What’s your Uzzap Experience?

by Ka Edong on January 20, 2009



Many months ago, I saw some Smart advertisements of a chat service called “Uzzap”.

The animated advertisements were rather zany and fun. From the animation, I had a good idea what the service was about.

After seeing the advertisement, Uzzap to me was:
“Chat on your PC, then bring along your chat via your mobile phone”.

All this info I got from an online animated image advertisement just 10 seconds long. Nice!

More recently, I wanted to be more familiar with Uzzap. Thus, I played around with Uzzap and found out for myself what was behind the advertisement.

I first tried Uzzap in December. I downloaded it on Liway (my Sony Ericsson P990i), tried to register. I had to be patient to get my phone registered. Wasn’t sure if it was because I was switching between my old Addict Mobile SIM and a new SIM.

When I finally got my phone registered on Uzzap, I fiddled around the chat client. It runs on Java on my phone. I heard that different phones have different ways of rendering Uzzap.

I’ve discovered some of the key features of Uzzap.

  • Chat on your PC and chat on your mobile phone.
  • You can download Uzzap for free on www.uzzap.com .
    Using Uzzap is currently FREE as well.
  • You can add your Yahoo and MSN contacts to your Uzzap buddy list.
  • Invite your friends via mobile phone or email address to use Uzzap.
  • Send SMS, emails to your friends through Uzzap.
  • You can add up to ten friends and send up to 10 free SMS messages per day.
    I’m sure many of the Uzzap kids (“Uzzappers”) out there are maxing out this feature.
    I’m not sure, though, how much it would cost (if any) for a friend to reply to a message sent via Uzzap.

My Uzzap Experience

I tried out the Uzzap chatrooms one evening last week.

Most of the chatrooms were full, with a couple having 1 or 2 slots open.
Rooms had a capacity of 20 chatters.
Of course, my first attempt was to enter was at the UP chatrooms.
I couldn’t get in, the rooms with 1-2 slots available got filled very quickly.
Maybe my fingers were not fast enough, I couldn’t get in the room fast enough.

When I finally got in, I observed the community.
The Uzzappers were pros!
Good thing I wasn’t trying to engage in the chat.
My fingers aren’t quick enough to catch up with their chats.
I was wondering, how can these Uzzappers chat so fast??!!
Then I realized that some of them were on their PCs.

There are a couple of chatters (“Uzzappers”) who know each other online.
I was in the midst of an ongoing conversation and I wasn’t going to butt in just yet.
I know what it’s like to be in a community like this.
It has the highs of camaraderie and lows of fights.
It’s part of the chatter lifestyle.

I’m still discovering the many ins and outs of Uzzap. I’m not sure if its just my age (can anybody guess?), but using Uzzap hasn’t been a walk in the park for me. It’s taking some patience to figure out which icons do which functions, which keys on my phone do which. Ah, my thumb and brain are in hyper-mode when I’m on Uzzap. πŸ™‚

Have you tried Uzzap?
Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned “Uzzapper”,
why don’t you share your Uzzap experience here?

Uzzap links:

Visit www.uzzap.com to download Uzzap on your PC.
On your mobile phone, visit m.smart.com.ph and click the Uzzap link to download Uzzap on your mobile phone.

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  • I have installed it in my P990i phone, but i haven’t use it. Because it requires GPRS. And i’m living far from the city proper so i didn’t get it.

    No luck

  • i don’t have any experience with that. But my friend has a phone and he installed uzzap on it. too bad, can’t send. He can’t even log in. I have heard that it requires GPRS? is it true?

  • yes, you need to have access to the internet from your mobile phone to be able to use uzzap.

  • Kalboski

    @zplits – yes you need data access (either 2g or 3g is fine). If you have been able to download Uzzap from the 7272 link then you should be able to run it because the download automatically detects the phone model and gives you the right file for your phone.

    If you are having trouble configuring data on your phone try sending SET to 211. This will activate GPRS for your SIM and send you the internet settings (APN’s) for you to install.

  • Cloud

    My sis installed it to my fon using my mobile number,. too bad she forgot what password she had set. I tried to retrieve it using the forgotten password menu but failed. Uzzap won’t reply to her e-mail address.

    • iyamwhoiyam

      i have the same prob. uzzap doesnt reply to the email. ='(

      • satkid

        me too.. tsk, too bad

  • Kalboski

    Ring Smart Customer Care – they can help you with forgotten password issues πŸ™‚

  • dae

    im one of the uzzapers nut suddenly, i forgot my password, a tried to retrived my account for how many times by uzzap wont reply on my e-mail…

  • Well, I’m uzzap chatter before too, but as time pass by, i am having some time constraints to be online.

