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by Ka Edong on November 27, 2008

This morning, I had a taste of being on air on International TV. O ha! 🙂 .

I was interviewed on the TV show “Mornings @ ANC”. The show is hosted by TJ Manotoc, Marieton Pacheco and Ginger Conejero. TJ has a segment called “Tech Talk”. We discussed the Sony Vaio T Series together with Elijah Mendoza, Deputy Managing Editor of technology magazine T3.

ka edong on Mornings at ANC Tech Talk with TJ Manotoc and Elijah Mendoza of T3 magazine

Ka Edong of Technobiography, Elijah of T3 Magazine, TJ Manotoc of Mornings @ ANC discussing the Sony Vaio T Series

It was interesting being in a studio like that. Before our Tech Talk segment, the three hosts TJ, Marieton and Ginger were having a healthy banter about “disco” and other references trends of a past generation. That was interspersed between breaking news updates of the siege in Mumbai.

Before breaking for an advertisement, TJ mentioned what was coming up for the tech talk segment. TJ summed up the discussion so well, I’d say he sure knows his technology.

We were called to the stage during the advertisement. It was a very relaxed discussion. We talked about the technology behind the new Vaio T Series, the lifestyle that the T Series could complement. TJ managed the discussion really well putting out questions for both Elijah and I. It was also nice having Elijah alongside as I got to pass on to him the difficult questions of TJ, hehehe . 🙂

It was a short 15 minutes. Before we knew it, we were almost wrapping up. This was a good time to mention a Sony contest I joined. The contest asks people to write about their first experience with Sony. TJ recalls the Sony Betamax players where (insert hand gesture here 😀 ) the cassette tape is ejected from atop the player – ah, very clanky and mechanical, I recall. Sigh, technology of years past.

My Technobiography shirt did me very well too! I had a shirt embroidered to display my website easily. Perfect! For a few seconds, my website technobiography.com was the only thing on camera and was broadcasted across the globe. Ah, these are good times. I shall do that Technobiography shirt technique again.

Twas a pleasure sharing the stage with you Elijah and TJ! Sayang, I didn’t get to talk to Marieton. There’ll be a next time.

Now, if only I can get hold of a copy of my 15 minutes on ANC. Avvy, balitaan mo ako, ha!

ka edong
kinse me new toes see cat

Nice meeting you Elijah (T3) and Junie (Summit), Vilma (ANC), and Arel of Virtusio PR. I’ll see you again soon. Of course, thanks to the the brilliant brains behind this activity, Roanna, Avvy and Therese. See you next week at the Sony Expo!

Thanks to Baleno for my gwapo plain blue honeycomb polo shirt, VC Trading for the perfect embroidery (http://www.busyPrinting.com, vctradingcubao@gmail.com 0918-923-4883, 2F Farmers Plaza Cubao), the 5-year old little girl who pretended to blow dry my hair with her toy blow drier, my mom and dad for raising me well. Hi to housemates Keric and Michelle. And especially to my honey who was out at Batangas raising funds for our twin ventures 😀


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