The Irontech Challenge

by Ka Edong on August 19, 2008

Oh, Iron chef … Boy was I slow! 🙂

Got this email from a reader, Ramon Manzano III of HardwareZone Philippines Corporation.
Here’s sharing their event with the rest of my readers.

The event is for computer technicians. Pagalingan mag-screw! mwahahaha!

This reminds me of a computer technician we had at a former employer over at Boni Avenue. Our friend’s name was Gadprey. He would buy the computer parts from greenhills then assemble them right before our eyes at the office. I was fascinated how he did everything like clockwork. I remember he had a heated discussion on whether the foam between the motherboard and the chassis was supposed to be removed or retained. He explained that in his previous work, all of the PCs that had the foam caused them problems. From then on, he would remove the foam through a hole in the chassis.

Oh well, enough of my stories. Here’s the press release from HardwareZone.

Dueling With Screwdrivers



Who Can Cook Up The Best Rig In The Iron Tech?

Even if you’re not a chef, we’re sure you’ve heard of that Japanese cooking friendly death match show with the funny dubbing brought to the Americas. Hardwarezone and MSI is having their own cooking competition – the Iron Tech 2008, and it’s not going to be on a kitchen with fresh and lavish ingredients – it won’t involve food in any way and there won’t be any taste testing, they promise. The cooks – er.. DIYers will be wielding screwdrivers, gloves, and welding tools (we’re pulling your leg on the last one), will be working on workbenches, and will be choosing from a fresh and lavish set of PC components to build the best PC rig. Participants will be overclocking their rigs, too. How the contestants outwit each other with their rigs – is part of the thrill.

The semi-final battle for the Philippines’ representation is going to be on September 14, 2008 with the Grand Finals at Singapore on October 12, 2008. There are many MSI heavy-weight prizes to be won in both the semi-finals and grand finals – like an MSI GTX 280 card and Intel’s Core 2 Quad Extreme QX9770 processor.

Think you’re THE enthusiast who should be representing the country? Then you better head over to and register for qualification. Registration is only open until August 24, 2008, and remember, you must have a valid passport to join in the fray.

One shall stand, and everyone else falls… Fight!

Take note of the Aug 24 deadline. Lapit na yun!


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  • My uncle is going to compete at iron tech He is kinda nervous and scared hehe
    He is working at MSI

    Kid ME ohs last blog post..My Look alike

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