  • roelvillamor@ymail.com

    pls. pahingi naman ng mga secret code s uzzap tnx

  • Basta ako kuntento sa uzzap kasi makakachat ko pa rin mga ym contacts ko on the go:D basta may #G network:) pwede pa twitter updates through email o im. BAsta ba gawin lang nila libre forever, hehehe.

    komskis last blog post..(pacific) ocean size love

  • catzz28

    when the uzzap is introduced last year I haven’t experienced difficulty in logging in and sending msgs.. but 4 now, It takes time to log in and even send messages. I’m very disappointed.:(

  • Ghee

    hi there. i got my nokia 3230 which is compatible naman daw for UZZAP. ayaw lang ma-download nung UZZAP sa phone, nde daw secured.

    i tried going through the phone’s set up, dko tlaga makita san may problem. baka naman may nakakaalam dyan oh. YM lang talaga habol ko, not the chatrooms.

  • it has to do something with your posts and settings, like you see the theme on your site has the same problem

  • Ghee

    i went to smart today, maski sila nde maayos ung problem. wait ko tech call nila within 24-48 hours daw. pag tlagang nde uubra, magpapalit ako ng unit tlaga.

  • August

    Hi…Sa 5220 nokia express music ba di supported ang UZZAP????…Nagtry ako masearch or magdownload ng for 5220 version pero wala eh.. Baka may alam kayo?tnx

  • Mhay

    My current phone unit is 5310 xpress music..e hlos d same lng features nun sau and s 5220.. Mgdownload k ng uzzap..jz type UZZAP den snd it to 7272..den dy wil snd u link and u cn download it by dt link.. I already installed uzzap on my phone.. My clsm8 has 5610xpress music and she also has uzzap.. Wn ur d0wnloadng it and my prompt n d xa c0mpatible s phone mu,wg mu quit un installation.. Kc gumgna un kht gnun.. Try mu nlng ult mdownload.. πŸ™‚

  • Mhay

    My current phone unit is 5310 xpress music..e hlos d same lng features ng 5310 and s 5220.. Mgdownload k ng uzzap..jz type UZZAP den snd it to 7272..den dy wil snd u link and u cn download it by dt link.. I already installed uzzap on my phone.. My clsm8 has 5610xpress music and she also has uzzap.. Wn ur d0wnloadng it and my prompt n d xa c0mpatible s phone mu,wg mu quit un installation.. Kc gumgna un kht gnun.. Try mu nlng ult mdownload.. πŸ™‚

  • how to Default access point to set it on smart internet?

  • tomas

    not working sa nokia 3230,palpak pa ang uzzap di compatible sa ibang phone.. walang kwenta mga tech nila,ang di pa maganda pagpunta sa site ng uzzap at pipiliin yung unit ng phone mo nasa list parin yung mga di colored na phone like n3310,anu yun?? ayusin nyo naman mga smart tech,nakatunganga nanaman kayo!!

    • LIEZL :)

      Hi Thomas this is my no. (09286949950)text me πŸ™‚ so i can assist you po πŸ™‚

      • lhadybomb

        malditah hahahaha

        • pa add sa uzzap redthugs id q tnx curios lng

      • MC


      • MC


        • yoshi

          hi poh..just got mysamsung corby and tried to download uzzap pero hinde supported..anything u can help pls thanks..09107077608

  • Amitz

    Are there any codes being use ba para magkakulay ung word? Panu ba?

  • reziel

    i can’t log in hmf

  • impong

    paturo po ng codes for dc or kick or sumthing na pangstop ng flooders.ty m_buladaco_07@yahoo.com.ph

  • mcroed

    Good Morning po, I am a reg user sa F199 po, kung gusto niyo pumunta dun, tanong niyo mga reg kung san si Ò€œBLAZEÒ€. Gusto ko po malaman kung paano mangkick. Nakakainis na po ung flooder, pabalik balik sa room namin. Gusto niya kc invade room namin. Please lang po para matapos na ang gulong to. Kung wala po tutulong sa akin, wala na po kaming panahon para magreklamo. Humahaba na sungay nila, sobra na sila. e2 pala email ko: assh_carreon@yahoo.com and/or kibalcita@yahoo.com.ph

  • yuge

    I have a SE W910i. Downloaded uzzap already pero di ko ma install. Black screen lang siya minsan white screen. I let it sit for hours ganun paren. Any tips guys what to do? TIA

  • B0ng

    Ala secret c0de para mapalitan ang c0l0r ng f0nt. Pc versi0n p0 ang gamit nla, at aut0matic p0 un.

