag ng mga nagbebenta at bumibili ng stolen goods.
    In the light of this thread, pinalock ko din sha sa globe hours aftr maSnatch. Uhmm, november 4 na, obviously hindi nalock imei ko maski globe issued kaya globe locked ang iphone ko.
    At.. Im still hoping i can find it there. And hoping na, hndi naman pa ata napapalitan boards ng iphone noh?
    It sucks when u lose these things. Sana nga totoong may insurance for phones.

    Goodluck and happy hunting sa mga nawalan like me!

  • jerx29

    help me.. ninakaw po yung cellphone ko last monday, please help me, paki phone block po cellphone ko e2 po yung IMEI *353440/02/632298/3* yan po ung nakalagay sa box po ng phone ko please block it…

    thank you very much, for helping me…

  • jerx29

    help me.. ninakaw po yung cellphone ko last monday Nov. 17, 2008, please help me, paki phone block nalang po cellphone ko e2 po yung IMEI *353440/02/632298/3* yan po yung nakalagay sa box po ng phone ko please block it…

    thank you very much, for helping me…

  • ninoy

    Hi, i lost my N70 last saturday nung pabalik ako ng manila from province. i dont have my phones IMEI number.. Can NTC stil block the phone? Help. Tnx

  • ninoy

    i lost my n70 on my way back to manila via ferry. i dont have my phone’s IMEI, would it be possible to block it? please help. Tnx.

  • sherryllou

    i was a victim of the ipit gang. my phone is samsung. i dont have my imei. how can i have my phone blocked.?

  • tere

    My 6500s NOKIA phone was hid and got by someone who was just my neighbor! South Daang Bakal Block 1 or 2., Dau Mabalacat Pampanga. I know that he/she knew me! my wallpaper was my pic. There are a lots of pictures there and I am using that number for over 4 years (09184656262)! My God…why are there some people who don’t have conscience? I rang the phone right off the bat trying to alarm people whose maybe beside the phone or on the street at that moment, it was ringing for about 1 minute, so I think nobody still got it! but the 2nd time I rang the phone, guess what did I heard? “the number you’ve dialed is either unattended or out of coverage area…” I got shocked and unconcious, after a while, We reported it to the police and let everybody knows about it so somebody might help me (if they really want)…this was happened last Tuesday, Jan.6, 2008. It’s really hard to lose something that has belong to you for long, but I think God has reason for letting that happened to a good person:-) atleast i wasn’t hurt, there’s no worse thing happened to me, atleast I’m alive, I am not sick, I have a good Job, I have pleasing personlity, hehe, I’ve almost got it all! damn..there’s no really perfect in this world..A lot of people said next time I must double care, as well as to myself. That messages really made me smile and strong:-) I’ve learn from that a lot:-) Yesterday, I went to the Law office for Notary, then got Police report, after that, I went to NTC office, it was closed because its weekend, so I left it to the Security guard, I think he’s reliable, cause i can read people’s mind:-) so he got my number and so did I. my purpose is as everybody wants to do so…To BLOCKED the Unit and cellphone number…Hehe..People, Do you think I still have to put on my smile after that was happened??..I think so…why? because I still have got the consolation prize (headset,charger,USB port and the Box)hehehe….I am hoping to hear from them on Monday, yes, tomorrow…that would the last greatest prize that I may won:-) (TO BLOCKED the unit)…thank you….There maybe second chance for me to have it again…but Im not sure! haha..just praying..and wishing that I could…:-(

  • Nyen

    its really good to know that we have this kind of blog/thread. what we need is an intensive action to end this issues that we have regarding cellphone snatching etc.

    hoping that someone would be able to resolve this problem

  • ninoy

    hi, im very grateful to God and to the one who took my N70. The one who took it had already sold it to his neighbor when my dad texted some kinda mushy texts which were true that somehow prompted the one who bought it to tell it to the one who took it. fortunately, the one who took it was moved with my father’s texts and so he decided to give it back. days after, my dad called the one who took my phone. they had a long conversation – someting like getting to know, and mind you, my dad’s gonna get this man a job! i also called him and we had a little chat. Last Saturday, i went to cavite where we decided to meet to get my phone back. Yep! we did meet together with his wife and child. i gave them a breakfast treat and handed a thousand pesos. I think the phone was perfectly just for me! and so i thank God and him ofcourse for his honesty. To all who had phones snatched or taken, don’t loose hope. Text them that you really need the phone. who knows, they might get moved with your texts too. God bless y’all!

