SMS messages sent per day in the Philippines

by Ka Edong on July 31, 2012

The Philippines has been consistently referred to as the texting capital of the world, and has especially taken tothis technology in a big way. It is estimated that around 200 million text messages a day are sent in the country!

The Viability of Mobile SMS TEchnologies for Non-Formal Distance Learning In Asia
Angelo Juan O. Ramos, M.D.


Note (Aug1, 2012): By some technical glitch, I found this oooooold piece of information posted on my blog this morning. I’m guessing I post-dated this article! I probably composed this circa 2006. And meant to post it a few days after – but it was inadvertently posted 6 years later! Hahaha! Well, I’ll just keep it here. Perhaps a good time to reflect on how technology has developed for us in urban centers, and how technology in some rural areas of the Philippines still remains at its most basic, even 6 years after. 

Post-script #2. Oh no, it is indeed an old blog article. I now place it back in it’s proper place in the technology timeline. Back to 2006, please! 

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  • Those SMS numbers are staggering but according to CNet, SMS is on the way out and Instant Messengers like Bluepulse buddies are on the way in!
    Have a look at and download bluepulse free from

  • Hi Stuart,

    I say: SMS in the Philippines is here to stay.

    I perused through the CNET article.

    Key question: how much will bluepulse cost if it were used in the Philippines?

    Can it beat the current SMS rate of
    unlimited text for 1 day at around US$0.28 ?

    Cheers, mate!
    ka edong

  • Hi ka edong (mate!)

    I think you are right. The cost of SMS in the Philippines is a world beater! A big advantage of bluepulse buddies is that buddies is cross platform, that is, you can send messages to a phone or computer.

    Bluepulse is an internet consumer application. For the consumer, it’s the easiest way to take what people look at on the web with them on their regular mobile phone. For the publisher, it’s the easiest way to deliver their content to their customers on just about any handset on almost any carrier, anywhere in the world.

    You should have a look at out some of the free widgets that are being added all the time. If you have a mobile phone, you should have bluepulse on it.

    Love to know what you think.


  • let’s see. let’s see if i get around to trying out bluepulse ….

    Then I’ll have one bluepulse buddy: Stuart! 😉

  • Pop in to and see what else is going on and coming up with bluepulse! As an ardent blogger and a mobile enthusiast yourself, I’m sure you’ll find plenty to marvel at.

  • Smart tells INQ7 that 1 billion messages pass thru their network per day.

  • jing

    this year, 2008,
    there are almost 2 billion text messages sent per day.

    1.2 billion – smart
    500 million – globe
    200 million – sun


    so let’s support the Health and Education Program of Sen. Richard Gordon.. “Text for Education.. Text for Health.. Text for Change.”

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