  • lonely

    pahingi naman poh ng mga secret code s uzzap tnx alot..,..plzzz

  • hehe

    hala!my ngbanned skin..di tuloy ako mkpsok s chatroom..panoulit ako mkkpsok sa chatroo pg gon?

  • hehe

    di ko lm kung bkt ako nabanned eh la nmn akong cnsbing msma..tsk!tsk!

  • may ann

    i cant log in to my uzzap now..they said that i had reset my password but as far as i know i havent..
    uzzap sent me a website were i can reset y password but the website isnt existing…
    what can i do now?
    i wanna use my uzzap asap!
    pls help me!

    • Liezl

      Ring Smart Customer Care Γ’β‚¬β€œ they can help you

  • Hi, sorry for the trouble, I suspect the issue is your firewall and its preventing you from accessing the web site. If you have a email address you would like to share I will get your user ID and help you out?

  • bonbon

    kakainis na yung mga nagfaflood sa laoag4…patulong naman pls..
    pwede ba kayong magsend sakin ng mga codes kung pano i-kick yong flooder? wala kasing ginagawa admin eh..
    anyway uzzap is great!

  • clarkvillanueva

    elow guys…ask lang ako if u xperience d same problem ng sakin….i got my sony ericsson W910i fone…regular user ako ng UZZAP pero nokia gamit ko nun…hndi ba tlga compatible ang UZZAP sa W910i.kac naiinstall nya then pag start na nya ung application bglang nag bblack screen or wyt screen…ANY SOLUTION po guys…ive just updated my fone’s firmware pero wla pa ding nangyari same pa rin ung problema…ANYONE CAN HELP PO.Salamat po.e2 po cp no.ko 09203658483…txt me if know nyo po solution..thanks and more power to smart.

  • liezl :)

    Hi! clarkvillanueva I will call you πŸ™‚

    thanks for your feedback

    user id- malldeetah

  • clarkvillanueva

    thanks liezel for d feedback…did u xperience d same problem?tnanks if u can update me for d solution of d said concern…i will wait for ur reply..thanks and more power to smart…

    • LIEZL :)

      Welcome ! πŸ™‚


    I LOVE A.T.O.R
    I LOVE A.T.O.R
    I LOVE A.T.O.R

    • tol paturo naman ng auto plad.pppplllllzzzzzz reply aman



  • melvin rey

    hi.ask ko lng po pano install d2 sa p990i ko ang uzzap?tnx.

  • billy

    tanong ko lng pano mk-access sa uzzap, nk-install na sa unit ko, 5310, nkaregster nko.. kpg mglalog in ako ang sabi nya “this applcation is not from a trusted supplier” hnd ako mkpasok eh. nid help tnx

    • LIEZL

      hI BIlly I am also using 5310xpress music,

      Just click ok and yes and wait for the application to be loaded,

      Thank you

  • WTF SquiD

    Fuck u mga ator gago
    wala ako paki sa inyo
    feeling sikat mamatay din kau

  • senjeru

    Good evening, I have a w910 too..

    Same problem with everyone who has this thesame unit of phone.

    After installing the uzzap application to my w910 it will just turn into white screen or black screen.

    May i ask if there is someone who successfully run uzzap to their w910?

    If yes, what is your phone firmware?

    • LIEZL

      Hi Senjeru:)

      can you try this??

      If mobile phone gamit mo: type this address http://uzzap.com/download into your web browser then click go, this is automatic download uzzzap version that applicable to your mobile unit.
      If PC naman gamit mo pero uzzap para sa cellphone mo, ito gagawin mo: visit http://uzzap.com then click download, then piliin mo dun kung anong brand ng CP mo ex. NOKIA, then pagnapili mo na, then choose mo naman dun sa isang pang category kung anong unit ng CP, then click download.

      and then install mo na ito sa CP mo..

    • Liezl

      HI! May-ann

      i suggest Ring Smart Customer Care Γ’β‚¬β€œ they can help you with forgotten password issues πŸ™‚

    • Liezl


      Click the link below to download Uzzap to your mobile phone.

      • LIEZL

        If mobile phone gamit mo: type this address http://uzzap.com/download into your web browser then click go, this is automatic download uzzzap version that applicable to your mobile unit.
        If PC naman gamit mo pero uzzap para sa cellphone mo, ito gagawin mo: visit http://uzzap.com then click download, then piliin mo dun kung anong brand ng CP mo ex. NOKIA, then pagnapili mo na, then choose mo naman dun sa isang pang category kung anong unit ng CP, then click download.

        and then install mo na ito sa CP mo..