  • ronald_manuel85

    hello po, ask ko lang sana if pano mblock ung phone q n N-73,nholdap kc kami ng wyf ko… at para same kami di makinabang sa pinaghirapan namin mgndang iblock na ung unit q…at sana lahat ng holdaper pag nahuli isalvage na agad kc paulit ulit lang ginagawa nila eh… e2 ung IMEI NG PHONE Q 358973018621918. TNX PO

  • meis_03

    paano ko ipapablock ang mga sim card ng ibang user. lagi akong pinapadalahan ng mga threat o kaya pinapadalhan ako ng bad word. paano po ba ipablock ang mga sim card nila.

  • gHie


    go to the website of NTC

    download the loss/stolen form or just go to this site

    print & fill-up the form then fax it to ntc (9267722) together with the proof of ownership, police report and id.. it will take 1 week for them to block the fone & sim..

    OR just call the NTC Hotline 9267722 for more information..

  • heng

    possible ba na puede ipa block ung sim card kasi ninakaw i had all the important informations na naka store sa sim card na un

  • pwd bang e pa block ung cp……..
    na naninakaw sa bahay

  • mila oliver

    mga ilang days po ma bablock ung fon q?i submitted the requirements needed by NTC..

  • mga ilang days po ba ang proces ng blocking of my fon?i already submitted the requirements needed bythe NTC..

    mila olivers last blog post..constacia joined Quicksite Cellular

  • Berto

    is there a way ba na mapa-block yung sim kahit di alam yung serial number? naholdap kasi gf ko nung monday, natangay yung cp nila nung kasama nya tas hanggang ngayon ginagamit pa din nung nakakuha yung sim nya, tas kung ano2 pang misleading information tinetext dun sa mga contacts sa sim na yun. di na namin habol mabalik yung cp, at least ma-block na lang sana yung sim. Thanks!

  • dondon

    help me trace this number 09058796685 hu always send scum message telling everyone that they won in a lotto draw…

  • kinuha po ang cp ko sa aking tndahan last month nakacharge po kc un tpos my pumasok na cos2mer girl ng lumbas cia d ko npancn la n cp ko.tnong ko lang po pano gawin ko para d na nia magamit un?Kya lang sa mga nbasa ko sa taas wla pa ytang nasolve na problema 2ngkol sa problema ko.

  • Christine

    hello po s mga taga NTC ask lng po me ng favor kng pwede po tulungan nyo po me mablock ung cellphone k kc po nastole po un yesterday so sana po magawan nyo po ng paraan para hndi n mgamit ng stoler ung phone k that is N73 model thank u hope n sana po natangap nyo ito at mabigyan nyo ng kasagutan ung ang aking cellphone thank you po nasa akin po ung serial number ng phone sana po s lalong madaling panahon ay nagawa nyo ito salamat po ulit.this is the serial number #355506018440542

  • mixiee

    hi my fone got stolen about a month ago. dko lam yung imei nya but is it possible to a block a sim card? yung old number ko is 09153299314 at tinetxt nya parin yung mga CONTACTS ko ang msama pa dun eh puro kabastusan pa ang tinetxt.. then today some1 txting me nd my boyfriend na puro ka bastusan. here’s the number 09165479959 na nagtetxt ng mga kabastusan ngayon. please let me know if its possible para ma BLOCK yung sim.


  • atty jose tan

    You will please block a lost Nokia E90 cellphone which I lost in the evening of 28 February 2009 at the Sofitel Hotel, Manila. It’s serial no. is:

    3536 5901 1238 033

  • marve

    pls po cno makatulong mag blocked ng cp ko.nawala kasi nung nagpasyal akosa city ngayon lang po. impossible na yata na mabalik sakin. kontack nyo po ako ha. meron akung IMEI number ko. thanks po

  • albert

    can i block my own cellphone, because it was lot. we dont have NTC here in our place. please help me thanks

  • pwede ko rin po ba ipa-block yung cellphone ko kasi nawala tapos noong hinanap namin ng mga friends ko hindi na namin nakita kaya paano po ba i-block? 6300 Nokia po yun pwede po ba i-block nyo? thank you po

  • ara

    sir working pa ba ung text 682? di nagrereply eh? tnx po sa tym nyo…

  • ara

    sir ung imei sticker sa box ay un din imei ng phone di b po? will wait sa response u.. tnx!

