Bote, Dyaryo, Kompyuter!

by Ka Edong on August 22, 2008

Here’s something that might interest Jhay (i think!) with his interest in green technology (environmentally friendly technology): Re-using hardware.

Bote Dyaryo Kompyuter

Bote Dyaryo Kompyuter

I know it works, the huge monitor. It’s no longer way cool. And the folks using the stuff have long moved on. It’s time for our home to reclaim some space, so we gave (sold for a small small amount) to the bote dyaryo guy.

Bote, Dyaryo, Kompyuter

Bote, Dyaryo, Kompyuter

Here’s a little more technology trash from a previous article.

How do you guys manage your technology junk?

ka edong


  • Good one. Though we’re not sure exactly how local junk shops deal with computer junk because there is a different set of ways or guidelines on how to recycle and properly dispose these things.

    If the CRT monitors are still working it would probably be refurbished and sold on those “surplus” PC shops. If it’s broken, there are particular ways set to deal with its potentially dangerous contents like the phosphors inside the display itself, etc.

    From our first-hand experience, junk dealers and scavengers are only after the circuit boards and wiring for they contain various precious metals like silver, gold and copper.

    Perhaps this is something we Pinoy ‘netizens’ should really look into. It’s high time we give something back for all the free parties, free goodies, PR and media exposure, celebrity moments and dollar earnings we got via these computers and blogging.

    jhays last blog post..My vote for best FTP Client: FileZilla

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