  • schwarze

    i bought my new cp just to experience uzzap i thought they cud cover every single cp brands in the planet but i was so dismayed when i found out that sony ericsson c510 was the only phone that was not supported galing diba?

    • LIEZL

      Hi schwarze:

      i can probably help you with that, do you mind giving me your contact no.,??

      Thank you πŸ™‚

  • mga pards ! pwede ba ung uzzap sa nokia 5310 xpress music, china phone nga lang.. sinubukan kong idownload ang sbi phone not supported but as i read these messages pwede naman idownload un nga lng di ko lamkung pwd sa chinaphone .. intay aku sa sagot nio .. txt niu na lng ako 09297998966 salamat ..

  • liezl

    Hi chan :)sorry china phones does not have the capabilities to run uzzap πŸ™

  • Job Opening

    “want to become an uzzap developer?here is your chance !

    click this —> http://www.aiurdreams.com/kolipri

    good Luck!! πŸ™‚

  • thanks liezel.. now i know.. ahe.. sayang pinambili ko ng cp, buti pang original na lang binili ko..ahehe..thanks again. Γƒβ€”Γƒβ€”,)

    • liezl

      Yep chan πŸ™‚ aside from the applications Iba pa rin quality ng orig πŸ™‚

      Your Welcome chan πŸ™‚

  • kier

    hai to all, help nmn.. N73 cp ko, y pag DL ko uzzap, not supported.. Asar! di ako mkapag Uzzap.. pa2long nmn.. 09083912740.. Tnx

    • liezl

      Hi kier πŸ™‚

      NOted KIER πŸ™‚ will call you asap

  • ysabelle

    hi… help naman po. i’ve been to smart service center thrice, called the customer service numerous time, but still hindi pa din nila madetermine why laging “Login Failed” ako, my unit is N95 and i got enough load naman. here’s the complete text ng login failed:when using dis account on the smart network, please login to ur account @uzzap.com & change ur existing mobile no. to ur smart no.”
    naka ilang reset na ko ng password at remove/install na ng uzzap as per advise ng smart.. ganun pa din eh. whew! TIA!

    • liezl

      Hi ysabelle na try mo na ba off and on phone mo?if ganun pa rin prompt message please text me your contact no.

      thank you πŸ™‚

      • liezl



      • ysabelle

        Login failed problem resolved!

        thank’s Ms. Liezl πŸ˜‰

        • LIEZL

          np ysabellre !! enjoy πŸ™‚

  • Luke

    hello everyone!!!! has anyone experienced receiving the message twice??? dti d naman but lately lagi na twice ko marecib msg na ka chat ko. i tried to removed & installed it again but nothing has change.

    • Liezl

      Hi luke πŸ™‚ in what particular module ?please is it on Ym or in EM/PM ??

      Thanks Luke πŸ™‚

      • LIEZL

        It depends on what type of china phone eh .. πŸ™‚ try mo na lang type UZZAP to 7272,

  • sharmaine

    oh , bad for me . i’m using a china phone . tell me how to get an uzzap using a china phone .


    HI Guys :ta:

    Good news.. I heard that the UZZAP website is being updated so anything you guys wanna share STORIES,EXPERIENCES,EB’s,CODES,PICTURES,etc…

    just email me at : malldeetah16@gmail.com snd will forward the message … πŸ™‚

    please do include the name of the room and members πŸ™‚

    thanks πŸ™‚

  • lhadybomb

    Would like to ask compatible ang 5800 sa uzzap coz im planning to buy one in the near future.. thank you bow

  • undru

    Hi, is there a special version of Uzzap that I can use to make it work on my Sony K850i. White or black screen lang din nakikita ko.

  • sheriff

    hi, im using se w595… hindi ko maopen ung uzzap.. white screen lang sya.. is there any way to use uzzap with this phone? πŸ™ help…


    Hi andru and sheriff πŸ™‚ can you send me your contact details??so i can get back to you?

    email: malldeetah16@gmail.com


    • sheriff

      i’ll send you an email… thanks malditah… πŸ™‚

  • Zzzzz

    is there any way i can reset my user id? HELP!!

    • liezl

      Question po ? nakalimuta mo po ba ang user i.d mo or nakalimutan mo ang password mo?? call smart custcare *888

  • hi there i tried installing uzzap on my 2 cps SE G502 and SE K850i pero everytime in install and start running it nag wa white screen lng sya no details or anything i waited for like 30 min but still the same.. activated na rin ung GPRS, MMS etc ko..