  • mqp

    hello po..gud eve po..tanung po sana ako?pwede ko po ba epablock ang cp ko kasi kinuha po nang x-bf ko ang cp nang nag away kami nung dec.30 2008…nasa akin po lahat nang gamit ko sa cp ko..pati sales invoice po na may IME #…
    sana pwede po ma block yun kasi new fon ko po yun..then kinuha po nya nung nag away kami…last dec.24 2008 ko po pa nabili yun…

    thanks po

  • vilma

    May nagtext po na nanalo me ng starex van. eto po ung number. Pakiblock po agad kc ayaw po tumigil ng kakatext eh. Pakilala pa po cia si Director Divina Quengca (kuno) ng Phil Com Center. eto po ung number at ng isa pang kasama niya (09068751852, 09158730824). Paki block po agad. Thanks

  • mitchikho

    hi! a friend of mine lost his cell phone, it fell off his pocket inside the cab, we tried calling up the number but the cab driver won’t answer the phone, he keeps on turning down the call. how can we have the line, and phone unit blocke? thank you.


  • paolo_ice

    nawala ko din yung phone ko a few days a go model E51 series. sayang bigay lang sa akin yun 3months palang sa akin na snatch sa bus. busit talaga yang mga magnanakaw na yan wala magawa hindi pa sila matigbak… is there a way na ma block yung phone ko para hindi na din magamit or maibenta sa iba???

  • poldex

    check nyo po rito sa site na to kung naka-block na yung IMEI:


  • bittergirl

    My Sony Ericsson G900 was stolen last Friday while riding the MRT. The sad part.. I know where my phone is now. It’s already up for sale in Greenhills. How did I know? I tried calling my number and someone by the named “Abdul Karim” answered my call. I told him that the phone I’m calling is my stolen phone. He informed me that someone sold that phone to him amounting to 10,000. Is it possible for me to recover my phone when I have it blocked?

  • gustonglokohin

    please verify sent message sent by 09068751852 that my sim number won 300 thousand php plus starex van.

  • wella

    how did you contact ntc then? lost my cellphone yesterday but until now i cannot contact ntc nor open their website. please help

  • diba hindi pwedi ung 4 digits lng sa security code pero ung akin i naccept pero nung nag locked na d ko na sya maopen nag code error na po sya… anu poh kya pwedi ko gawin PLZZ po pki answer..

  • 13 yrs old lng poh me kya kulang pa sa knowledge plzz help me plz plz plz

  • haru

    panu ba pa unlock ng fone sa ntc?
    a week ago binigyan ako ng mom ko ng bagong fone na nakuha nya sa smart for free kc plan holder sya dun. ngaun ung fone na binigay sakin syampre nakalock sa smart eh globe ako, gusto ko sanang i pa unlock sa isang authorized unlocker. sabi sakin ng smart at ng nokia center sa ntc ko daw ipaunlock.

    pa nga ba mag pa unlock sa ntc?

  • rorie angeles

    pwede po ba ip-block ko ung ngttxt s akin at ndi ko po xa kilala..minumura po ako at kng anu2 masasamang salita ang cnsbi skin..eto po ung # nya.. 0910-515-4019..sana po m-block n ito kasi pg tntwagan ko po ndi cnsgot at ini-off ung fone nya..sana po mtulungan nyo ako.. salamat po..

  • alain legacion

    PLEASE BLOCK CP NO. 09106725716. pls let me know if ok na.thanks.reply at my cp no.09085122846

  • rezel

    kuya nanakaw po ung cp ko kagabi lng po 5-29-09 dito xa comp. shp. gusto ko pong malaman kng na block na po ung cp ko.naitawg ko na po. paano po ba malaman kng na block na. pls kuya 2lungan nto na man po ako……. mag iisang buwan pa po yon sa akin. as in bago pa po talaga……. pls…. pls….pls..

  • rezel

    kuya W231

  • rezel

    kuya MOTOROLA W231 po ung cp ko. sana po mapabilis po ung pag papa block ng cp ko. nakakainis po kasi sumasagot pa po kasi pag tinatawagan namin. kuya pls naman po paki conpirm naman po.

