Skype on, Skype off

by Ka Edong on March 1, 2006

I’ve been an on-and-off user of Skype. My first call via Skype was in 2005 from our school’s Wireless LAN. My first call was to an online friend, Warren Mira, who’s based in Singapore and always online on Skype.

I called him a second time, just to say hi. And then a third time to try out Smart WiFi’s connection. That time we exchanged notes on DSL subscriptions. I knew from his blog how frustrated he is with the intermittent Internet connection of his family here in the Philippines.

Although Warren and I never met face-to-face, the few times we talked we were more than just acquaintances. We had common things to talk about, we had common (on-line) friends. We share the same interests in technology, personal finance and have bright dreams for the Filipino.

All this interaction between me and my online friend, Warren, is done through the net. And the ability to hear my online friend’s voice via Skype brings the interaction to a higher plane.

Skype’s tagline says: “The whole world can talk for free”

If only more of the world were connected and could talk more freely.
If only we had more listeners than talkers.
If only I was a better listener than a talker.

Well, Skype set up the pipes, let’s go fill ‘er up with our voices.

ka edong


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