      Hi jonathan πŸ™‚ pa email naman po ng mga contact nos mo para maforward natin feedback mo πŸ™‚


      thanks po πŸ™‚

      • hello po. im trying to download the uzzap application to my G502 but it says device not supported..i try to download it to my pc then save it to my memory card, still i cant see the uzzap menu. when it runs, white background lang po lumalabas..pls help po, need uzzap badly. Thank you so much! here is my contact# 09094369998.


    UZZAP version 1.0.16 Coming Very Soon !!! πŸ™‚

  • ela

    pano po b gumwa ng new account s uzzap s mobile if d n mbuksan ung old account s uzzap? with same number?

    • Liezl

      ring custcare ela πŸ™‚ they can help you po:) im sure.. kahit na mobile no lang ang natatandaan mo…:)

    • Liezl

      MAIN MENU —> register a new account–>pero kelangan po may bago ka sim.na nakasaksak for verification:)

      at kung gusto mo naman po ma retrieve yung account mo (kasi doon naka register ang no. mo) call smart custcare *888 πŸ™‚

  • i have some problem opening the application of uzzap.. whenever i open it, i can only see white screen, please help.. my phone is N70.. 09216692964

    • LIEZL

      Noted Khely πŸ™‚


    UZZAP VERSION 1.0.16

    SYMBIAN O/S:S603RD EDITION(N73,N95,N80,6120c,Eseries)
    Send/view pictures stored on your native phone gallery
    Receive pictures
    Add image to your own profile (via Settings and Share Media)
    Tagging of images (for grouping of images, viewable only to user)
    If you send a picture to an offline UZZAP user and his offline settings is set to SMS or email, recipient will receive a link of the picture you sent. Once the link is clicked, the picture will be displayed (via WAP; free of charge?)
    User-generated chatroom (can create up to 5 UG Chatrooms)
    New graphics on the main menu

    • undru

      Hi, where can I get that version. I’ve tried the site using my phone uzzap.com/download and it only gives me 1.0.14. can you upload it here or something? Or pls pls pls send a link to my email address voltaire_jal@me.com

      Thanks in advance

    • LIEZL

      Clarification —> 10/30 mins (standard browsing rates)for accessing the link of picture (offline picture messages) Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Liezl

    Hi undru:) what unit ng phone mo?:) kasi i heard that uzzap version 1.0.16 is currently available for symbian phones (s60 3rd edition) … but don’t worry mag rerelease din sila ng pang second edition:)babalitaan kita kapag nabalitaan na ako πŸ™‚ lol

    • undru

      Oh ok, how bout 1.0.15? san ako pedeng magdownload nun? Gusto ko sanang mapagana uzzap sa phone ko. I’m using SE K850i.

    • undru

      nope, that link only gives me 1.0.14…. is there a site that I can visit to download uzzap manually then send it to phone via bluetooth?

  • sheriff

    wla pa rin po b update dun sa post ko dti? se w595 po unit ko… white screen lng lgi lumalabas.. ntry ko na ibng version pero gnun pa din…. T_T

  • pink1213

    i’m a chatter of uzzap region 4-a in batangas 2. Hope uzzap 1.0.16 will be available for n70. not for the 3rd edition of symbian phones only. thx!

  • manofsteel17

    ui bket ganon?d ko ule mdl ang new ver ng uzzap ung 1.0.16? nadl ko n dti inerase ko lng peke ung share mobile haha. kya un.. tpos kbagal pa?! bket kya mbagal s phone ko?s n80 nmn ng tropa ko ang bilis.. help me! πŸ™ help me nmn.. BATANGAS RUM chatter po ako tnx:D n73 phone ko.. reply to my eadd nlng po jonald_1932@yahoo.com..

    • Liezl

      Hi Jonald:)Sorry pero hindi na po supported ang n73 sa bagong version,:( but of course mag rerelease din sila ng para sa mga n73,and for s40 units πŸ™‚ And sa uzzap.com/download ka lang mag download kasi BAKA po kaya bumagal ang phone mo ay nakakakuha ka ng virus sa site na pinagdownloadan mo before OR dahil masyado ng marami ang laman ng memory card mo πŸ™‚ yan eh opinyon ko lang naman πŸ™‚

      • manofsteel17

        tnx po.. chatter k dn b liezl? haha pkivisit nmn kmi s batangas 3 haha.. tnx po πŸ™‚ laki ng naggwa ng uzzap s life ko haha :p dami ko lalo tropa..

