5 dollar paintings at eBay

by Ka Edong on September 5, 2008

We visited a relative in Seattle. Dee had a beautiful lakehouse! The porch was newly painted brick red.

But what caught my attention were the many elegant paintings she had in the den. Pretty!

5 dollar paintings at eBay
5 dollar paintings at eBay

The painter was a Filipina! And yes, our friend Dee got the paintings for an unbelievable price of around 5 dollars apiece (base price of the paintings).

I couldn’t believe my ears (and eyes)! This beautiful painting selling for just 5 dollars!? That’s just 250 pesosI like! Where can I get some for myself?

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At first I was thinking it might be the type of painting that’s mass produced.

(By the way, I had some neighbors who were doing exactly that! They had artbooks in their hands and two to four canvasses where they were replicating paintings of famous Filipino painters.)

But Dee continued to explain that there was a 30dollar shipping charge. Dee received the paintings rolled up in a tube. Dee took care of putting it in a frame.

Still, it was unbelievably cheap! Dee even showed us the certification at the back of one of the paintings. It bore the photo of the Filipina painter (sayang, I couldn’t remember her name na) and a seal of the art curator selling the paintings via eBay. Update (sept 14): Her name is Joie Delgado, find her on eBay.

5 dollars? ‘Di ba siya lugi sa materyales nun? Ah, my turn to get something like that …

Here’s a link to TrendArts selling very low-priced paintings (starting a $0.99!).

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