Three countries, three voices, one call

by Ka Edong on March 2, 2006

I got a series of e-mails from a colleague from France doing some research on m-commerce regulatory environments. She introduced me to a World Bank colleague in Washington who so happened to be a former peace corps volunteer here in Cavite, Philippines.

We set a date for a teleconference so we could talk about m-commerce developments in the Philippines.

On a Saturday morning in the Philippines, I get a call on my mobile phone and we have three people in a telephone conversation. That was Saturday morning in Philippines, Friday evening in Washington, and past midnight in France.

We had a good talk for around 20 minutes or so. There were some technical problems when France got cut once or twice. We also encountered some challenge understanding each other’s thick accents. But the rapport was perfect, especially when my American friend from Washington spoke to me in Tagalog!

Then, in the middle of our conversation, the line got cut. Ten minutes later, all three of us were back in our teleconference.

Washington explained that he ran out of SkypeOut credits for our teleconference. This is when I realized that our whole conversation was powered by Skype and not some fancy World Bank teleconferencing system!

Our American friend used Skype Out to call a mobile phone in France and then teleconferenced to me in the Philippines. Three people, three countries in one conversation via Skype. Nice, huh?

What else does Skype have in store for us?

ka edong
international man of mystery


  • What else? SkypeOut should open a local point of presence for SkypeOut. Right now, the rates calling the Philippines are very high since the call has to be placed from the US.

  • Local point of presence in the Philippines. Who / what party can initiate this point of presence? One of our favorite telco?

  • Theoretically, anybody who can buy voice circuits. But the favorite telcos won’t like that, so it has to be one of them.

  • Hmmmm… this is interesting.

    Isn’t this a case of “he who does it first gets a big piece of the pie and the ire of the competitors”?

    And then everybody else follows suit anyway.

    Sounds like a job for Sun Cellular / Digitel!

    ka edong

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