    • anapotpot

      hi jonald.. panu mo na dl un new ver???

  • anapotpot

    hi,,, k850i fon ko..di maopen ung uzzap eh,,ehlp nmn pls..how do i dl new version? tnx

  • To anapotpot

    HI anapotpot πŸ™‚ ano yung error message na lumalabas:) unable to download?unable to install?unable to open??
    thanks πŸ™‚

  • sheriff

    bakit po ung uzzap ko wla xang offline message na sms? email lng po nkalgay.. n95 classic po phone ko version ng uzzap po ay 1.0.16…. help nmn po.. ntry ko dn ibng version pro wla tlga….

    • Erell

      Hi Sheriff,

      Whats your number?

      • sheriff

        09393785634… pa help nmn po.. wla po ksi sms sa offline settings ko, thanks

        • LIEZL

          thanks sheriff πŸ™‚

  • bell

    hindi ko na ma.dl ung uzzap ver 16 after madelete sa fon ko..help pls.

    • Liezl

      Hi belle πŸ™‚

      what unit ?

  • nelle..

    hi, ask ko lang sana kung alam nyo ba kung san ko pwede ma-download ung old version ng UZZAP ung version 1.0 15 kasi ung bagong version mabagal na e, ni-reinstall ko pero nung i-oopen ko na ung application my charge na sakin, bawas load na. thanks!!

  • Liezl

    Hi nelle πŸ™‚

    i can probably help you with that, do you mind giving me your contact no.,??

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  • shishi

    Hi! I just wanna ask..can I download uzzap with my my samsung fone??….i got s3500 kc eh.. previously I used my nokia 7610 and Ive enjoyed uzzap a lot and then just a few weeks ago i switched to s3500 everytime I download uzzap I got an error device is not supported daw??.. Wat does it mean???..Hnd q n b xa pwedeng idownload with my new fone??.. pls help asap=)

  • Rik

    Is der any one hu can give me a dc code?

  • senjeru

    Still their new uzzap is not applicable to my w910.

  • scotch

    hello! newbie ako sa uzzap.nakick ako sa chatroom.wala nmn akong ginawang masama.no flooding or any foul language.pano makakabalik.help S.O.S…matsalams!!! – 09124185372

    • liezl

      HI scoth 3 hours lang po yun…. naka program po kasi yun na kapag sunod sunod ang posting mo.. automatic na madedetect ni chatroom administrator πŸ™‚


    Hellow mga haters……..




  • ton

    …….hi lng,add nyo aq sa uzzaap,tontonomega id ko tnx

  • ton

    …psali narin sa clan,kahit anung clan

  • using uzzap in the cp is there a deduction?how much?because i always out of load if im using uzzap .

    i have question about uzzap hope all of you guys could help me.. if i use uzzap then after awhile/minutes to go my load was gone.i could reach to the store twice because my load was gone. what happen?i couldn’t continue my chatting in my N7O cp 3g.

    is there a deduction of load if you are using uzzap in the cp? how much?

    please help me because im new here in uzzap this is my first time to join because i have N70 cp.
    if someone couldn’t help me il never use again uzzap.

    please help me.. thanks


    • Concern

      Hi sir/ma’am

      ito ang mga pwede niyong i avail ng free sa uzzap πŸ™‚
      log-in, log-out sa uzzap πŸ™‚
      joining all public CHATROOMs and log-in sa ym
      including RECEIVING of PM/em, Ym and whisper

      At ang may charge lang ay ang mga πŸ™‚
      sending ng whisper
      sending ng pm
      sending ng messages sa ym or msn
      pag send ng pics using media sharing

  • Liezl

    Check out the following unlimited Uzzap packages:

    * P10/day
    * P70/7 days
    * P300/30 days

    thank you πŸ™‚

  • chii

    I know there are packages but how can i avail them? do i need to text or do i need to click something on the application?

    • Concern

      sa menu ng uzzap meron pong “U”(uzap)logo or what we call subscription ,click lang and then may mag prompt na mga packages :)let me know kung nakita mo na .. =)


  • hana

    ..i installed uzzap in my pc and i couldn’t find the settings..the app wont connect to the internet so i assumed the problem is with the connection settings, but i can’t find.. someone help please..:)

  • liezl

    Hi hana πŸ™‚

    wala po settings ang pc client,it connects to your internet automatically, and make sure lang na may internet ka or walang firewal ang connection mo, btw you can use UZZAP web client just click this link http://www.uzzap.com and log-in πŸ™‚ thanks