  • gud pm po ninakaw po ung cp ko kagabi around 8pm po, dito po xa comp.shop. d2 xa west rembo makati city. brand new original po un at 1 month palang un sa akin. hnd ko po kc ma contact ung hotline ng NTC. ito po ung no.ko.09086538531 at ito po ung IMEI no.352494022560048.sana po matulungan nyo po ako. para po hnd nla mapakinabangan ung cp ko.wish ko po talaga na ma i pa block po ung cp ko. maraming salamat po……..

  • JOse Villazor

    ahm,,,ako rin po, na snatched cp ko khpon at kelngn kong ipoblock skin nmn po yun imei ng cp,,kaya paturo po kung paano g2win yun tnx

  • jellevan

    my brothers pown was stolen,the incident jaz hapen nir our scul,nd ol his stuffs wer taken by d swindler,we bought it from qatar and we left d item box der,can we block it hir in phil. or do we nid to col d shop wer we bought it to block d pown?

  • experience

    gago ka ba! sira ulo ka! ikaw pala ang patron ng pagbili ng nakaw! the fact na nablock yung phone means na nakaw yan! kapal ng mukha mo na magalit sa unang user eh ninakaw lang sa kanya yan!

  • nanakaw ung c.p ko sa m.r.t
    i.m.e.i:352422015044548. sana ma block, tnx walang halaga. ung phone, ung sim card. ang masama pa nag txt pa ng masama sa naka phone book kaya nagalit ung iba bastos talaga ang magnanakaw manga tamad pag nakakakita ako nyan gulpi ang abi\ot nila. tnx

  • krisitine corpuz

    hi po…
    emergency po to…pano po ipablock ang samsung phone…kc po mdmi po ako nprivate pics pti videos dun den it was snatched…di ko na po alam anu gagawin…

  • krisitine corpuz

    my samsung cellphone was snatched and i want it to be blocked because there are some private videos and pictures and i dont want to become a victim of sex video scandal. thamks very much…

  • aneng

    nkareceive po ang grupo nmin ng pananakot galing sa isang taong siya n ang nkagawa ng kasalanan sa isa nming kaibigan, sinabi nyang mgdasal n daw po kmi para sa kamatayan ng isa nming kaibigan, gumagawa rin sya ng paraan para mgkasira sira kmi at mgdudahan sa bawat isa. ngpapalit palit sya ng character para mapaniwala nya ang bawat isa sa kasinungalingan. para sa ikasisira ng isa nming kaibigan n ginwan nya ng masama. d sya tumitigil sa kakatxt o pnggugulo. ano po b ang maaaring gawin para tumigil npo ung taong un n nkademanda n dhil s panankaw n gnwa nya sa kaibigan namin at pananakot s amin n ngayon ay ngtatago. patuloy prin po ang pananakot sa amin.

  • reizero

    i lost my phone. yung ntc site ayaw gumana. yung phone number not accessible. panu po ba ko makakapag report nyan? ganito nba tlga kabulok government?

  • jhen

    gusto ko pong ipa block yong sim card ng taong panay ang pasa ng text messages sa akin na wala naman kabuluhan.. bale in 1day pinapasahan nia ako nga more or less 500 text messages,, nakaka abala po tlaga..

  • maria

    gud noon. can you pls block my celphone?nanakaw kasi yong cp ko. eto yong IMEI #: 358748-03-675604-9 at ang S/N: 9111PJU675604 … salamat po

  • rico

    ring lng ng ring yng tel. ninyo hindi nyo naman sinasagot ganyan ba talaga ka bulok ang sestema ninyo, sinasahoran kayo wala naman kayng maayos na serbisyo, nagtulogtulogan lng kayo dyan, nanakaw ang cp k gusto kng ipablock,kapal ng mga mukha nyo

  • maria

    please inform me if my cellphone is already blocked. thank you so much!!! and more power to you!!!

  • clarinda aguinaldo

    my cellphone was stolen last saturday 940am at smx moa comfort room 2nd flr.model nokia E75 red with IMEI356855025896603. i hope you can immediately block the cellphone to avod reselling and reopening.

