How do you backup your files?

by Ka Edong on February 21, 2012

I don’t want to think about it … but I have to! Hahaha!

What would happen if I lose my files. What if I’m hit by a terrible virus. What if my disk drive crashes. What if my laptop … fleets from my possession.

To prevent any problems that may arise from lost files, there are a couple of low-level file back-up systems I use.


First is Gmail. If I have any important files, I email them to myself 😉 . Then I would have a backup file online in my email box.

Google Docs

For most of my collaborative work, I use Google Docs. I’m able to edit online. Multiple authors are able to access and edit the same file, even at the same time. This allows multiple authors to manage documents and revisions better than if we were doing it via email.


Second is Dropbox. I like the idea. But I just really haven’t gotten the hang of it. I have a shared folder with my business partner. Everytime he updates a file in our shared folder, I get pop-up notification (relatively discreet) telling me that a file was uploaded or updated.

What’s your backup service? 

I found this website today, it’s a comparison of the different online backup services. The site zooms in to the top ten and makes a brief write-up of each. There are more detailed reviews from other users too.

I’m wondering what the best online storage service is for you?

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