  • SHIN

    Naka DownLoad Na Poh Ano Nang Uzzap Sa Nokia5310 XpressMusic China Phone Poh πŸ™ Pero Pag Log In Koh Hindi Nakikita Id ko Sa Uzzap Kong Meron Poh Kayo Alam Kong Pa’ano SA Nokia5310 XpressMusic China Phone Mag Uzzap Call or Text 09199670170

    • Liezl

      hi shin , πŸ™‚

      ano pong id ang hindi nakikita? na download mo ba yung uzzap? kasi hindi nag rurun ang uzzap sa china phones :(, may mga case na nakakadownload ang ibang china phones pero hindi gumagana ang application πŸ™

  • Hi,

    I would like to invite you to join MobPartner, the #1 Mobile Affiliate Platform.
    MobPartner will allow you to promote severals mobile CPA campaigns and generate lot of money.


  • pamela pineda

    i’m still trying to retrieve it using my forgotten password but it’s failed. I know that uzzap didn’t reply to my email address.. huhu. please help me.

    • Liezl

      Hi pamela :)can i get your user id ?

  • NoWomanNoCry

    hello poh pwede bo bang mag request ng room?? SANIB ung clan namin thank you po

  • Tweeter Bot

    Add me (username: tweeter) in Uzzap and you can update your tweets, search, view timelines, follow or block users, etc.

  • jerome

    baket ganun tinaype ko nah ung uzzap and send to 7272 ayaw parin ma install

    • Liezl

      What mobile phone unit are you using?

      go to uzzap’s official website http://www.uzzap.com ,Check if your mobile phone is compatible with uzzap πŸ˜€

      thanks πŸ˜€

  • lou

    hi ms liezel! hope you could help me…everytime i run the link of uzzap sent to me by 7272,it always prompt,device not supported..my unit is sony ericsson G502.customer care from smart told me that maybe gprs/mms is not yet installed.as i installed it,still the application does not run,it says,ERROR..the URL could not be retrieved..and sometimes,it runs but only white/black screen..please help po.Thank you-Lou-09993549081-

    • Liezl

      Hi LOU pm sent πŸ™‚

  • pam

    pwede poh bah to sah samsung gt-b3410?

  • joy

    hi ms. leizl, i am just wondring if uzzap supports my LG KS360 phone?? i tried downloading itn twice but it says that ‘unsupported content format..’ i really am looking forward to use it.. please update me through my phone.. 09219808109.. thanks.. πŸ™‚

  • joy

    i am just wondring if uzzap supports my LG KS360 phone?? i tried downloading itn twice but it says that Γ’β‚¬Λœunsupported content format..Ò€ℒ i really am looking forward to use it.. please update me through my phone.. 09219808109.. thanks.. πŸ™‚

  • Concern

    Hi Joy πŸ™‚

    go to uzzapÒ€ℒs official website http://www.uzzap.com ,Check if your mobile phone is compatible with uzzap πŸ˜€ ,

  • lets enjoi…lol

  • philip samillano

    hi!!!!ask ko lng kung panu mag dl ng uzzap sa samsung corby?pls po…ty

  • UzZaPer

    Hi Philip,

    Hindi po supported ng uzzap ang samsung Corby πŸ™

  • vie

    hello guys, please do help me with my uzzap account. I was having a problem with regards to PIN. I couldn’t access anymore my account there because I tried to change my number. Unfortunately, I input the wrong one. So, when I tried to log-in again to it, it prompted me to put the PIN. But I don’t have the new PIN, coz it could be sent to that number. I tried again to request PIN using my “personal number” yet I received nothing. I really need to have access on it again, please do help me guys,.vher15 is my userID there.
    Thanks in advance!

  • vie

    the “personal number” is actually the original/previous number i used.

    • Repost

      Hi po Vie,

      By: kalboski- Ring Smart Customer Care Γ’β‚¬β€œ they can help you with forgotten password issues πŸ™‚

  • uzzap

    hay nakakatuwa naman ang uzzap plus na package! unli na ako sa uzzap unlimited pa ang sending sa friends ko sa other contacts at phonebook!!salamat hindi na ako masyado magagastusan..pero mas maganda kung ang reply ng mga kaibigan ko eh hindi ma check op ang unli nila.

  • nethea

    hi friends baka may alam po sa inyo kung ano gagawin ko sa uzzap ko. lagi kong ginagamit yung uzzap ko but one day bigla na lang merong lumabas na “please check your number” and then i entered my number but sabi ng system invalid format daw number ko.. eh wala naman ako ginagalaw sa kanya eh. please help naman po kung ano pwede ko gawin

  • Uzzapers


    hi po.. na try mo ba ienter ang format na ganito? “639281234561” try mo po baka yan ang format na hinihingi πŸ™‚

    • nethea

      na try ko na po but ganun pa din ang lumalabas eh. pero when i log on using other id in my number nakakalog in naman… hayyy please help me po.