  • clarinda aguinaldo

    please inform me via email if you have taken an action on this! thank yu so much!

  • marjorie

    paano po ba magpaBlock ng cellpone kasi nawala po ung phone q eh..tulungan niuh aman po aq????plzzzz

  • .um helow po..
    panu q po maipa2block ung phone q..nwala po xa last august27..dq na po alam gagawin q.,tapos ngtext po ung # q na iba2lik nia daw po ung phone q pero lowdan q daw po muna xa ng 300..nu pu ga2win namen po ng phone q.unit po nun is k810i..huhuhu help aman po plzzzzzzz…

  • help aman po..my chance pa po bng mkuha q ung phone q???pag tinatwagan po kc ngri2ng pa eh…
    plssz??help aman po..!!???plzzzz…

  • coni

    please block this number 09228521382,this number keep on calling us..and we don’t know who he is.he always call all my family member.

  • hello sir ninakaw ang cellphone pwde bang ipablock ung number i don’t need my phone the most important for me is to block the sim card.its too danger po in my part i am business woman all my confidential information is in my sim cards. please help me as soon as possible to block those number 09264274567/09164018062.thanks


  • pfp

    Please block my samsung cellphone with IMEI No. 35587 1030824614. Nawala last thursday, july 7, 20011 sa tapat po ng binilhan kong tindahan. Pki email nlang po kung ok na. Thanks.

  • pfp

    Please block my samsung cellphone with IMEI No. 35587 1030824614. Nawala last thursday, july 7, 20011 sa tapat po ng binilhan kong tindahan. Paki email nlang po kung ok na. Thanks.

  • ashlie

    Please block my Cherry Mobile cellphone with IMEI No. 353328030899056. It was stolen yesterday, july 18, 2011 near La Trinidad Mcdo. Paki email nlang po kung ok na. Thank you!

  • Fides

    i called NTC and i was informed that i need to accomplish their form which is to be downloaded from their site and once accomplished can be fax thru their number indicated above. other attachments are a photocopy of any valid ID, and a photocopy of the IMEI from the OR/warranty or from the box itself. problem is, i could not access their site, the ‘500 Internal Server Error’ always prompt…:(((

  • shen

    Pls. block my cellphone with EMEI no. 35626804450579 Nokia C3-01 & serial no. 0293998335. It was stolen in my bag onAug.24, 2011 around 8pm along edsa-taft overpass this was a gift from my father..plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss………….help……:'(

  • hi gud morning po nanakaw po yung cp ko ng demonyong kawatan pano ko ba iblock yung cp na gamit lang ay yahoomail? ayoko na kasi gumastos dagdag abala pa…ano po ang gagawin ko?

  • please help nman gusto ko po kseng mablock ung cellphone unit co.. khpon lang na isnatch wla pa syang isang buwan un bgo plang so i decide na mablock kse pra hndi mgamit ung phone …ano po kya ang dpat gwin.. ska nag research ako then pde ung IMEI# sa pag block ng cp unit

  • jhane

    same lang ung nag message her name SHEN.. c3-00 ung cp unit ko.. nakuha sya ng hndi ko namamalayan .. saka ung maSAKlap dun nakuha pa nyang sikuhin ako sa likod kya gusto ko tlgang mablock un.. need ko po ng info please po…help me.. sobrang nanghinayang ung father ko kse gift nya sken un…

  • bucks

    kuya pwede ko poh ba ipa block ung cell phone ko eto poh ung IMEI No.359449-03-100148-6 ng hindi na magamit nung kawatan kakayamot eh masyadong matakaw tnx poh sana ma block nyo

  • bucks

    kuya sana poh naiblock nyo na ung phone ko tnx

  • good day, kuya gusto ko po ipa block yong phone ko na cherrymobile Q6i ko nawala kanina sa taxi, naiwan kasi ng asawa ko bukas yong bintana sa passenger seat, eh nakalimutan nya sarado ulit yong bintana. eto po yong IMEI 1:357972033205591 , IMEI 2:357972033562595 dual sim po yong cherrymobile ko… please lang po i block nyo po para hindi na nila magamit alam ko taga rito lang sa aminng lugar kasi umuwi lang asawa ko para mag almusal dito sa bahay, siya kasi gumagamit ng phone ko.. asahan ko po ma block yong… maraming maraming salamat sayo and godbless…

