ebutuoy – youtube downsideup

April 1, 2009

Is this typical for YouTube? To display everything upsidedown? Oh, I’m starting to recall an online friend who saw something similar to this. Click on the image below to see what it YouTube upsidedown looked like on my desktop. ka edong

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My First instructional Video: PixMe mobile photos to Facebook

March 27, 2009

Whew! Hirap maging artista! Here’s my first instructional video on Technobiography. It’s about PixMe! — uploading mobile photos to Facebook. The video is interspersed with powerpoint slides. Simple dimple muna. A bit long, but we’re learning here 😉 . Comments, tips or other remarks are welcome 😉 .

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Study on Urban Philippines Internet users by Yahoo-Nielsen

March 26, 2009

Got this through the email vine. It’s a Yahoo-Nielsen study of Philippine internet users. I publish here a few excerpts and end with a few quick thoughts on the study. Yahoo-Nielsen Study on Urban Philippines Internet users: Key Highlights 28% of Filipinos in National Urban Philippines have accessed the Internet in the past month. 5% […]

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File, Pay Taxes online at the BIR website: A Wealth of Info, Wide Menu of Online Services

March 25, 2009

e-Gov on Technobiography is published every Wednesday morning. See e-Government category for more articles. In this article, we discuss the wealth of information available at the BIR website, the wide menu of electronic services both online and via mobile. We also share a first-hand experience in using the BIR Portal and filing taxes online. If […]

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Discounted Netbooks with built-in wireless broadband Internet

March 19, 2009

This is interesting. For P1,799/month for 24 months, you get to own a Netbook inclusive of 60hours of wireless internet per month. That’s P799 Internet Plan, P1,000 monthly amortization for the laptop. In essence, it is a purchase of hardware and internet subscription bundle, where the hardware is subsidized by the internet service provider. Here’s […]

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NBI Payment Kiosk System: Saves time and sweat

March 18, 2009

I went to the NBI office at Carriedo back in November 2008. I knew from past experience that I couldn’t get my NBI clearance renewed at the mall-based kiosks because I have some namesakes who have a bad record in the NBI. When I reached the Carriedo office, I’ve found that there were a few […]

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e-Government on Technobiography: Technology-enabled Government Services for Filipinos

March 16, 2009

I’ve been wanting to write more about a Government services for some time now. I’ve been writing about e-Government in the past on a low-level. But this time, I shall be more consistent. And I’ve found a way to be consistent about this. What is e-Government? Excerpt from wikipedia: e-Government (short for electronic government, also […]

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Internet Access Solution where there isn’t any

March 13, 2009

Last December, I met up with PSI friends in Baguio. Our conversation covered our latest updates, breakthroughs, ideas, businesses etc. Then Tito Kokoy Reonisto asked me a technical question. Tito Kokoy owns a couple of businesses including a hotel in Baguio, Baguio Tepeyac Hotel – Chalet Tepeyac. He shared that many of his hotel guests […]

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Smart Bro Share It WiFi Router – Internet for Many

March 12, 2009

Smart Bro came out with it’s latest product, the Smart Bro Share It WiFi Router. The device is a GSM WiFi modem that receives the Smart Bro Internet signal and re-distributes it via Wireless Fidelity. Smart Bro Share It is the newewst Smart BRO broadband internet product that allows you to share your broadband access […]

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HelloTxt – your status on all your social networks in one click

March 5, 2009

I first heard about HelloTxt from my friend Anton when I read his e-book at Maven Secrets .  I’ve been playing around with HelloTxt these past few days and it’s been quite nifty. I tried it out, and here’s sharing my

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