  • gavinz

    hi i recently have a uzzap ver.2 at my nokia 7610 but accidently i deleted it now im downloading uzzap from 7272 and from their homepage of smart tru wap at my mobile bt wen it start to install it never continues and gprs connections start to log off..help me anyone.

  • uzzapers

    hi gavinz,
    1.try changing your apn to smart internet.then do the donwload again, if that thing won’t work , try –>from your web browser type http://www.uzzap.com/download then download and install.. kapag ayaw pa rin..?
    C.from your pc go to http://www.uzzap.com,click your phone unit ,download and save to your desktop,then transfer to your phone and install..

  • nomairy

    hello guyz….. supported ba ng uzzap ang nokia 6101??? please reply here…. 09497536677….. thanks….

  • That looks good though i’m just still less than sure that I prefer it. Anyhow will look far more into it and choose personally! πŸ™‚

  • kim

    hi. is there any way that i can delete my old account so that i may be able to use my number to register a new account?…please help me. thanks a lot…

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  • Raiza

    My boyfriend from the philippines started using uzzap when i left the philippines to migrate in other country.. Its been very useful since ut cost efficient (really cheap.. P10 a day for unlimited txting) but there’s a problem… There r times that he can send msgs to my YM.. i told him to check his load balance bt he said that he was still registred and if not, he has extra balance that he can use if his unlimited txt registration expires. i really dont onow wats d problem. There r times also that the app will close on its own.. He’ll just say that the app stops suddenly when he tried to send me a msg.. Wat would be a good explanation and solution to this? Pls help! I need it desprately… ;(

  • Raiza

    I meant he CAN’T send me msgs to my YM account…

  • christian

    sino pwede makasagot ng prob. ko kasi pag nag log in ako tpos papasok na sa chat rooms ang lumalabas no categories found..pc at laptop ang gamit ko pero pag sa cellphone naman lumalambas ang chatrooms,,,ano kaya ang deperensya gumawa na din ako ng bagong acc. ganun pa din sa laptop..ty

  • Zych

    Since magkaron ng Uzzap, sobrang pakinabang ko sa kanya, hanggang ngayon.. from classic version up to latest, naexplore ko sya.. My mga technical problems din akong naencounter and i found some solutions on my own way, and I wanted to share these to you guys.

    For Raiza : sometimes the reason why you can’t send message, are..
    1. maintaining balance was already consumed (P1)
    (kung nakaregister ka sa mga unlicalls/text, di po considered yon as maintaining. regular load lng po..
    2. poor signal
    (for further clarifications, ito email ko.. zychytryxs@yahoo.com

    Guys, to anticipate further problems on the package subscriptions, please do not choose ” Renew on Expire” possible continuous deductions of your load will occur.. sobrang nakaka badtrip yan..

  • Zych

    To Christian, try to download another version of Uzzap, delete mo muna yung existing mo.. subok lng.. baka sakali..

  • zych

    To Kim : Try to “Register a New Account”, you may use same number but change your user name..

  • nam523

    pde po ba ang uzzap sa myphone Qtv20? i’m planning to buy po kc.. pro gs2 ko sana pde gamitan ng uzzap.. help nmn po πŸ™

  • JohnnyBravo

    hayz pwede ba yung samsung S3500?

  • Shaira

    pagkalog-in ko po ng uzzap may lumilitaw n check your number tpos nsubukan ko n lhat ng format(+639———, 639——— at 09———) pro invalid format daw..what should i do? pls help me nmn :)) thanks

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  • biboy

    i forgot my pin to my uzzap,di tuloy ako mkpaglogin..help me nman poh..tnx

  • naej

    hello uzzapers tanung ko lng po bkit po ba gnito ang uzzap ngaun dna ako mkapasuk parating connecting nlng xa,ive experienced this problem since thursday (march 8) pa hanggang ngaun..plz help me uzzap is very impt to me eto lng nging mode of commu nmin from abroad to pinas..plz solve this problem..tnx

  • Erin

    I have been using Uzzap for a couple of years now. It has very nice features at a very cheap price. However, recently I am having problem logging in. Actually the same problem with naej. Another problem with Uzzap is that you dont get all the IMs from yahoo. Or your Ims don’t get through. Ang gulo.

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