  • emilia abiera

    paki block naman po yong cp kong CHERRY MOBILE Q6i nawala kninang umaga para hindi magamit ng magnanakaw o maibenta eto po yong IMEI 1:357972033205591- IMEI 2: 357972033562595… please sent me a message sa email ko emiliaabiera@yahoo.com.ph at sa fb ko ailime areiba (emilia abiera) if na block na po.. maraming salamat po sa inyo…


    sir tulungan u naman ako kc ung unit ko na galaxy y 1 month ko lng gamit dinukot sa bag ko sana ma i block nyo gusto ko sanang personal magpunta jan kaya lang busy ako sa work nang yari un march 22 pauwi na ako galing opis pagsakay ko sa jeep sucat ako sumakay may nakita akong wallet sa upuan pag upo ko binigay ko sa katabi ko dko namalayan na patibong lang pala nla un un pala may nagdukot pala sa bag ko kinuha ung cp ko pati wallet ko eto ung imei no. 351824055457491 unit samsung GT-S5360 PLS BLOCK NMAN PO PARA D MAGAMIT NANG MAGNANAKAW KOMPLETO PA SA BOX KO PATI UNG RESIBO DTO PA SA AKIN

  • anie grace geronimo

    na snatched ang cellphone ko kagabi sa sm clark sa may cr lng ako nilagay ko lng ung cp ko sa ibabaw nang bag ko ay ung bag nasa harap ko lngd ko namalayan na kinuha na pala ang cp ko…SONY ERICSON ARC-S ang unit ng phone ko…pumunta kami ng shop ng sony ericson sabi nila pwede daw ipablock ung phone pag may serial number totoo ba un?

  • paki block naman po ang num na to,09265464717 kabit po sya ng asawa ko ayaw na po sa kanya tawag pa rin ng tawag. di naman po kami makapag palit ng sim yun po kasi ang binigay nya sa kumpanyang inaplayan nya. ginugulo nya ang pamilya ko. tnx po

  • jhemar

    elow po..nwla po ung phone q khpon samsung galaxy y..panu po b mbblock un..gsto ku makaganti dun s magnanakaw

  • eduardo cacho

    may tumawag sa akin kanina lang sabi nya tinex ko daw sya at humingi daw ako ng load tapos pinababalik nya ung load na binigay daw sa akin…sabi ko hindi ako yon pero pinipilit nya ako daw un at nasa cp daw nya ung tex ko.hinihingi ko yong pangalan nya at location pero ayaw nya ibigay.palagay ko isa na namang scam ito ng mga bwisit. ang number nya:639463826405 …paki block po itong number baka makapanloko pa ng tao.

    • ka_edong

      thanks for reporting. Stay vigilant! Kung walang magpapa-loko, walang manloloko. 😉

  • vanrick

    Gosh… Just when I thought I’m the only one who gets this pestering calls each day! plz block this number 09392607276,09297218095,09081726840..

    • ka_edong

      Be vigilant! Kung walang magpapa-loko, walang manloloko. 😉

  • maryann

    Hi help me naman wla pang 2 weeks n nagagamit ko ung bew cp ko nadukot sa jeep sp bad tumulong na nga ako sa bata nasalisihan pa ako ng mandurukot.how can i block it pra hindi na mapakinabangan ..tnx

  • maryann

    heres my IMEI-1 868498014052598 IMEI-2 868498014077900
    and mobile # to block also 09174600564

  • maryann

    ka edong help me naman how to block my mobile asap para d n nila mapakinabangan pa.tnx

    • ka_edong

      Try contacting the numbers specified in the article. goodluck!

  • alrhey

    pls po pa help para iblock ung phone ko n c3-00.ninakaw po kc un,nakainsert pa po nmn ung nakaPLAN na sim ko sa globe,ppls lng po e2 po iemi 357902046391500….tnx po,sana po d na nlia magamit un nagbabayad pa po nmn aq ng plan ,pti n po sana ung cp

  • NICK

    can they find the location of an active sim??

  • Kk

    I cant send sa text ntc. What happened?

  • Leslie Ruth Castillo

    Help naman poh kc nalaglag poh cp ko sa jip iPhone 3G tas nkuha pu ng driver naun tntwgn ko po ayw sagutin tas 1beses canagot n poh nia tas s tym n un sBe pu Nya ibbalik dw pu nya cp tas bngyn nia aQ ng location at oras d nia aQ canipot tas tnwagn ko poh ulit sBe poh Nya bKs nlng dw tas knbuksan d n po ulit sumipot tas tnxt ko n pu ..nkkiUsap npu ako ibalik cp ko kc kylngn ko poh’ sBe nia LNG poh skin aba ayaw ko tas mga kbastusan na poh cnsbe skin..help nmn poh iblock nio po sana ‘Ito poh ang no. 09126953129 .. Ok LNG poh di n mbalik skin cP ko Basta di ndn poh nia mpapakinabangan cp ko.. At sim card ko pdn poh gmit nia d p poh sia ngppalit..iblock n poh Nyo sana agad kc poh Bka mgplit npoh sia ng sim. Mrming salamat poh..imsg Nyo poh ako

    • Leslie Ruth Castillo

      Kung pde poh f mhhnap nio poh ang location pkisbe poh skin Bka skali poh mkita ko poh un ..slamat poh ..parteng calamba poh un kc dun pu nwWLa.. Slamat poh

  • 美しい セクシーな

    Goodmorning po paano po ba malalaman kung sino po or saan po galing un
    number na ito 09165185825 and 09165082258 kasi po lagi na po nagtezt and
    nanggulo po sa akin yan number na yan may way po ba para matigil na po
    itong panggugulo ng tao na yan?
    Sana po lahat nalang ng simcard is nakaline para po wala ng tao na
    makapaglakas ng loob manloko or manggulo po…paano po ba magagawan ito ng
    Nakakatakot na po kasi and alarming kasi di ko po nakikita or kilala sino
    man un nagtetext sakin sana po may magawa po kayo

  • 美しい セクシーな

    Goodmorning po paano po ba malalaman kung sino po or saan po galing unnumber na ito 09165185825 and 09165082258 kasi po lagi na po nagtezt andnanggulo po sa akin yan number na yan may way po ba para matigil na poitong panggugulo ng tao na yan?Sana po lahat nalang ng simcard is nakaline para po wala ng tao namakapaglakas ng loob manloko or manggulo po…paano po ba magagawan ito ngparaan?Nakakatakot na po kasi and alarming kasi di ko po nakikita or kilala sinoman un nagtetext sakin sana po may magawa kayo sa mga complains

  • jhen

    pakiblock po un unit ko samsung 09182306449 pra hnd mgamit nun nang snatch..tnx

  • ped

    paki block naman po ng number na ito 09478023337 kc patuloy na nananakot sa text..

  • jhona

    pakiblock po ng sim pati cellphone k 09983435955

  • peds

    paki block po nitong number 09489971138 kc po patuloy na nagpapadala ng death threat messages.

  • peds

    paki block po nitong number 09489971138 kc po patuloy na nagpapadala ng death threat messages. kung pwede po ASAP

  • lileth

    pano i pa block ang cp q nwla kase di binalik nung trycle driver samsung duos2 advice nmn asap po pati # q pa block 09487442088

  • Guest

    Mam/sir, pakiblock po # na to 09056525694. Nagsesend ng death threath sa kapatid ko.. Pasuyo nlng po… Thank you..

  • My colleagues were looking for SSA SS-5 some time ago and were told about a business that hosts a lot of sample forms . If you require SSA SS-5 too , here’s https://goo.gl/rf1Luk.

  • Bhabe Chubz

    Paki block po ng number na ito,,,09999640859 / 09551332302 gusto q lang po matigil ung pakiki pagtxtm8 nya,,,para magiging maayos na ung relasyon nmin,,,

  • Bhabe Chubz

    Pls po paki block po ito 09363281887,,naninira po ito ng pamilya ng kaibigan q,,,,bina black mail po nya kc ito,,,thanks po

  • Robert Beltran

    please tulungan nyo nman po ako kung paano ko maipapa-block yung number na ito 09102374137. nawala po kc yung fone ko last saturday July 15,2017 ng gabi ng akoy pauwi n. kanina po tinawagan ko yung number n yan bussy. natatakot po ako na baka po magamit sa masama at tawagan o magtext sa mga numbers n nka-incode dune sa sim… please po tulungan nyo ako…

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